Purposeful Wipe: They don’t have to count against you!

I know you don’t want purposeful deaths to count against you, right? Not a problem!

Our addon has a wipe command. You can press the button in the addon, or the more popular approach, macro /amr wipe to a button πŸ™‚ Β In the off chance you called a wipe too early, you can ‘unwipe’ the raid so damage is still counted. Yes it backtracks. No, it won’t rez your whole raid πŸ™

If you want to be SUPER fancy, you can macro the wipe command to a raid warning too (so it announces it to the raid). You need to be a raid leader or assist for the raid warning to show up.

Raid Wipe Macro:

/amr wipe
/rw Wipe! (or whatever you want this to say)

Get the right tools for Raid Logging:

Our addon – this records gear, talents and glyphs for EACH pull for everyone who has the addon in your raid. That way, when looking through the logs, you can see exactly what everyone had equipped. It also has the wipe command and auto-logging options.AutoLogging

Our desktop applicationΒ – This lets you upload fights to our site and collects the gear data from the addon file.


  1. Does tit also stop logging damage and healing? That would be great because you always have people padding the meters after a wipe is called.

    • yes, it stops counting all events after wipe is called πŸ™‚

      • Would be nice if you could auto set this (in some settings or something) after X # of players died and the boss was never killed.

        So the setting could auto call a wipe upon X # of deaths and when the log is processed it would ignore everything after that auto-call unless the boss is killed.

        • We have some addon updates in the works that will make this better for sure πŸ™‚ Stay tuned, hoping it is within a few weeks.

  2. Does it also stop counting healing and damage? That would be great because some people keep healing/dps when a wipe is called for to pad the meters

    • This is why any decent leader uses exorsus raid tools. It gives you very in depth data. If I want I can look at what happened in the seconds leading up to the wipe. It allows me to see exactly what happened to cause the problem, who is not using cooldowns and just about everything else.

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