“Why can’t I load my Demon Hunter on the site?”

We have support for Havoc on the beta site, where you can play with gear and get DPS numbers. It’s pretty easy to do, and completely free! Vengeance will have to wait a little big longer though.

As always, we’ll have full support by the time the expansion launches (we’ve never missed an expansion deadline yet!) There are just 3 of us working on the whole site, so sometimes we need these last few days and weeks to iron out all of the bugs and finishing touches before we go live.

We have a whole new site upgrade that we’re launching with Legion. The backend code is all new and shiny. Some new feature improvements are coming too (like even easier flows to Best in Bags). But the final site isn’t quite ready yet, so it hasn’t been pushed live.

So I ask on Mr. Robot’s behalf, if you can hang in just a tiny bit longer, he’ll have full gear-optimization support for both Demon Hunter specs by Legion launch, promise! And in return, he will hand-polish all of your armor for launch as well. Pinky swear!

Havoc Demon Hunters on the beta site

Go to http://beta.askmrrobot.com and load your character into the simulator. You’ll want to equip the artifact weapon, and maybe increase your level to 110.

Then use the character picker to select different gear. Or expand the talent section to test out different talents.

Click the simulate button and see how much DPS it does. Return to the simulation setup page, try a different set of talents, and click simulate again. Compare the DPS to your previous setup.

That’s it! Super easy. I have a crash course video too. The first half walks you through the setup options and saving reports. The second half gets more in-depth with rotation editing, if that’s your thing.

More Demon Hunter Info

Wordup makes really thorough guides, including links to videos and weak auras. So you should definitely check out his Havoc guide on google docs, as well as his guide on Icy-Veins.

Blizzard Watch also has a dedicated Demon Hunter column with all sorts of good information, from an FAQ to awesome transmog sets.