First of all, the credit for this script goes to Woedenaz (follow on Twitter & Twitch). He is working on some tank theorycrafting and wanted to start with some solid scripts for Antorus.

Woedenaz scripted F’harg because it is the harder hitting of the two Felhounds, and there are no tank swaps. This is a very magic-heavy tanking scenario and your death chance will probably be pretty high unless you have 930+ gear.

If you have questions or feedback about this script, the best option is to catch him in the AMR discord, or on this forum thread. Also, check out the other things we have for tanks on this blog post.

NOTICE: This is based on the PTR version of the fight and only a handful of logs.

As you know, we test these against hundreds of real logs per spec. which we haven’t been able to do yet.  Things may also change when they go live.

If you want to double check numbers or compare to your logs from the PTR, please do! Woedenaz welcomes the extra eyeballs to double check everything.

F’harg (Felhounds of Sargeras) Details for TANKS!

This is for tanks right now, there is not a DPS version of this script at this time. This is the heroic version of the script.

If you want to follow along in the actual script, I’m starting in the “Actions” section (below NPCs). Read the comment section for each ability – Woedenaz did a really nice job of explaining each ability and setup.

  • Burning Maw: This ability deals ~6 million unmitigated magic damage to the tank every 10 seconds. Tank ‘rotations’ know this is a big hit and will use (or save) damage mitigation cooldowns when possible (or necessary).
  • Smoldering:  Burning Maw also buffs F’harg, causing him to deal ~100k magic damage every 1.5 seconds to the tank.
  • Enflame Corruption: This is included for completeness – while it doesn’t damage the tank, it does interrupt melee attacks and other casts. So you will see the damage is set to zero.
  • Enflamed: This appears to happen very rarely to the tanks – it is unclear if there is a very small chance, or if there should be zero chance but it happens when too many people die and no one is left to target. We’ll know more when it goes live. In the meantime, this is setup to have a 5% chance to hit the tank, once every 90 seconds. If it does hit the tank, it will deal ~2.3 million magic damage to the tank.
  • Desolate Path: A debuff that has a 25% chance of targeting the tank in a 20-person raid. If targeted, it deals ~2.5 million magic damage. This repeats every 103 seconds.
  • Siphoned: Shatug (the other Felhound) places a ring around a targeted player that splits damage up to 4 people in the area. The chance this hits the tank is very low – current theory is it only happens when too many people die. Until we know more, it is setup to have a very small chance to hit the tank, with varying amounts of damage depending on how many people were hit. This repeats every 10 seconds.

How to sim it!

  1. Go to the simulation setup page.
  2. On the right side, select Felhounds of Sargeras in the boss section (listed under Antorus).
  3. Expand the ‘more options’ section on the right. Choose your consumables (leave everything else default unless you know what you are doing and want to tinker more). If you want to look through a log, set the “Output Level” to “Log” (4th option under More Options).
  4. IF you want to test out different talents or gear or anything else on your character, change that on the left side.
  5. Click the big, green Simulate button.

Want to test out a gearing strategy for it? 

If you have a death chance above 80%, the gearing strategies can have a hard time ranking your gear. This happens when changing items and stats doesn’t change your chance to die because the hits are always too big, always killing you. Just keep that in mind if you play with the gear strats!

  1. Go to the simulation setup page. Select “gearing strategy” for the sim type instead of “single run.”  (on the right side, a drop down menu).
  2. Click simulate.
  3. This will take a few hours on an average computer. It takes this long because it is running not just your gear, but all of the gear you MIGHT get in order to rank legendaries, set bonuses, and everything else with various stat scenarios, and so on.


If you want to just test out different stats, you can use the override function:

  1. On the simulation setup page, set the Sim Type (on the right) to “Single Run.”
  2. On the left, below your character, expand the ‘Stats’ section. Here you can enter stat overrides for stats that you get from gear. When comparing one set to another, I recommend making sure the secondary stat totals are the same in each case. For example, you might add 2,000 to versatility, then you should take it away from other stats, like removing 2000 haste (or 1000 haste and 1000 crit).
  3. Click Simulate.

Can you really sim tanks?

YES! Here’s a few highlights of how realistic they are:

  • We use your actual health and sim the actual boss damage.
  • You get a team of healers that act like humans. For example, if your health is high, your healers will hot you. If it drops a bit, they will start using small heals. If your health is even lower, they will use big heals. And if your health drops suddenly, they use instant heals.  Their iLevel can also be customized, which adjusts how powerful their heals are. Default is set to iLevel 945 for this fight.
  • You CAN die. Just like in a real fight. If your health drops too fast, or you get hit over, and over, and over and can’t mitigate enough, you’ll also die. This is how we can test what gear and stats are best for you – do you die less?  NPS (a metric at the top of the page) is a calculation that tracks death chance – the ultimate measure of your tankiness!
  • The ‘rotations’ also use your cooldowns like you would in a real fight. They work in tandem with the boss script to know when a big (predictable) hit is coming and it uses the cooldown right before the hit lands. The logic can also save cooldowns if necessary to wait for a big hit.
  • Boss scripts can be customized to how your team handles fights. Or if you have that one person who always messes up a mechanic, causing extra damage… if you want, you can bake that in so you can gear for it.

F’harg tank reports

Here’s what I like to look at…

In the summary section at the top:

  • NPS – the big number at the top – is a calculated score that tracks with the death chance. As you are more likely to live, your NPS goes up. As you are more likely to die, your NPS goes down. So higher is always better.
  • Death chance – one of my favorite numbers when playing around with ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • If you like HRPS (Healing Required Per Second) or TMI (Tanking metric popular in Warlords of Draenor that measures health spikiness) – those are both listed at the top, on the right side of the report summary.

In the report, I like to see how much damage mitigation each ability, buff, and stat did. For example, you can see how much damage mitigation came from Armor and Versatility. You can see how much your big cooldowns helped, etc.

If you chose to have a log in the “Output Level” – here are a few tips to see what happened when tanking F’harg:

  • Search for “overkill” in the info box to see if / when you died.
  • If you want to see what happened around the death, note the timestamp of the death(s). Then delete ‘overkill’ from the ‘info’ box, and instead time in a time range that’s a few seconds before and after the death timestamp.
  • If you want to see how much damage you took from Burning Maw (or any other spell), type the spell name into the spell box. You can look at multiple spells at once if you separate them with a comma.
  • Play around with the filter checkboxes as well, depending on what you are looking for.

Hit us up with any questions! You can reach us on our forums or discord. If you have specific questions about this boss, here is the forum thread for it.

Portal Keeper Hasabel is also available for tanks (I don’t have a writeup yet however).