The simulator is ready for BfA for all specs, including tanks and healers, and all of the Azerite powers. It’s still on because it hasn’t been tested enough. So don’t take results as concrete “facts”!

It’s also worth noting that Artifacts and Legendary effects are disabled in the BfA simulator since they won’t work for level 120 characters.

What’s ready?

“Single Simulations” are fully functional. That includes all of the following:

  • All Azerite powers are implemented.
    • You can see each one on the Theorycraft wiki. (choose your spec, then look for the “Spec Azerite Powers” section, and the “General Azerite Powers” section)
    • If an Azerite power needs more testing or something looks odd, we make a note at the top, like Lunar Schrapnel (Balance Druid).
  • All trinkets are implmented, except for a couple pet-summoning ones where we need more data.
    • Trinkets also have notes at the top, including a note if it isn’t implemented (like the pet ones).
    • Some trinkets need more testing to verify how they work. For example, the splash damage from Briny Barnacle, indicated by a note at the top.
  • All class talents and spells are implemented.
  • Every class has a ‘base’ rotation – it is intentionally simple, which also helps find bugs.
  • Healers are fully functional, measuring HPS and Ally Deaths. We’ll have an article series soon that walks you through the in’s and out’s of healer simming.
  • Tanks are fully functional, measuring TUF (replacing NPS), and Death Chance. We’ll have a writeup soon on TUF – the short version: it measures how TOUGH you are (yep, that’s what it stands for. Smile, it’s fun!)

Simulate on the beta

Go to to simulate.

Follow the steps (choosing “Single Sim” in step 1, as that’s the only one currently enabled.

If you want to pick Azerite powers, make sure the Heart of Azeroth is set to a high enough level. I suggest 33, as that’s the highest unlock requirement right now.

how to sim azerite gear

To equip Azerite gear, click on any item to browse the list. Use the search box at the top of the list to search for a specific Azerite power by name.

Sim azerite powers

Once you select an Azerite item, it will be equipped. Then blank boxes will appear next to it, indicating no Azerite powers have been picked. Click on the boxes to select your Azerite powers. The picker looks like this:

Azerite powers simulate

Continue through the next setup steps, then click the simulator button when you are ready. The menu on the far left (it has a white background) will have a history of your simulations, as well as a link to the Theorycraft Wiki.

More about the wiki:

Simulator schmimulator. The wiki is the real workhorse.

Actually, the wiki is the simulator. Everything you see on the wiki actually runs the simulator. When you press the simulate button, it takes everything from the wiki and turns it into executable code. It was our ‘big vision’ when we built the simulator because it allowed two things to happen:

  1. Not only does it make the simulator open source, but it also makes it accessible to people who don’t know how to program. You still have to be able to follow the logic formulas, but you don’t have to know how to code.
  2. It lets anyone edit any part of the wiki and instantly run a simulation to see how their change impacted the results. The change is only for your own personal version, so that you can play around with whatever you want.

Browse the wiki for your spec.

What is not ready?

Batch simulations and other ‘comparison’ type of simulations are currently disabled. We’ll have those up and running again soon.

  • Advanced rotations: we’re currently working on these, which adds complexities on top of the base rotations.
  • The simulator hasn’t gone through our rigorous testing. We are currently testing and fixing anything we find.
  • Uldir Bosses: those will be released as Uldir comes out.
  • Comparing simulations to raid logs: I know this has been a favorite article series for a lot of people, and we’ll do it again for Uldir. Here’s an example from Goroth. We import real raid logs into the simulator and compare the results. This helps uncover any remaining bugs, as well as demonstrate accuracy – that we are accurately modeling the boss fight and real player’s rotations.

Report problems & bugs

If you see anything odd, or get an error, post on the forums. Be sure to include a link to the report that gave you an error, or caused a problem. Also, *hugs* for taking the time to report any problems.