Best in Bags: Our most popular feature just got better

  • Update June, 2015: We added even more in-game support for Best in Bags!
  • Get the in-game mod on Curse!
  • Mr. Robot will find the best set from items in your bags. It’s similar to a BiS list… so we call it BiB (Best in Bags).
  • This is very handy for offspecs and alts!

Video Tutorial

Upgrade to premium for just $1 a month!

That’s right, Mr. Robot’s gnome-powered number crunching is available for just $1 a month. We keep the price as affordable as possible so you can spend more time playing the game instead of playing in spreadsheets. Mr. Robot generously passes the money along to his 3 human helpers, who spend it mostly on video games and food.

One price, $1 a month, or ALL of the premium features!

  • Best in Bags (#1 most loved premium feature)
  • Bonus Roll helper
  • Team Optimizer (better loot decision = better team progression)
  • Upgrade finder
  • No ads

Can’t wait? Upgrade now!

(FYI: Optimizing and all Combat Log features are free)

How to get started:

1. Open the Ask Mr. Robot addon in game. (Don’t have it? Get it from Curse). To do that click on the Ask Mr. Robot minimap icon, or type /amr show in the chat window.
2. Open your bank and bags so the addon can scan the inventory.
3. Go to the Export tab and copy the text in the box. CTRL + C to copy in game, or Apple + C on a mac. SS_Addon_ExportTab

4. RETURN TO THE WEBSITE! Click the big green arrow above your character, and select the “Best in Bags” option in the upper left.




5. Paste the text in the box that appears. Click the green “Import Now” button right below the box. On repeat visits, you can choose to view a previous import if nothing has changed since your last import.


6. Choose your main spec. On repeat visits, Mr. Robot will remember your choice.


7. After you choose a spec, you can click the next button at the top. Take notice of the ‘progress bar’ at the top – you can use this to move between different steps.


8. View your results!!!
You can also export these results to the addon, click the blue “Export to Addon” button found in the “Now What?” Section. Or if you want to look at your offspec, click the green “Next” button toward the top of the section.


9. Sending the data to the addon!
Click the blue “Export to Addon” button you see in the picture above (on the website). Copy the text in the box. Then go IN-GAME and open our ADDON. This time, go to the “Gear” tab. Click the orange Import button.


10. Paste the text in the window that pops up. And get your results!


Fancy Extras:

IN-GAME FEATURE: Mr. Robot will equip all of the gear for you. Just click the green “Activate spec and Equip Gear” button.


IN-GAME FEATURE: Shopping list for main and alts: You can click the blue “Show Shopping List” button to get a list of materials for any (or all) of your characters that you’ve run Best-in-Bags for. It doesn’t matter what character you are on, we will show them all 🙂


WEBSITE FEATURE: You can click on any item to bring up a gear list of only items you own for each slot.