Tank Metrics

What should a tank look at as a simple metric on a combat log?  Damagers have DPS, healers have HPS, tanks have… what?

Our logs will give you three easy numbers, and this post described how useful they might be.

Damage Taken

Total damage taken seems like a natural way to compare or rank a tank.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work so well for a variety of reasons:

  • Most fights require tank swapping or different jobs for each tank, which can lead to big differences in total damage taken.
  • Some tank classes just take more damage by design.

So while not a useless number… it isn’t all that helpful either.


This is a metric created by some theorycrafters, and you can read full detail about it here.

TMI was created primarily as a theoretical metric to be used in simulation and mathematical modeling to help determine the relative value of different stats on gear.  We use TMI and simc to help us create our tanking stat weights on AMR and find it to be very cool and useful.

We calculate it on combat logs… but it is of pretty limited value on logs.  In theory it should tell you how spiky your damage is — do healers see your health bouncing all over the place and go into panic mode, or is it steady and predictable?  Good concept and metric, but the numbers you see on combat logs don’t translate into actionable information usually.

At lower difficulties where the damage spikes just aren’t that dangerous (basically anything below Mythic), the metric can be skewed and give a number that is hard to interpret.  Even at Mythic difficulty, you only really want to use the number as a relative comparison of tanks on the same fight and probably of the same class.  You don’t want to use TMI as an absolute metric where value X is “good” and value Y is “bad”.

New!  Healing Required / Second

We have created a new metric with our latest log update. We just call it “healing required per second.” It’s THIS easy: when a tank is “main” tanking a boss, how much healing does he require outside of what he can do on himself?

This is NOT a one-size-fits all algorithm, trying to smush each fight into a metric. We code each boss individually so you are only looking at what’s important for tanks in each fight. Every boss is customized :)

This metric is live for NEW logs. Go to the Damage Taken report to see it. If you want to test it out with a log you’ve already uploaded, you can change the file name and upload it again. NOTE: It will show duplicate logs if you do this though.


How it’s Calculated:

  1. For each boss encounter, we define what constitutes “main” tanking.  The goal isn’t to necessarily capture every point in a fight where a tank is taking damage, but instead to define the “main” and more consistent parts.  For example, on The Butcher both tanks are considered “main tanking” for the entire fight.  On Mar’gok, a tank is only considered “main tanking” when Mar’gok is hitting them.  A tank will certainly take damage from the different adds in the intermission phases of Mar’gok, but it is highly variable depending on which adds and what kind of strategy your team uses.  So we cut it out for the purposes of this metric.
  2. For the time where a tank is “main” tanking, we total up how much damage they took, and subtract self-healing and self-absorbs.
  3. What you are left with is how much healing your healers would have to do to keep the tank alive during the more consistent tank damage phases of each fight.

This metric does not tell the whole story of course, just as HPS does not tell the whole story for healers.  But we think that it is far more useful than total damage taken and for more practical than TMI when looking at a log.

Here are a few potential uses for this metric (assuming it works out over the next couple weeks, we’ll be keeping an eye on the log data):

  • Rankings.  We think this number is a decent candidate for tank rankings and percentiles.
  • Actionable Benchmark.  A damager can look at DPS on a fight and try to improve it the next time he does the fight.  We think this number can function similarly for a tank: try to reduce it each time she does the fight.  In general a tank who uses active mitigation and times cooldowns will take a lot less damage during these main tank phases.
  • Adjust Tank Assignments.  If you notice that one of your tanks is requiring a lot more healing than another on a fight, but they are of equal gear and skill… it is a good indicator that maybe your strategy for the fight is off.  Maybe a more even tank swap would result in a better damage split?  Depends on the fight.

Want to see a log of it in action? Any log uploaded in the past 2 weeks shows it. And here’s an example from our raid’s mar’gok’s attempts last night: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/3d037a7d-e380-4430-b905-ad78db6dd5cd/report/12#v=0,d=2


Jan 12 Hotfixes: Class Tuning and 10% Haste Buff

Blizzard did a bunch of class tuning and buffed haste across the board (by 10%).  And that will all be live when the servers come up today (Jan 13). A LOT has changed. So stat weights will definitely be affected. We’re working on updating the weights, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can change your weights manually if you know what you want them to be. Click on the ‘edit weights’ button.



You can also share or import weights, right from the stat weight editor:



Just copy (or paste) from this section!




Join Mr. Robot’s Raid Team!


Mr. Robot asked me to find some fun humans to join his (6/7) heroic horde raid team.We’ll be working on Heroic BRF when it comes out, then jump into Mythic as soon as possible.

