Update: commentary updated for 7.3. Screenshots are still a bit old, but still relevant.

There’s a filter icon in the character menu bar. It’s your BFF when it comes to looking at all of the ranked gear lists.

Filters on Ask Mr. Robot

Click that filter icon as shown above. And the filter window pops up, as shown below.


These filters control all of your gear lists, from the regular ranked lists, to Best in Slot, to everything in the Upgrade Finder. It will look slightly different now, because it includes the Antorus raid (this is an old screenshot).

Here’s a few worth pointing out:

A. Click the blue arrow next to any list to get more options. Here, I expanded the Emerald Nightmare list (old, I know!), and removed the last few bosses from the filters. I also turned off Mythic and LFR. This will filter all of the lists to only show me the first several bosses for both Normal and Heroic.

B. You can set the Mythic+ Dungeon mode that you are doing, to get those items and iLevels included in your gear lists.

C. The Jewelcrafter gems will show up when gem quality is set to Rare or higher.

D. With seasonal events coming up (and currently underway) you can check this box to see those items as well.

E. When you are done, click Save!!

One more gear ranking tip!

If you want to see how an upgraded version of just one item ranks, you can do that right in the gear list.

Upgraded Gear Rankings

To do that, click on the item in the slot you want to look at. The gear list loads. Then click the gray arrow to the left of the item (or items) you want to change. When you’re done, click “Accept.”

After you click accept, you will see it get re-ranked in that list.

Have other gear questions?

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