Batch simulations are just a fancy way to say ‘lots of combinations of stuff.’ If you want to find the best talents or rank legendaries, there are often hundreds or more of combinations. And if you want to look at legendaries and talents at the same time, whew, that list gets long.

Mr. Robot does all of this for you, automatically. You tell him what you want to compare and he’ll make the combinations for you, test them out, and rank them according to their DPS.

You get a report that can be sorted and customized, and we even give you a downloadable CSV for those of you who love spreadsheets. 

We currently have support for artifact paths, talents, trinkets, legendaries, set bonuses, rotations, bosses, and a few more things. We do not generate stat weights yet, but will very soon.

Here’s a crash course video (and below I have some screenshots).

How do you set these up?

  1. Go to the simulation setup page on our beta site.
  2. Change the “Sim Type” on the right to “Custom Batch” or “Artifact Path”
  3. Follow the screenshots below for tips
  4. Click simulate to get an estimated run time. If it’s really long, you can always loosen up the margin of error setting to make it run faster (or choose less combos, or just wait it out)


Talent Sims

Artifact Path

I have a whole blog post about artifact paths that you can also check out.

Artifact Path Simulations

The artifact path report shows you the path, and it even gives you the DPS for each Trait. That’s calculated based on the damage increase from the previous Trait.

This is also an interesting way to find out when rotations are making good use of abilities or not. And this this is all still in beta, if you figure out a better way to use a Trait in the rotation, definitely let us know! Hit us up on the forums or discord.

FAQ & Good Things to Know

  • APLs for most dps specs are in pretty good shape. But if you find improvements, let us know. A few people have gotten 5% increases here and there, which is great!
  • APLs might not be making the best use of artifact traits or legendaries or other procs. If you see some that need to be used (or used better), let us know!
  • If the sim is going to take a really long time and you’re not sure why, check the margin of error in the “more options” section.