Here are the Patch 7.1 updates:

  • New gear is added to the gear lists, upgrade finder, and simulator
  • All new trinkets are implemented – and remember, all trinkets are ranked directly from simulations to ensure accuracy. After logs show up tonight, we will be doing a pass that compares all new trinkets to logs to triple-check that they are in tip-top shape.
  • Crafted level 8 is now added to the filters
  • All class and spell changes have been updated in the simulator and theorycraft wiki (the best source for spell data) – link to patch notes
  • NOTE: The chest pieces for each armor type that improves the power of your trinkets is not yet implemented. There is no spell data or data in game with how (and how much) it improves the trinkets. As soon as we get that information, the chests will be updated on our gear lists and simulator. (Example chest)

Stat weights are updated

All stat weights for each class/spec are also updated to reflect the class & spell changes for patch 7.1. All of those changes are verifiable on the theorycraft wiki.

Best in Bags & Upgrade Finder

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How to compare Karazhan items to ones you own

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