The casual-hardcore mythic-bound raid team

We’re a ‘hardcore-casual’ raid team. “WHAT?!” you ask? We only raid 2 days a week, but we’re very efficient with our raid times… fast wipe recovery, quality attempts, etc. And while members try to make it to every raid, real life happens… work meetings, anniversary dinners, beer pong. And that’s ok, that’s why we want a larger roster. So don’t shy away from this opportunity because you think “Mr. Robot must be a crazy hardcore raider, no way I could keep up.” Because that isn’t us, we are busy outside of Warcraft too! But at the same time, we want someone skilled enough, and geared enough to jump right into our heroic progression. Oh, and have some fun too!

Speaking of Fun!

Maybe I’m biased, but our raids are fun. We don’t yell, we don’t get snippy… it’s a game and everyone is here to have fun. Let’s take a recent example of how we handle ‘problems’ in our raid.

The other night on Margok, the mines were a problem. Our trusty hunter always called out to move left as a group when the mines spawned. She also called out to watch your backs for knockbacks. For the first 3-4 attempts, every mine was blown up shortly after being placed. Then our raid leader had an epiphany: “Obviously, they don’t look like mines. Let’s call them arcane death traps. Stay out of the arcane death traps and we’ll be good.”  After that, our hunter told everyone to move out of arcane death traps as they spawned, and mines death traps were no longer a problem… in fact, not a SINGLE ONE was detonated :)

We like to think that’s a much more fun approach than yelling at people. But we do expect people to pay attention and learn, so time isn’t wasted.

The 25-man Roster

We want a full 25 man team so that when we get to Mythic, we have the right people for the job. WE don’t want to have a 30 man team, because too many people would sit out. Once we get to mythic, we’ll rotate people in and out, assuming everyone is amazing. And if some people aren’t performing well enough, we’ll work with you to get up to par so you aren’t benched.

Who are we recruiting? DPS! AND A TANK!

  • We are full on healers, but have a couple DPS spots open and a Tanking/Dmg hybrid spot.
  • iLevel 650 (roughly)
  • We want one plate, mail, leather and cloth DPSer. No more warriors (sorry!)

When & where do we raid?

Mondays from 8 pm – 11pm CST (server time) / 6pm – 9pm PST
Tuesdays from 8 pm – 11pm CST (server time) / 6pm – 9pm PST

Kul’Tiras-US, HORDE
Here’s a link to our logs (look for the “Team Robot” label on the right).

Other perks:

Members of our raid team get a first look at all of our upcoming features for AskMrRobot.com. You are the guinea pigs first to test them out, even before alpha testers! And you can also influence feature decisions, since we all hang out on Mumble together during the raids, you have a captive audience with Mr. Robot’s developer (and me!).

How to apply:

Leave a comment with this info:

  • About yourself and a link to your character.
  • If you have a link to combat logs, that would also be very helpful. We want to make sure we pick the right people in case a server transfer is required.
  • Your Bnet tag so I can add you tonight. You can also email that to feedback -at- askmrrobot dotz com, if you don’t want to post it in the comments.

We will be bringing applicants in for trials tonight, Tuesday Jan 27.



Warlords of Draenor: Pre-Raid BiS

Mr. Robot is excited to help you find your pre-raid BiS gear! All you have to do is go to the BiS view, then edit the filters. Below is one example of pre-raid filters.


I’ll go through the filters, starting at the top left, and going down through each of the 4 columns.

  • Target Level: this affects things like the boss debuffs, like crit. Set it to +2 (5-man dungeon)
  • Raid Gear: uncheck both of these options
  • World Bosses: if you’re doing them, check those boxes.
  • Legendary Quest Progress: you can get the 680 ring without ever stepping foot in a raid. So it’s best to get that, pronto!
  • Default Item Enhancements: this tells Mr. Robot if you want him to assume extra gem sockets, etc. Note that starting with 5man heroics, you can start to get extra gem sockets, warforged gear and minor stats.
  • Apexis Crystal Items: check any of the boxes you are ready to afford
  • PvP Threshold: set this to none
  • Crafted Threshold:  You can choose the level of crafted gear you have access to or can afford off the AH. Remember that you can upgrade the gear as well.
  • Mission Gear Threshold: missions start rewarding 615 gear when you (and/or your followers) reach level 100.These rewards can get higher, so as you start seeing those missions, you can adjust this option.
  • BoE gear: These are items you can buy off the AH. It is NOT restricted to items that drop out of Highmaul or Blackrock foundry (it’s just there for item level reference).
  • Thriftiness: up to you!
  • Min / Max Item level: no need to adjust these since the other filters will take care of it. But you can if you’d like.
  • Other Items: The heroic daily dungeon rewards decent gear if you’d like to check that box. The rewards you get are random.

