That’s right – stat weights are so last-gen. They are actually more like the iPhone 4… they barely work anymore and definitely can’t play any of the new games.

I’m not really exaggerating. Let me explain 🙂

The problem with stat weights:

Stat weights only rank the stats on your items and don’t rank any procs. That means they don’t rank procs from your relics, legendaries, trinkets or set bonuses. Thats… uh, half your gear!

If a system can’t rank half your gear, it is time to retire it. Even though some of our Moms still have the iPhone 4 because change is scary, it doesn’t stop us from trying to show them why a newer model is better.

I talk more about this in the video below (stat weights, not iPhones) and I also explain the new system that solves the problem. (Look at my face, SO SERIOUS!) If you like videos… /highfive. If not, keep reading and you’ll still get the most important points.

(The video mentioned the GloNet, here’s a link to learn more about that)

Back to those of you reading along…

So we solved the major stat weight problem: When you run ‘stat weights’ on our simulator, we sim every single item with a proc and bundle the simulation data with the stat weights. That lets you rank both types of items, so we called them “gearing strategies” – they were more than just stat weights.

But another problem kept gnawing at us: everyone still had to sim their own gearing strategies whenever something major changed (talents, legendaries, etc). And most people don’t want to do that… what is fun about pushing a button, waiting, then applying it? Nothing, that’s what. Nothing.

Not to mention, you need a different gearing strategy for Best in Bags vs Best in Slot. And more sets for single target vs AoE, or your two different talent builds that you swap between bosses… are you really going to rerun all of those every time you get new gear?

What are adaptive gearing strategies & how do they work?

Adaptive gearing strategies are what they sound like: Gearing strategies that adapt as you change talents, relics, or anything about your gear and character.

How do we do this? We simulate everything about your character, behind the scenes, before you even need it. We run the talent combos you might pick some day, the gear you might get, all of it. We then apply some statistical models that are able to predict your DPS as for any setup.

All of this data and statistical models are stored and then applied to your character and your current talents and gear.

How accurate is this new system?

The adaptive gearing strategies will suggest a set of gear for Best in Bags or Best in Slot that is probably the best set.

But due to statistics, there is a small margin of error. In the off chance that the best set of gear isn’t suggested, it should be within 2% of the best.

The gear optimizer is going through trillions of combinations at the minimum, most people are in the quintillions or even higher. And Mr. Robot sorts through all of these in a couple of seconds to suggest the best one (or near best). That is pretty amazing accuracy and more than sufficient for a world-first raider.

We are so confident in the system that we have those big green ‘simulate’ buttons next to all of the results. Go ahead – sim it! We don’t hide behind obscured data or complex systems. If something happens to be outside the 2% margin of error, definitely let us know so we can fix it.

How do I use it?

An adaptive gearing strategy should already be chosen for you by default. Click on the drop down menu to see other options. It’s that simple.

Adaptive Gearing Strategies

Once you select it, Mr. Robot will automatically find the right information to use for your current situation. That likely means he is using one set of data points for your Best in Bags, and a different set for the suggested Best in Slot.

For people who like the accuracy mini-game, you can use the simulator to squeeze out that last little bit of margin of error for assurance that you have the best possible set of gear. You can sim any number of combos for free – just use the ‘custom batch’ sim type in the drop down menu.

Like what Mr. Robot is doing? Join his GloNet club!

These adaptive gearing strategies are possible because of the GloNet (Global Network). TLDR: Simming all of these talent & gear combos for every player takes a ridiculous amount of computing power. People (like you), let Mr. Robot use their computer’s processing power when they aren’t using it… like when they are asleep, at work, or playing hopscotch outside. That lets him come up with all of these gear recommendations custom to each and every character. Cool, right?

We’d love it if you joined the GloNet. Every computer really does help, especially since your home computer is probably much better than the processing power we are buying on the cloud. We pay for 500 cores to keep these going. Every person who adds a computer to the GloNet adds on top of that.

Here’s a walkthrough of how to join GloNet, and here’s a blog post that goes more in depth on the project.

If you have questions, hit us up in our discord channel or on the forums.