Post updated: May 1, 2020. More updates to come in a few days with a major client update.

Glonet - Custom stat weights

Hi there. So you’ve probably been told at some point in your WoW days to ‘sim your stat weights.’ You might even have recently run a custom setup for yourself.

You probably aren’t doing this because you want to, but because you have to. I mean, the fun part is getting the best gear recommendations so you can spend more time crushing things in game, right?!

What if I told you that you might never have to sim your own stat weights again?

Would you even believe me that it is possible?

It is possible. It really, truly is. But… (you knew there was a ‘but’ didn’t you?).  But… we need you to join the ‘Global Network’ to make this happen.

What is the Global Network?

It’s a collection of computing power from people just like you, that we utilize when you aren’t using your computer. If you’ve ever heard of SETI@home, which uses idle computers to search for aliens, it’s like that.

But instead of searching for aliens, we’re searching for the best sets of gear for each character. Aliens might be more exciting (or more terrifying depending on what movies you watch)… but they are reaalllly far away. Finding gear is something you can enjoy today.

We’ve been using it for the past tier – labeled “Adaptive Gearing Strategies” on our UI (instead of ‘stat weights’). And now, we’re running them for Antorus, as I type this!

What does joining do for me?

It doesn’t matter who you ask about gearing in WoW… everyone will say the best answer is an answer custom to you. You hear things like, “sim yourself,” “run your own stat weights,” “create a custom gearing strategy,” etc.

The thing is – that all takes a lot of time and it’s actually quite complicated  and difficult to set up correctly. A lot of people might make you feel lazy for not wanting to simulate your stat weights or stupid for doing it wrong.  But we aren’t like that, Mr. Robot is programmed to love humans and help them as much as possible. So we asked ourselves, “Why should the burden be placed on the user?”

Our answer: it shouldn’t be placed on the user. In fact, not trying to solve this problem would make us feel like the lazy ones. That lead us to a lot of white boarding to come up with ideas to take stat weights off your plate, and put it onto ours.

The main hurdle that came up was that the massive amount of computing power required would be prohibitive. Buying thousands of servers would cost a fortune and then we’d have to charge for this type of service. But it is important to us to keep the free parts of the site free, which include custom stat weights. And it’s also important for us to keep the premium parts of the site affordable.

So we said to ourselves… if computing power is really the only thing holding us back… is there something creative we can do? And that’s when we started working on the idea for the Global Network. It would give us access to thousands of computers (still crossing my fingers that you join in!).

The goal of the Global Network is to give you this level of awesome customization without having to set anything up or wait for anything to run. You get a custom answer, right away.

So Mr. Robot will really give me customized stat weights, automatically?

Yes! The Global Network will continuously run talent and gear combos for every spec. Each tier, we start with a single target boss for that raid. In Antorus, we’ve modeled Gorathi for DPS and Felhounds of Sargeras for tanks. Once those are done, we’ll move on to an AoE boss.

So when you load your character into the gear optimizer, we’ll have setups custom to you and the situation you want to optimize for.

How do I join the Global Network?

Contributing your computing power is easy and we have a few options so it doesn’t interfere with your gaming (like slow it down, that would be bad!) It also will never interfere with your bandwidth, so it won’t affect streaming Netflix – the data sent back and forth is 10x smaller than a simple image. What we need is your computer’s processing power, not your bandwidth.

There is one exception: If you have a laptop or computer that is prone to overheating when under heavy use, we suggest you do NOT join the Global Network. We appreciate that you want to help, but laptops in particular aren’t good under full, constant CPU use.

If you’re wondering how big of a difference you can make – a big one! Every person counts and my initial goal is to get 500 people connected. I hope you will be one of them, and if you are, take a look at the progress we’re making on this status update post.


If you are familiar with the client already, it’s easy. When you have the client open, press any key to bring up the menu. You’ll see a Global Network option. Select that, and if you want you can set a schedule (jump to step 5 for more details below).

Step 1: Download the client.

Download it here.

We did a major update to the client in May, 2020. You will need to download the new version and go through a few setup steps on the website.

Instructions will be updated once we publish the new client (sometime this month).

Thank you! No really, you are helping millions of wow players!

People play WoW because it is fun. It isn’t fun to worry if you have the ‘right’ gear equipped, or spend more time outside of the game simming stat weights than you do playing the game.  We want to take that stress away and get everyone to spend more time in the game.

While we don’t reach every WoW player, we do have a million+ users that we can help every time they visit. When you join the Global Network, your computing power helps make this possible for all of those people. And it really means a lot to us that you are happy to help this cause.

More information & Updates

This is still pretty early, and I’d love to be able to send out updates to you via email – NOT marketing. It would be more like the progress on pre-running stat weights and if we need you to restart your client for some reason. If you don’t mind me emailing you (it will be me personally), please drop your email in this form.

PS. If you got this far, I /salute you. And I thank you for joining the “GloNet.” 🙂