7.1.5 is a pretty big update (read official patch notes).

Our updates are live, with a couple of notes: 

All classes have updated weights. However! We are still adding really cool parameters to test Surrender to Madness variations and plan to have some of that published by the weekend.

Tanks have been updated, though we still have some tweaks to do for harder hitting nighthold bosses.

It might take us another week or two to finish up final in-game testing and comparing things to logs, in order to verify the accuracy of all data. In addition, after we compare simulations to Nighthold logs, we can tweak rotations to make sure they are back to our gold standard of quality. Just like our Ursoc simulations, which have been matching logs really well.

As always, if something seems odd, ping us (discord / forums). We try to get bugs fixed within 24 hours.

Here are the major things that affect your gear:

  • Changes to your class
  • Secondary stats scale differently now (which we automatically handle)
  • New neck enchants that are more affordable and ready in the optimizer
  • New legendaries that will be pickable in the gear lists. These are also updated in the simulator, but we haven’t finished triple checking them against logs.
  • Crafted items have more upgrade levels, which you can tweak in the filters menu
  • Some changes to existing legendaries and other items, which you can select in the gear lists
  • Simulations: classes will be updated to sim, including tanks and healers. Nighthold boss scripts will be ready shortly after nighthold’s launch. For now use Ursoc for single target and Mythic+ for AoE.

Things to note / things that still need work:

  • Shadow Priests: Surrender to Madness rotation needs tweaking after new changes.
  • Tanks: all weights need to be re-run for a harder hitting boss. The first pass had boss attacks that weren’t doing enough damage, so tanks weren’t dying. That makes stamina look low. But tanks will likely be dying in Nighthold, so we’ll have them updated before you jump in that raid.
  • Protection Warriors: rotation needs some work for the Vengeance and Devastator talents
  • All classes: rotations will be tweaked to squeeze out a little more dps here and there over the next few weeks as we get real game data and players give feedback based on real-game play.

Custom Stat Weights & Machine Learning

Now that 7.1.5 is live, you will want to re run any custom stat setups, since there are so many changes.  Here’s a picture tutorial on how to do that.

What is Machine Learning? The full article on it is worth a read, as our developer had some cheeky fun writing it. The TLDR is this:

Stat weights are an ok way to rank gear, but they are ‘just ok.’ The reason is that by their nature one stat is always the best. However, stats often don’t work out that way, and in fact, maintaining a balance (while still often preferring one) is usually optimal. The machine learning method (still in beta) takes these things into account.

The other thing is related to something you’ve probably heard a bazillion times, “Stat weights change as your gear changes.” Well that means you want different weights for picking the best gear in your bags right now, picking upgrades, and also for picking Best in Slot. People don’t run stat weights for each of those scenarios, it’s very tedious. But our Machine Learning approach automatically adjusts the best setup based on the gear you have. /mind blown

(click image for a larger version).

7.1.5 stat weights