If you are wondering how Corrupted Gear works, the first section explains it. If you’re already familiar, you can skip the first section and get into the details of how Mr. Robot helps you pick the best corruption items.

How corrupted gear works:

Item drops in 8.3 have a chance to be Corrupted with a random bonus effect. For example, you might get an increase to Crit as shown below in purple.

Corrupted gear in patch 8.3 - How it works

This bonus effect amount is also random. As an example, gloves that get the Crit bonus effect can have 6%, 9%, or 12%. You might see this referred to as Tier 1, 2, and 3 (although the Item Level doesn’t change, so it can be confusing). The effects don’t get stronger with iLevel, meaning that both a 430 item and a 485 item that get the Crit effect will have either 6%, 9%, or 12%. (Note: Corrupted items can have sockets)

There are Corrupted weapons with unique (and strong) bonus effects on them (a full list of Corrupted Bonuses can be found on this MMO-Champion Corruption guide). These effects are always on the weapons and are not randomized.

Corrupted Items also come with a certain amount of “Corruption” on them. The amount of Corruption corresponds to the “Tier” of your bonus effect. Items with the Tier 1 value will have less Corruption than if it had the Tier 3 value. If we use the example screenshot from above, here’ s the amount of Corruption each version would have:

  • 6% Crit would have 10 Corruption on the item
  • 9% Crit has 15 Corruption
  • 12% Crit comes with 20 Corruption

The Corruption from all of your equipped items gets added together for a Total Corruption amount.

Corruption Resistance

You can get Corruption Resistance to effectively lower your Total Corruption.

At the start of 8.3, you can get a legendary cloak (Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve) which comes with 5 Corruption Resistance and can be leveled up to increase the resistance to 50. Once you get your cloak to max level, there is a repeatable quest to increase your Corruption resistance by 3 each time. Spell data indicates you can get the cloak up to 125 resistance (though I imagine that is a crazy amount of grinding).

New Essences in 8.3 come with 10 Corruption Resistance, but since that is a Unique Effect, you only get 10 total resistance from Essences (they don’t stack).

Legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas and corruption resistance essences

The Corruption resistance gets subtracted from the Total Corruption of your equipped items to give you the final Corruption amount. For example, Rank 1 of your legendary cloak has 5 Corruption Resistance. If you equip an item with 15 Corruption, your total Corruption would be 10.

Cleanse Corrupted items

You can cleanse the Corruption from an item, but it removes the bonus effect along with the Corruption. This is a permanent decision, you cannot undo it.

You can use Mr. Robot’s Upgrade Finder tool to see what items you might want to cleanse. Our developer made a post that explains how the Cleanse Corrupted gear feature works.


Corruption’s negative effects

The reason your Total Corruption matters is that negative affixes get applied to you when you surpass specific amounts of Total Corruption. The intensity of these negative effects scales with your Total Corruption.

  •  1+   Grasping Tendrils:  Slow
    Taking damage has a chance to slow you for 5 seconds. More Corruption = bigger slow.
  • 20+   Eye of Corruption: Damaging puddle
    Chance to spawn a purple puddle that damages you while you are in it (total of 8 seconds).  More Corruption = increased range & damage
  • 40+   Grand Delusions: Add spawn
    Taking damage has a chance to summon an add (Thing from Beyond) that chases you for 8 seconds. More Corruption = faster chasing
  • 60+   Cascading Disaster: All the bad things
    If the Thing from Beyond hits you, Grasping Tendrils and Eye of Corruption are immediately triggered.
  • 80+   Inevitable Doom: Damage taken increased / less healing
    All damage taken is increased and healing received is decreased. More Corruption = more damage & less healing

Let’s say you have 50 Total Corruption. That means Grasping Tendrils, Eye of Corruption, and Grand Delusions can each be triggered. Internet chatter suggests most of these have a 1 RPPM (I haven’t tested this myself).

Sources & resources

Corrupted gear can drop from the new raid, Mythic+, PvP and the Heroic Darkshore Warfront, according to the testing done from @WorldofMoudi and posted on his Corrption Guide. We also think it is likely that you can get Corrupted gear from doing Horrific Visions (a new activity in 8.3).

