Wondering what’s updated and what’s still coming for 7.2.5 on our site? I’ve got you covered.

DONE: More class balance changes, for June 27

Patch notes for June 27 changes

Simulator and default stat weights are updated.

DONE: Class balances for Tuesday’s patch (June 20)

Patch notes for Tuesday.

Simulator is updated. The “Live” version of the simulator has those changes.  Default stat weights updated too.

DONE: June 14 Hotfixes post at 2:30 PM PST

Just a handful of hotfixes and they are all for PVP balancing. This won’t affect the simulator or gear rankings (which are all PvE based). So consider this ‘done’ (or more like… ‘addressed’).

DONE: Simulator is updated with 7.2.5 data + June 13 hotfixes.

We will go over all of the details with a fine-tooth comb over the coming days and weeks as things change. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, post it over on our forums.

Rotations will continue to be tweaked as hotfixes come in.

DONE: June 13 Hotfixes from Blizzard

These are updated in the simulator and the gear rankings. You can see all simulation implementations on the wiki and edit them. The wiki is turned into code that runs the simulation, so it’s incredibly verifiable and editable. Here’s an example wiki page for Chain Lightning for Elemental Shaman.

With the caveat that we still want to test and tweak rotations more for T20 and based on hotfixed data. If anything seems odd or you have suggestions, drop by our forums.

DONE: T20, Tomb of Sargeras item rankings, and T19 changes

These are good based on current game data, but as you may have seen, Blizzard is doing another round of class balances this week.

We also have to compare sims to logs to verify everything is working as expected and that rotations are matching what top players do. This is important so we can continue to offer a super-accurate simulator and so you can feel confident in the results.

DONE: Updated stat weights / gearing strategies

The first set of stat weights are live and behave like the ones you’ve been using – defaults based on 1 particular set of talents and gear. As we’ve said in the past, custom stat weights are better for you. You can run a set totally customized to you in the simulator. Instructions here.

However, we know you don’t really want to run custom weights. So we’ll be doing it for you over the next couple of weeks. We’re running “gearing strategies” (way more comprehensive than just stat weights, as they include trinket and legendary rankings too). And we’re doing this for every combination of talents and gear that you might have at some point. So as your talents and gear changes, we have new stat weights & gear rankings for you. Right away, and we’ll automatically adapt with you 🙂

If you want to know more about this awesomeness (and why you really won’t have to run stat weights again), check out this full blog post that explains what this is and how to be a part of it.


Tomb of Sargeras bosses in the simulator

GOROTH: implemented on June 22 – see description here.

Next up: Sassz’ine.

We will do a full comparison of Goroth simulations to logs, allowing us to fine-tune rotations and boss strategies so they match logs. This will also enable us to pre-calculate stat weights for different bosses as well.

Expect things to change here and there, over the next few weeks

The game gets hotfixes and patches, usually several within 2 weeks of following a patch. Class adjustments will be updated on our site right away, and then new stat weights and trinket/legendary rankings will be updated as well.  We will also be comparing our rotations to actual logs and making adjustments so they reflect what top players are actually doing in-game. And lastly, if we find bugs (nooooo!), we’ll fix them, and that might mean the stat weights will change as well.

So hang on to your items until things settle down. You know the usually post-patch drill!

Never run stat weights again

As I mentioned above, we’ll be filling in custom gearing strategies that will adapt as you get new gear or change talents. Fully custom, when you need it, and more complete than any other method. Here’s the full blog post about it.

Any other questions? Ask away!