The Upgrade finder for WoW Classic works just like the one for Retail.

This tool  gives  gear suggestions for any content you want to do. For example, Mr. Robot will give you advice on what bosses drop the best loot for you.

I have a super short video from Retail, but it still does a good job of showing you the different searches and filtering. The video has no sound (no, your speakers aren’t broken). If you don’t want to view the video, I have screenshots below, so keep reading.

How to setup the Upgrade search

First, you’ll need to pick the Best in Bags setup that you want to do the search for. This is required because Mr. Robot needs to know what setup you want to consider when evaluating gear.

Classic Upgrade Finder - setup

The screenshot above shows that Frost is selected. If I want to search for items for my Fire spec, I select one of those that I’ve set up. I also selected to find upgrades from Rep Vendors.

Classic Upgrade Finder - rep vendor

Search through the list with advanced filtering

You can also search through this list to narrow it down.

  • Search by stat or stats by typing the stat into the search box (ex: Spirit)
  • By slot (type Trinket or Legs into the search box.
  • Source (name of boss, for example)
  • Set: type set into the search box to find items from a set