Best in Bags:

As you are trying to get your BiS set ready, remember to use Best in Bags. Since you won’t likely get every piece on your pre-raid BiS before you start raiding, Mr. Robot will help you pick out the best items that you DO have :)




Best in Bags: Gearing up in Warlords

How best in bags works:
copy, paste, BOOM, perfect gear setup.

Have you had any of these questions lately? Mr. Robot can solve them in <1 second.

  • Is this warforged item better than the non-warforged+gem version?
  • Is my current item with my best stats better than this Garrison mission reward item that has a higher iLevel and not as good stats?
  • Should I use my main-spec item when I switch to off-spec, or use a lesser-ilevel item?
  • I have a 2H weapon equipped and just won a MH, do I have an OH lying around that would work with it?


Get the Addon

On our site or on Curse!

 How are YOU using it? Leave a comment and tell us :)


Garrisons: A Collection Of Lesser-Known Facts

A Collection of Tips

While leveling up, I’ve learned a lot about garrisons. I wanted to share some of the lesser-known, hard-to-find, and sometimes just fun tips! If you’d like some full-blown guides, head over to our infographic and resources.

Enchanter’s Study: DE with Friends

If you build an enchanter’s study, your friends can visit your garrison and DE their soulbound stuff!! To have someone join your garrison, start a party (or in a current party, make sure you are the leader). Then your friends right click on their own character portrait and choose ‘view leader’s garrison.’  Go to their enchanter study and start DE’ing!

I was able to do this with a level 1 enchanter’s study.

Alchemy Lab: BoE Reagents

You can only make Greater Flasks if you have Alchemy as one of your character’s main professions. However, we just found out that the alchemical catalysts (the reagents to make the Greater Flasks) are BoE. The work orders for your Alchemy Lab produce Alchemical Catalysts. So stock up and send to your Alchemy friends :)

Other Professions

I’m doing more research in between playing and other updates for our site. Having a Gem Boutique in my own Garrison, I can confirm that Taladite Crystals from work orders are BoP.

Portal to Ashran with Level 3 Garrison

Once you upgrade your garrison to level 3, there is a tower next to your mines. At the top of that tower is a portal to Ashran :)

Bunker / War Mill Before Nagrand

If you’re looking to get raid ready asap, get a Bunker / War Mill before you hit Nagrand. Why? Starting at (buiding) level 1, it doubles your chance to get upgraded gear from quest rewards. That makes upgraded Nagrand rewards iLevel 615 (rare) or 630 (epic). You can get this (large) building when you upgrade your garrison to level 3 OR by bulldozing your existing large building (likely the barracks). For reference, Heroic dungeons reward level 630 gear.

This building also gives you 1 bonus roll per week at level 3.

Missions: XP for Your Character

Take a moment to let this click (it took me a while)… you can get character XP as a reward from some missions (not follower XP… XP for you, your character!) Look for the purple XP icon. It’s rewarded upon successful mission completion, all at once.Garrsion reward character XP


Garrison Guide: everything you need to know in one place

Lots of guides have lots of good info. I compiled all of the basic info to get you started, leaving out all of the extras and big lists, that just clutter your brain. For more info, you can visit the guides I used as references. They are all quite excellent!

Click the image to make it larger. Garrisons1


Blizzcon 2014 Promos

You’re probably here because you got a little Mr. Robot card that talked about some cool features and some premium account credit :)

To redeem the premium credit, log in to your AMR account. Then click on your name (in the upper right part of the site), and choose gifting. Follow the instructions from there.

LiveLootRankingsLoot drops.
Mr. Robot ranks it.
You roll or pass. AND WIN!

It’s that simple. Well, for YOU at least. Behind the scenes, Mr. Robot is crunching a ton of numbers. He also scans your gear, with his addon, so he knows exactly what you have equipped and in your bags. He’ll tell you things like…

  • By slot: out of all of the chest pieces you could get (based on your filters), how does this rank? BiS or #5? Mr. Robot will tell you.
  • By spec: one item may be a downgrade for your main spec, but an upgrade for your offspec. Mr. Robot will give you info for both, all on one screen to make quick loot decisions.
  • Out of all the upgrades you could get (in a zone), how does this rank? Is it #3, or #14? Mr. Robot will tell you.
  • Should I bonus roll? Mr. Robot brings the bonus roll calculator into the live loot ranking for you. So all of your roll decisions are on one screen!

