I’ve written a couple articles for Blizzard Watch on ranking for Krosus – one for ranged and one coming soon for melee.

To squeeze out that extra DPS, you’ll want to pick gear specifically for that fight. For every 1% you increase your DPS, you can expect to move up 1 – 2 % in the rankings.

One extreme example is for dual wielders: Krosus has a bug (at least I assume it is), where you can’t miss on him. Normally when you are forced to hit a boss from the front, the boss mechanics that make him dodge or block your hits is turned off. But you can still miss in those cases. However, it looks like the ability to miss was also turned off, meaning you never miss a single hit on him.

In a few quick tests on some dual-wielders, I found most of them get a 2-4% increase in damage when gearing specifically for this bug, compared to gearing for a regular version where you still have a chance to miss.

So ‘regular’ gear advice isn’t going to optimize for doing the most damage under the specific Krosus scenario. So  I have an option for you to gear specifically for this.

Step 1: Decide on the right boss script variation


  • DW No-Miss – This takes the regular script, but removes the chance to miss for dual-wielders
  • Shortened bridge break – This shortens the time you are out for the bridge break from 6 seconds down to 4. It also removes the chance to miss for dual-wielders.


  • 1 sec Fel Beam – ranged moving for 1 second, instead of using the stutter-step
  • 2 sec Fel Beam – ranged moving for 2 seconds, instead of using the stutter-step
  • No Orb of Destruction – If you want to see the DPS difference if you never get targeted, use this script.
  • 1 Orb of Destruction – If you want to see how always being targeted once affects your DPS, use this one.

Step 2: Add the custom boss script to your boss list

To do this, click on the script(s) you want to save from step 1. Make sure you are logged in to the site.

Then click the ‘add to my list’ button at the top of the page.

Simulation guide - shared script

Step 3: Go to the simulation setup page and sim a customized set of weights & gear data

Go to the simulation setup page. Select the appropriate boss script in step 2 of the picture guide below. (Click on it for a bigger version).

When you run a gearing strategy on Ask Mr. Robot, you also get a simulation of every single item with a proc – like trinkets, legendaries, relics and set bonuses. Then that simulation data is bundled with the stat weight report so items with procs can be ranked directly from simulation data.

This is important to know since half of our gear these days has a proc on it, and stat weights cannot rank procs. You need simulation data to do that.

Gearing strategy and stat weights for krosus

Step 4 – Go to the gear ranking page, and use your new strategy!

After you click the green ‘save and use’ button on your gearing strategy report, you will be able to use it to rank gear.

Go to the character gear page and select your newly saved strategy from the stat weight drop down menu as shown below. (If it isn’t in the list, try refreshing the page).

gear optimization - stat weight menu


The best way to reach us is on our forums. I have a thread about generating custom weights, and another one specific to Krosus. You can also start your own thread 🙂

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