The most popular question right now:  What item is better?

Our item rankings answer that question, and it does so really well if you generated custom weights for your character with our simulator.

But how nice would it be to see the actual damage differences, in addition to the ranking? It would be pretty nice, wouldn’t it.

You can do this is 60 seconds or less. Here’s a video to prove it, and if you can’t watch a video right now, scroll down for a written version.

Let me say 1 thing before we start: if you are new to simulations, don’t be worried. Our simulator is really easy to use and this doesn’t require any downloads. You can do all of these item comparisons on our website, for free.

Go to our simulator. You can do this by clicking the green simulate button next to your character, or using the drop down menu at the very top of the site.


Click this image to get a larger, readable view. Then click the zoom icon on it to get an even larger version.

Compare items in legion

A simulator you can trust!

The simulator is very well tested and extremely accurate. Abilities are tested in-game to verify correctness. We’ve also been comparing trinket damage to actual logs to ensure everything performs as expected.

We also actively test and improve specs on a daily basis.

And you don’t have to take my word for it, the theorycraft wiki is open source and shows how every ability and item proc is implemented.

If you think something might be off, hit us up in discord or on our forums. If someone says something is off, drop me a line so I can investigate. I dig into about 2-dozen reported issues a day and usually only 1-2 per week are real issues. And those are the ones I want to find so we can make sure the simulator remains a high quality tool.