 Combat Analysis: Like You’ve Never Seen Before!CombatLog1

When Warlords launches, our basic combat logs will be up. They’re pretty, they’re very user friendly, and they are collecting all sorts of good data. At the start, they won’t seem much different than the combat log sites you’re used to.

And then… stuff will explode! Mr. Robot is collecting and analyzing data behind the scenes. Once he has enough data, he will unleash a whole new wave of features for you. So make sure you upload everything, starting with 5 man dungeons.

  • DPS Percentile: Based on your iLevel (and a few other things), how do you stack up? 85th percentile? 20th? Mr. Robot can automatically find people just like you (same iLevel, etc), that perform better, and tell you what they’re doing differently.
  • DPS on Gear sets: Looking at BiS? Based on how well you play, Mr. Robot will estimate the DPS that gear set will do.
  • Boss analysis: want to know how well other teams are doing? What strategies work best? Mr. Robot can look at the data and tell you.

There’s so much more. But the key thing to take home here: this is some next level sh!t :)




WoD Gear, Live!

You can now browse Warlords gear on our site!

  • We’ve added sources for as many items as we can find, and we’re continuously updating. We even have garrison sources.
  • WoD filters have been added to the item lists
  • Trinkets and set bonuses are NOT yet ranked
  • Stat weights are NOT yet level 100 (you can edit them)

WoDGear WoDGearFilters


Questions? Leave a comment!

Bugs? Hop on over to forums.askmrrobot.com and let us know.


What to DO for 6.0.2!

What should I do about the Hit & Exp gems I have?
You might be tempted to set the stat weights to 0 right now and pre-optimize for 6.0.2. Don’t do that! Hit on gems will be converted to Crit on Tuesday (both in game, and on our site). Expertise will be converted to Haste. On Tuesday, Mr. Robot will take a look at everything and reoptimize you.

What about my reforged gear?
It will be reverted to its pre-reforged state. So some of your items may no longer be that great for you. But we have you covered with “Best in Bags.” (More on that below).

What about my upgraded gear?
You get to keep upgrades on your gear. And you can still upgrade them, they will cost 50 lesser charms instead of valor.

What about my special profession-based enchants, sockets, JC gems, etc?
All profession bonuses are removed. But there are some specifics. If it’s totally extra (like an extra gem socket on wrists and gloves), it’s removed completely. If it’s something everyone else can get and you just get a bonus (like JC gems can be put in sockets, but they just give you more stats), they are ‘nerfed’ down to ‘normal’ levels. For example, you can still craft and use JC gems, they just give the same amount of stats as a regular gem. Mr. Robot will account for ALL of this on Tuesday when the patch goes live.

A Little Brain Power Recommended

While we’ve done our best to test the optimizations, stat weights, best in slot, etc, some things may have slipped through. Our stat weights are our ‘best estimates’ since almost all of the theorycrafting focuses on level 100 stat weights. We estimated level 90, but if you don’t like them, feel free to change them.

Because of all of that, you might want to give the optimizations a quick once-over before making changes. If you have questions OR BUGS (gasp!), post them on forums.askmrrobot.com (you need a separate login for that, I’m sorry, but it’s worth it!)

Any bugs reported on the forums will be top priority. We will be doing updates several times a day to fix bugs.

Best in Bags – Free for a week!

In all honesty, our Best in Bags feature is going to be your best friend on Tuesday. It’s like Best in Slot, but with gear you actually own. So some of those reforged pieces will no longer be good, and another item in your bags might be much better now. Best in Bags will tell you that!


Normally, Best in Bags is premium ($12 a year). And everyone gets a free one-week trial, but most of you have used that up already. So we are resetting ALL free trials on Tuesday. We know how stressful these gear changes are, and we just want to help. To activate the free trial on Tuesday (or any day after Tuesday), just click the Best in Bags option and it will automatically start. As always, no credit card or personal info is collected for the free trial… because if we’re honest here… that’s just shady (and we don’t like shady!!)

If you want some more info on Best in Bags, jump over to this blog post. It’s going to look out-of-date starting Tuesday with our new UI, but the concepts are the same.

 Podcasters, Bloggers, Theorycrafters, you get free Premium anyway!

