Pantheon Trinket Summary:

Well, these Pantheon trinkets sure do make things interesting: Eonar’s Compassion (healer), Aggramar’s Conviction (tank), Golganneth’s Vitality (agility), Khaz’goroth’s Courage (strength), Norgannon’s Prowess (intellect), and Aman’Thul’s Vision (legendary).

These trinkets have spurred a lot of questions. As always, we’re here to answer them with lots and lots and lots of data.

  • How do the Pantheon trinkets work? (The infographic gives an overview, and we have nitty gritty details below that)
  • How many trinkets does our raid need for the Pantheon proc to trigger often enough to care?
  • What if my team has a bad distribution – maybe only healers are getting the trinkets!?
  • How much DPS does the Pantheon proc and iLevel 1000 upgrade really give me? (Sorry I haven’t run tests for healers and tanks on this one)
  • Is the regular (role) trinket or the Legendary Aman’Thul’s better for me? Will my raid leader require that I wear it to increase the team’s proc chance?

Let’s get to the answers.

Pantheon trinket infographic

(click for a larger version)

Pantheon trinket infographic with proc rate and damage graphs

Ranking the trinkets

To find out how these trinkets stack up, custom to you, there are 2 things you can do.

  1. Mr. Robot ranks it for you on the gear optimizer.
    There is a filter to set the # of other people who have trinkets in your raid, so it will dynamically adjust the ranking.

    One note: if your team has 4 or 5 trinkets, but they aren’t 4 unique ones (so they can’t meat the 4-unique condition), then set the filter to 1 so the system doesn’t make it proc. Once you set it high enough to proc, the system gets the proc chance from simulations.

  2. Sim it!
    It’s easy, promise. In fact, I demonstrate how to do it in this super short pantheon-sim video.

On to the nitty gritty details of how these work:

Before this goes live, we only have PTR data to base assumptions on. As always, we like to make sure our data and assumptions are transparent. Here’s what we know and think we know.

What we know:

Or as sure as we can currently know! And Blizzard has stated as recently as Oct 16 that things can still change.

  • There are 6 Pantheon trinkets. Five of them cover each type of spec Eonar’s Compassion (healer), Aggramar’s Conviction (tank), Golganneth’s Vitality (agility), Khaz’goroth’s Courage (strength), Norgannon’s Prowess (intellect), and then there is also the legendary, Aman’Thul’s Vision.
  • The legendary version does not count as your 2-equipped-legendaries restriction. You can have 2 legendaries plus this legendary pantheon trinket.
  • The Pantheon buff will only work in Antorus raids. It will not work in other raids or in mythic+ runs. (source – Blizzard)
  • You need 4 unique buffs to trigger the Pantheon buff. The legendary ones act as a wild card. That means you can have a healer, a tank, and 2 legendary trinkets count as 4 unique buffs. (source – Blizzard). This logic would make it sound like 2 healer trinkets, 1 tank, and 1 legendary would not be considered 4 unique buffs. This is our interpretation and has not been spelled out by Blizzard. (Note, on the PTR, Blizzard admitted they all act as wild cards, which is for testing purposes and not intended to go live – they intend to have the unique requirement).

  • The personal procs need to overlap, and when 4 unique personal proc types overlap the Pantheon proc triggers.
  • For example:
    • A healer’s trinket procs at 2 seconds into the fight and lasts 12 seconds (until time 14s)
    • The tank’s trinket procs at 3 seconds into the fight and lasts 14 seconds (until time 17s)
    • A feral druid’s trinket procs at 5 seconds into the fight and lasts 6 seconds (until time 11s)
    • A caster’s trinket procs at 8 seconds and lasts 12 seconds. (until time 20s)
    • All of those buffs would be active at the same time – they would overlap even though they procced at slightly different times. This would trigger the Pantheon buff.
  • Only the people who triggered the Pantheon buff get it. Other people who have the trinket but didn’t ‘help’ trigger it don’t get the buff.