About the Addon:

Here’s what it does for you:

  • Logs gear, talents and glyphs at the start of every pull when raiding.
  • Has an auto-log raid feature, as well as a wipe command.
  • Imports your optimizations into the game and tells you what items need each gem and enchant
  • Shows you a shopping list & updates as you buy/acquire mats
  • Exports your data to use for the Best in Bags feature (click on the Best in Bags tab in the in game mod, then click the export button).
  • Ranks gear that drops from each boss, for your entire team
  • Gathers gear, talent and glyph data to upload with combat logs
  • Has an ‘armory workaround’ in case the API isn’t working – you can still update your character on our site 🙂

Best in Bags

Find the tutorial here.

Combat Logs: How to upload your logs:

Upload them to WarcraftLogs or your favorite log site using the client program from that site. Our addon automatically logs for you since the other sites don’t have their own addon.

What if something doesn’t work?

Stop by our forums and give us as much detail as possible, including the export-string from your addon if it is related to an error on the website.