Those of you producing content for the WoW community are amazing. Everyone benefits from the hard work you do. As our thanks, we want to continue our tradition of giving you free premium accounts this expansion. To ‘apply,’ please reach out to feedback -at- askmrrobot dotz com, with your AMR user name and a link to your ‘stuff.’  We’ll get you setup :)


Top Things to Know for Patch 6.0.2

Gear Changes for Patch 6.0.2:

  • Official patch notes
  • Stat squish: all of your stats have been ‘squished’ in the patch.
  • Reforging is gone. All gear returns to its pre-reforged state.
  • Hit and Expertise are gone
  • Dodge and parry aren’t really ‘good’ anymore. Crit now gives some classes and specs parry (like with Riposte for Warriors, which now makes crit give you parry)
  • Agility and Intellect no longer give Critical Strike
  • Profession bonuses to combat no longer give bonuses. For example JC gems now give the same amount of stats as a regular gem.
  • Gear upgraded with Valor stays upgraded. You can still upgrade MoP gear, but you use 50 lesser charms per upgrade instead of Valor.
  • New level 550 gear from the updated level 90 Upper Blackrock Spire!
  • Mr. Robot’s “Best in Bag” feature will be free for a week, starting on Tuesday. Think of it like Best in Slot, but for items found in your bags and bank.

Mr. Robot’s status: Live on Tuesday, Oct 14!

We’re releasing our Warlords site on Oct 14 as a beta on our live site. The beta will start with Level 90 characters, since none of us will be 100 yet, and we want the site to be usable in this ‘in between’ period. The goal is the make the site work for 6.0.2, while focusing the majority of our efforts on perfecting everything for level 100 in WoD.

Take a sneak peek at the new UI launching with 6.0.2:

Some notes from Mr. Robot:

  • Stat weights: we will be adjusting them to get them in the ballpark. We’ve done the first round of research to achieve this. As we get closer to WoD, we’ll have more thorough research and input from theorycrafters.
  • Gear: In preparation for WoD, we’ve removed gear some of the lower level 90 gear from the ranked lists. We will still be ranking everything from timeless isle or higher, including SoO, legendary, world boss drops, timeless isle, anything from a vendor that’s 476+, anything epic and crafted 476+, any epic quest rewards 476+. Gear from the new level 90 Upper Blackrock Spire has been added. event has been added in. Warlords gear will be added in later.
  • Trinkets: Take all level 90 trinket estimates with a grain of salt, a lot of things have changed on them, and our estimates are ‘rough’ and haven’t been vetted like they usually are. We’re focusing efforts on ranking WoD trinkets. The amplification trinkets now have a static estimate (instead of dynamic like before), but your stats will calculate correctly at the end. We did this because amp trinkets are being removed in WoD, so we didn’t re-write the complicated code for it (sorry!)
  • Set Bonuses: These will not be perfect, we’re taking a guess during this transitional phase. After that, they will be irrelevant.
  • Socket Bonuses: We will fudge socket bonuses a bit, instead of complicated code for level 90 gear, we’re just going to cheat a bit since new gear won’t have socket bonuses. The optimizations will still work, but we will not be guaranteeing the optimal solution during this transitional phase.
  • Meta gems & Legendary: we are hard coding the best gem for each class for this interim period.
  • Tolerance: the ‘interim’ optimizer will be less tolerant of silly human things, like setting 0 for all of your weights (it’s happened). We are focusing efforts on making it awesome for WoD instead of ‘silly human’ proofing it.
  • PvP optimization will be VERY rough.

What happens to optimizations?

We will still optimize you! We’re adjusting stat weights to get them in the ballpark, while we do our normal fine-tuning as people reach level 100. And remember, you can always edit them yourself. One thing you will notice right away: without hit and expertise in the game, all of those caps are gone. So stats will likely move around on gems and enchants.

With reforging gone, is my gear bad?

The problem here, is that many of us have reforged so much gear, and made it so customized, that the original items might not actually be very good for us. Mr. Robot’s “Best in Bags” feature will search through all of your gear and find you the best setup.

And because we think Best in Bags will be so helpful, we’re making it free for a week, starting Tuesday. The free trials are reset. So on Tuesday, just click the “Best in Bags” button and your free trial will automatically start. No credit card is ever collected for a free trial, because that’s just shady, and we don’t like shady.

And here’s what we up to for Warlords!

Game Specifics for 6.0.2 (With a few Warlords Tidbits)

The special bonuses you used to get from professions, like extra gem slots for Blacksmiths, special enchant slots for enchanters, shoulder inscriptions, etc, are removed.


