Simulate Sasszine AoE Fight

Click here to start a simulation – and select Sassz’ine in the boss drop down menu.

You can also import from a log off Warcraft Logs.

NOTE: When comparing to logs, AoE fight DPS can be quite different in a sim from your log. This is because your DPS is very dependent on how fast your team kills adds and the default script might have different kill-speeds than your team. This can be customized.

  1. Click the gray “Import from Log” button (found above the simulate button).
  2. On Warcraft Logs, go to your Sassz’ine log and select your character (so you are looking at your DPS breakdown).
  3. Grab the URL of that warcraft logs page and paste it into the “Import” box on Ask Mr. Robot.

How we make boss scripts super realistic

For Sassz’ine, the logic we have for handling adds is worth pointing out, for those of you who like details.

  • Add grouping: we have grouping logic that allows us to say if adds are stacked together (or apart). This is important to determine how many adds can be hit with each spell’s AoE radius or cleave range.  For example, the fire adds on Spellblade in Nighthold were spread apart, but the Abyss Stalkers on Sassz’ine are stacked together.
  • Add positioning: we can script adds to be stacked on the boss, away from the boss, or any other positioning related to other adds.
  • Time to live: We can script how long adds take to die, as well as randomize that duration, just like a real fight. For example, we can say adds might live for anywhere between 20-30 seconds.
  • Saving abilities for AoE: Our rotation logic allows abilities to be saved for AoE. Just like a player knows to hold onto some big spells or on-use trinkets for upcoming AoE, the simulator knows that too. The logic is completely customizable too.

We also have boss phases:

  • Defining phases: these can be defined based on a length of time, or based on the boss’s health percent. For Sassz’ine, phases are triggered based on health: phase 2 at 70% and phase 3 at 40%.
  • Tying abilities to phases: Each ability has timing tied to a phase. That means that if you sim the fight at 5 minutes and I sim it at 7 minutes, the phases will adjust accordingly. It also means that in my 7 minute fight, each phase lasts longer, so I would get targeted by more Hydra Shots, tornado walls, etc.

If you read the Goroth boss script overview, the following features will sound familiar and you can skip to the next section.

  • Random chances: When the boss has a chance to target you, we include that chance in the script. Sometimes you will be targeted, sometimes you won’t. Just like in a real fight.
  • Randomized durations: When you do get targeted with something, how long will you be out of range of the boss, or how long will you be moving? We can put a variance in so it isn’t always the same, just like in a real fight. For example, we can say you might be moving for 2-4 seconds, and the boss script will choose a random duration between 2-4 seconds if you get targeted with the mechanic.
  • Movement: For ranged, when the script says you will be moving, it will use your instant-cast spells and anything else that is good for movement. This is already handled in rotations.

Sassz’ine overview for DPS

(For the Goroth boss script, read this blog post).

The script is based on a 20-person heroic raid team.

The boss has 3 phases. If you like following along in the script, look for the “Phase” label that will show as One, Two, or Three.

Abyss Stalkers (adds) – Phase 1, 2 and 3

  • Continuously spawn groups of 3 throughout the fight – spawn times based on actual timestamps from logs.
  • Grouped together and stacked on top of the boss.
  • Time to live:  roughly 18-26 seconds, randomized

Hydra Shot – Phase 1, 2, and 3

  • Marks 3 non-tanks for all raid sizes
  • Chance to be targeted is based on a 20 person raid, assuming 2 tanks. So a 3 in 18 chance to be targeted.
  • Assume melee are out of range of the boss when targeted. Ranged move for 2-3 seconds, randomized (while still in range of the boss).

Thundering Shock (jellyfish)  – Phase 1

  • 7 pools spawn (on a 20 person raid), each time this ability is cast.
  • Chance to have to move out of the way is 7/20 (35%)
  • Assume 1 second of movement time for ranged, and assume melee stay in range of the boss

Waverunners & Consuming Hunger – Phase 1 

  • Waverunners target 3 non-tanks in Phase 1 (regardless of raid size).
  • Stun:
    • Assume a 17% chance to be targeted.
    • When you are targeted and run into a jellyfish, the stun is scripted to last 2-3 seconds, randomized.
  • DPSing the waverunners
    • Logs show people don’t all get into the jellyfish stun at the same time. A common trend seemed to be 2 people would get the Waverunners of their backs quickly, and someone would wait (perhaps using up some good procs and not wanting to get stunned).
    • Therefore, I made two groups. A group of 2 waverunners that get pulled to the boss quickly and die within 6-10 seconds, randomized. The second group has 1 Waverunner that gets pulled in roughly 8 seconds later, and dies after 6-10 seconds.
    • The Waverunners are assumed to be pulled on top of the boss.
  • Phase 3 has Waverunners, but there are no jellyfish to get them off your back. The only time you can DPS them is if someone dies. I am going to assume you are all amazing, no one dies, and so no waverunner adds will take damage in P3.

Tornado Walls – Phase 1 and 3

  • Assume everyone has to move to avoid these
  • Melee stay in range of the boss and continue to DPS
  • Ranged are also in range of the boss but are affected by movement, which is scripted to last between 2-4 seconds, randomized. Then another 2-3 seconds for more dodging and getting back in position.

Call Velius (Flying Shark Fish) – Phase 2 and 3

  • Assume everyone in the raid has to move.
  • Melee stay in range of the boss.
  • Ranged move for 2-4 seconds, randomized, while remaining in range of the boss. Then another 2-3 seconds to get back in position.

Beckon Sarukel (Ink Sucking Whale) – Phase 2

  • Affects whole raid
  • Assume melee stay in range of the boss, due to good tanking!
  • Assume ranged are also in range of the boss.
  • Movement for 8-10 seconds, based on averages from top logs. Some logs have movement for much longer, but the assumption is people will get faster with practice.

Whew, I think that covers it!