Now that we’ve gone a full raid tier without officially having Master Loot, how do people feel about it?

  • How have teams adapted Personal Loot systems to fit their team?
  • What is the popularity of each loot system?
  • Are people happy with their team’s loot system?
  • How do people feel about the iLevel and bonus roll trade restrictions?

To answer these questions, I ran a survey across various social media platforms and fan sites. The survey collected enough responses to have a 3% margin of error at a 95% confidence interval. I assumed the raiding population was 5,000,000 to calculate those statistics.

And the survey says…

(click for a larger view, don’t stain your eyes!)

BfA Personal Loot systems

You may remember that I researched this topic before BfA launched as well. I looked at which loot systems teams were using in Legion (and how happy they were with those systems) in this post & infographic. Then I did a followup that looked at how people felt specifically about the removal of Master Loot – before BfA launched.