  • Old enchants that have hit and expertise have been converted to other stats.
  • Old enchants can’t be applied to items higher than iLevel 600. However, you can still apply MoP enchants to your legendary cloak, even if it’s upgraded past 600. I tested this again on 10/9/14.
  • New enchants (in Warlords) will only cover neck, cloak, rings and weapons. You can also modify the appearance of the weapon enchants. (WoD)


  • Existing (old) gear will keep sockets and bonuses. Existing gems will keep their original stats (including primary stats), with the exception of hit and expertise, which are converted to other stats.
    - Hit is converted to crit on old gems. Rigid River’s heart is +20 crit, for example. Precise Wild Jade should be +10 crit and +10 crit, but is wrong, verify!
    - Expertise is converted to haste on old gems. Precise Primoridal ruby is +20 haste, for example. Verify wicked vermillion is correct (10 haste / 10 haste)
    - Accurate Imperial Amethyst used to be +160 Hit and +160 Expertise. It is now +10 Crit and + 10 Haste.
  • JC Gems (Serpent’s Eyes) can still be crafted, but they have the same value as a regular blue quality gem now, since professions no longer give additional combat bonuses. For example, Brillaint Serpent’s Eye is now +10 Int, and a Brilliant Primordial Ruby is also +10 Int.
  • Stat squish drops old blue quality gems down to 10 for primary stats and 20 for secondary.
  • In WoD, there will not be new hybrid gems, and new gems no longer give primary stats. Gem socket colors and bonuses will also be gone for new gear. (WoD)
  • Here’s a list of the new gems, they are much simpler. They come in 2 qualities right now: +16 for regular and +20 for greater. They also require 5x of various herbs to make, along with a taladite gem. (WoD)
    Critical Strike Taladite
    Haste Taladite 
    Mastery Taladite
    Multistrike Taladite
    Stamina Taladite
    Versatility Taladite


  • Flasks and potions increase primary stats in Warlords! There are 4 types of flasks that affect agility, strength, intellect and stamina. The regular ones give 200 stats, and greater give 250 stats. (WoD)
  • Potions will affect primary stats as well, among other things. (WoD)


  • New recipes in Warlords increase secondary stats (as opposed to primary stats in MoP). (WoD)
  • The number of ‘servings’ you get increase with your cooking skill (new to WoD).

Engineering, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring

  • In Warlords, each profession can make new 630 and 640 iLevel gear that is BoE and has a random stat. The random stats can be ‘rerolled’ with special essences. Those crafted items can also be upgraded twice with special ‘items’ as follows:
    - 630 iLevel gets upgraded to 640 and 655
    - 640 iLevel gets upgraded to 655 and 665

Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning:

They can all be done without any required skill level in Warlords. As you get a higher skill level, you get better stuff when picking flowers, mining nodes or skinning wildlife.

Increased Drop Rates for 6.0.2!

Garrosh heirloom drop rate significantly increased. If you don’t have an heirloom yet, you have a 100% chance to get a spec-appropriate item when killing garrosh on normal or higher. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/14014199/siege-of-orgrimmar-changes-in-patch-60-and-warlords-of-draenor-5-5-2014

 50 WoD Facts Countdown

For more information, check out our countdown post with lots of facts!



Blizzcon Party – Thursday Nov 6, 2014 @ the Hilton

Admit1We’re co-hosting the World of Podcasts Blizzcon Party this year! And lots of other cool people are involved: OpenRaid, Icy-Veins, J!nx, and more! I don’t want to say this party will be huge (but it will be with over 1,000 pre-registrations), or that we have several dedicated bartenders who’ve guaranteed that we can’t run out of drinks (but it’s true)… what I really want to get across is WHY you should ACTUALLY go to this party. It’s unique, informative, and just plain fun. We reserved 4 rooms that have expert panel discussions, a photo booth, fansite-celebrity meet & greets, a fan art exhibit, Hearthstone fireside gatherings, multiple bartenders, and over 300 prizes. The event is totally free.

Get your Eventbrite ticket here!

Thursday, November 6 from 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM PST At the Hilton, 777 W Convention Way (Be sure to sign up, the more accurate the head count, the better we can schedule the right number of bartenders!) FanArtExibit

Fan Art Exhibit: All art will be given away as prizes at the end of the night!

WHAT?! Yeah, that’s right. Mr. Robot and I have been curating the art and contacting artists for the past several months, and over 100 artists have donated over 200 pieces of art. And at the end of the night, it’s all going to be given away… for free! We’re not exaggerating this either – it’s all high quality, mounted on backing board, and over half are 11×14 or larger! Here’s a tiny sampling of some of the pieces, all different styles, and all amazing artists:

 Green-Screen Photo Booth!

Photobooth2We’re still finalizing the green screen images, but they will be pretty fantastic. The photo area is big, so we can accommodate large groups of people, like your guild meetup!   Take a picture (or two or three), it’s totally free! The digital pictures will be ready shortly after Blizzcon (again, totally free). (The artwork in the photo strips to the left are headshots from various art that will be at our exhibit!)

Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings

We’re finalizing the details, but we already have the equipment and a room for Fireside gatherings. Stay tuned as we release more information on the event.

Over 300 Prizes!

Prizes These are epic level prizes too.

  • Goodie bags stuffed with surprises
  • T-shirt giveaways
  • Bilzzard swag
  • Jinx! “Faction Bundles” that each contain 3 T-shirts, a hat, a hoodie, some stickers and a key chain.
  • Exclusive posters
  • Over 200 pieces of fan art
  • And more!

And the reason this party got started in the first place: Podcasters & Panelists!

Darrie from OpenRaid and Wil from A Bit of Geek & Nerdery will be MC’ing the event! Get excited, they are both awesome. The panels run 25 minutes long, starting on the hour. And starting on the half hour, also for 25 minutes are Q&A sessions with other experts. The panel discussion tops are:

  • Blizzcon predictions
  • Warlords engame, from casual to hardcore
  • General WoW discussion & guild community
  • Podcasting
  • Content Creation

For a list of participating podcasters, bloggers and other wow fansites, go here.

See you there!


Countdown: 50 Facts for WoD

I’ll be sharing a fact a day as I gather information on my fact finding missions for Warlords of Draenor. Days left to launch of WoD: HOURS! live countdown

  • Fact #1: Launch! No need to log out when WoD launches. IF your account is already upgraded, you’ll be ready to play :)
  • Fact #2: Quest mobs: most quest mobs share tags in WoD, so no fighting over them anymore (with a few exceptions). Thanks @Malvenue for the tip.
  • Fact #3: First quest in WoD: if too many people are on the quest give, use a macro!
    /tar Archmage Khadgar
    /click StaticPopup1Button1
  • Fact #4: Realm first achievements are gone. So go ahead and enjoy your leveling :)
  • Fact #5: Dungeon strats. Here’s some text that is ready to paste in the party chat when grouping for a dungeon. From two wow chicks.
  • Fact #6: Items named after fans / mini-celebrities seem to all drop from world bosses. Keep an eye out for OpenRaid events to farm world bosses for named items :)
  • Fact #7: The legendary item in WoD: Rings!
  • Fact #8: Tier tokens will convert into the right item, skipping the vendor part (so they work like Timeless Isle tokens). Also, once you use the token, there’s a chance for the item to have a gem socket, be warforged, and/or have a tertiary stat. From Blizzard:
    • Tier tokens will convert to an item just like the Timeless Isle tokens, this removes one of the steps.
  • Fact #9: Healing. From Blizzard: 
    • In Warlords, players have double the effective health, giving you longer to think and target your heals.
    • In Warlords, smart heals aren’t as smart. They just heal anyone who is injured rather than the most injured.
    • In Warlords, healers will have enough mana even at lower item levels.
    • In Warlords, Spirit is now on less slots, so you can’t trivialize mana anymore.
  • Fact #10: Garrisons & Achievements: many level 3 garrison buildings are unlocked by achievements, like this one. For a list of achievements, visit The Grumpy Elf’s post.
  • Fact #11: Gathering professions. No need to go to a trainer to increase your level cap, you’ll get a drop that increases it, like this. You can also mine/herb/skin any node at any level. IF your level is low, you get pieces that you can combine to turn into the real ore/herbs, like these mining nuggets.
  • Fact #12Garrison Infographic
  • Fact #13: Highmaul raid schedule: launches Dec 2 for normal / heroic. Mythic and LFR are on Dec 9. Blackrock Foundry is ‘several weeks’ later.
  • Fact #14: Warforged, gem sockets, tertiary stats: dungeon and raid level items, in general, are eligible to have an extra modification on it. They can have just 1 thing (like a gem socket) or all 3.
  • Fact #15: Items can only have 1 tertiary stat (if they have more, it’s a bug)
  • Fact #16: Friends & Garrisons: your friend can visit your garrison (and pick herbs and ore off your nodes, ha!). They can come in and DE stuff if you have the enchanter building. And you can group and do some garrison invasion defending!
  • Fact #17: Goblin Gliders = secret stuff! There are various goblins around in each zone that let you get on gliders to reach secret spots with treasure chests and stuff. You can get a map for the treasure chests in that zone a few different ways (reported by fans). A garrison quest reward, a reward for completing the quest achievement for a zone, and from a vendor in your WoD faction zone (after completing the story line for each zone). Here’s a YouTube video of one of these glider spots.
  • Fact #18: Mythic raid lockouts The mythic lockouts work differently that normal/heroic. In normal/heroic you can run whatever you want, as often as you want, you just don’t get more than 1 chance at gear. Mythic however, works like the ‘old’ lockouts – once you kill a boss, you’re tied to THAT RAID ID. You cannot go into someone else’s mythic raid until it resets each week.
  • Fact #19: Getting gear from your garrison From a blue post: Once you have followers at ilvl 615, the second tier of level 100 missions unlocks, at 630 the third tier unlocks (includes missions with ilvl 645 gear for your character), and when you have followers at ilvl 645 the fourth tier unlocks.