For more information on the bonus effects you get from Corrupted items (including weapons) and information on how to cleanse Corruption from items, head over to the MMO-Champion Corruption guide here.

To learn more about the legendary cloak, including how to level it up, visit this comprehensive Everything You Need to Know about Ashjra’Kamas guide by Blizzard Watch.

Which Corrupted items should you equip?

The answer to that, as you probably already guessed, will rarely be easy. Let’s go over a few examples. And for this exercise, lets assume Crit is your best secondary stat, followed by Haste.

Same iLevel: Good VS bad stats + Corruption bonus effect

The two items below are the same iLevel. Do you know which one would be better, keeping in mind Crit is your best stat, followed by Haste?

Cleansed or Corrupted item - Simming corrupted gear

The item on the left has no Corrupted effect, but it has the two best stats on it. The item on the right doesn’t have the best stats on the base item, but it has the 12% Crit (Tier 3) Corrupted effect on it.

Do you take the Underrot Grotto Tenders for some good stats and no Corruption? Or are the Sharkhide Grips worth it for the extra 12% Crit from all sources?

I definitely can’t tell you the answer without some help. (Spoiler: Mr. Robot is ready to help you, but more on that later)

Higher iLevel with worse stats & corruption bonus

Best Corrupted Items - Choosing without Simulation

The item on the left is a lower iLevel, but has Crit on the base item (your best stat in this example) and a Tier 3 Haste Corruption effect (your second best stat). The item on the right is 15 iLevels higher, has no Crit or Haste on the base item but has a Tier 1 Crit Corruption effect. It also has less Corruption on the item, so you have the opportunity to equip another item with some Corruption on it.

This is still hard to figure out unless we have some computing power help.

Balancing corruption

Let’s say your desired max Corruption is 39 and let’s assume zero Corruption Resistance so we can keep the math simple for this example.  Which set of 3 items is better?

Best set of corrupted item - choosing between iLevels and Effects

The top set has lower overall iLevel but each item has really good stats on them. The bottom set has a good Crit Corruption effect, but the base stats on each item aren’t as good.

Once you add in all of the Corrupted items you’ll soon own, across every slot, you can imagine how complex this problem becomes.

Some day, gear will be simple for us humans to evaluate on our own again (here’s to hoping!). Until then, Mr. Robot is programmed to evaluate every combination of Corrupted gear and get you the most bang for your buck. It’s stress free – just click a button and get a recommended top set of gear with Best in Bags.

Best in Bags picks your Corrupted Gear

Best in Bags looks at all of the gear you own and suggests a top performing set of gear for you. This automatically takes your talents into account and adapts as you change talents or get new items. If you aren’t familiar with Best in Bags, here’s a tutorial.

To handle the Corrupted gear in 8.3, you’ll see a new option on the settings screen: max corruption.

Ranking corrupted gear

On launch, we set the default to 39 Max Total Corruption so you don’t risk spawning the add that chases you. However, you can tune this up or down in the setup step.

Mr. Robot will go up to, but not over the Max Total Corruption you set, and he automatically takes your Corruption Resistance into account when calculating the Max Total Corruption.

All of your gear questions can be answered instantly with Best in Bags. We do that by simulating all of the necessary gear combos ahead of time and then we store that data. Instead of having you sim, and a whole lot of other people sim nearly the same thing… and then doing it again the next time an item drops… we just do it ALL ahead of time for everyone.

The results of these sims get stored in our database. This makes our system incredibly efficient, both in computing power and by saving you (the user) time. All we have to do is look up the stored data related to the items you own, and voila, we can tell you the answer in a split second.

We’re re-simming everything when the patch officially goes live to make sure we have the most up-to-date game data. This process can take up to a week to cover all of the necessary items for every class, spec, talent, and essence combination.

Sound helpful? Try for free or upgrade

Best in Bags is part of our premium package, which is $12 a year (or $2 if you want to pay monthly). The efficiency of our system, along with the GloNet, lets us keep our price so low.

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