It’s LIVE! While the servers are down, I hope you have fun planning your upgrades, bonus rolls and valor upgrades with me πŸ™‚

Here’s a bunch of things Mr. Robot will help you do with 5.4:

In-Game Mod:

You can now bring your optimizations right into Warcraft. Mr. Robot will even give you a handy shopping list and let you whisper the gems & enchants you need to friends. Get in from Curse or direct from us.

Help Spending Bonus Rolls:

Don’t waste your bonus rolls – let Mr. Robot help you spend them wisely. Some bosses don’t have much for you, while others might have a good weapon upgrade. Or maybe a weapon from a Flex raid will be better than some bracers from Normal mode (then again, maybe not). That’s why Mr. Robot is here to help you!

Finding the Best Gear in your Bags

Now that you’ve won all of your gear, you might be wondering what your best items are. And you might be looking to find your best offspec set too. Mr. Robot can help – he’ll do it all automatically for you!

Help Upgrading Items with Valor

And of course, Mr. Robot will rank all of your items for upgrading with Valor. That way, you’re spending your valor as wisely as possible.

To get the list, click the purple “Find Upgrades” button.


Β Items seem missing?

They are all in there, but you might have to update the filters, which you can find in the options menu. For example, if you want to see the legendary cloak, make sure you set the right step in the legendary filter in the options menu.

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