    The fourth tier is special in that they show up rarely, but they’re raid missions for your followers that reward your character with raid quality loot of a tier higher than you’re currently running. If you’re doing LFR, you’ll get normal quality raid loot, if you’re running normal raids you’ll get heroic quality loot, and heroic raiders will get mythic quality loot. Mythic raiders will get mythic loot and 1k gold.

    These missions show up rarely enough that you won’t be able to deck out your character in these items before the next raid zone shows up, but having a handful of them will give you a nice edge.The level you’re currently running will be roughly determined by having ‘weeks’ of experience in a zone at that difficulty, Get more info on the followup blue post.
  • Fact #20: Blackrock Foundry There are 3 wings in the Blackrock Foundry raid, and you can do the wings in any order. Then you can kill the end boss. There’s also a quest that takes several weeks to complete, rewarding you with a key to skip most of the bosses and go right to the last ones. (We’re still tracking down the official source on that, though it seems to be legit). This makes loot choices interesting.
  • Fact #21: Professions & Garrisons This one comes from a tip in the comments section, thank you! Once you learn the scroll that takes your crafting profession cap to 700 (you get 1 from a quest on your faction’s initial zone and if you have more than 1 crafting profession or change professions you can get them from a quest item dropped by mobs) you will be able to purchase your profession’s crafting recipes from a vendor in Ashran (On your faction’s hub). These recipes are purchased with a special currency appropriate to each crafting profession and you can get them from a daily cooldown (like “Secret of Draenor Blacksmithing”).While having a small garrison building that matches your professions will give you access to more cooldown-based ingredients (like “Truesteel Ingot” for blacksmiths) and ease of access to the professions recipe vendor within your garrison, you can still learn all the recipes and craft all the items if you build different garrison buildings or if you don’t use your garrison at all.Having a small garrison building for a profession you do not have will give you access to work orders to make that professions crafting materials and to most of the Draenor items crafted by that profession, depending on the level of your building. However, the best items each profession can craft are still restricted to heroes with the corresponding professions (like items to improve weapons and armors or the best enchants)
  • Fact #22: Skipping Bosses in WoD There are several bosses you can skip and still kill the end boss. After killing the end boss, if you want to go back and kill the ones you skipped, you can. (source)
  • Fact #23: No gate for Mythic You will not need to clear Heroic in order to run mythic raids on WoD. (source)
  • Fact #24: Ordos Ordos will continue to require a legendary cloak to access. Thanks to our comment section for catching this for me!
  • Fact #25: Loot based lockouts Patch 6.0.2 launched a different boss/raid lockout system. Instead of locking you out because you already killed a boss, you can now enter and help your friends kill any boss they want (regardless of if you’ve already killed it). Instead, the lockout is loot-based: you can kill any boss again (and again) in the same week, you just won’t get loot from it.
  • Fact #26: Hallows End: Upgraded Loot! Hallows End drops have been upgraded to iLevel 540. There are new pets. AND… you can get a Lich King costume (for Tricky Treats from a vendor), that has 50 charges.
  • Fact #27: Garrison mission spreadsheet A huge thanks to @Elvinelol for putting together this spreadsheet. It details required level & item levels, duration, if it’s rare, and more.
  • Fact #28:Garrison Build Order Guide A post by Denizly from MMO-C is a really excellent guide for Garrisons, including suggested build orders based on your play style. For example, the guide outlines the best build order for leveling up, raiding, gold making and altoholics. And there’s also a garrison guide for pet collectors over at warcraftpets.com.
  • Fact #29: Garrison followers: Bodyguards Some of your followers can be bodyguards – they follow you into battle (not instances though) and help you fight. As you gain reputation with them, they get stronger and get more abilities (like CC). And level 3 gives them special perks, like opening a portal to your garrison no matter where you are, or giving you access to mission table from anywhere, or even REPAIRS! (battle.net post)
  • Fact #30: Normal & Heroic raids scale to 30 in WoD Remember, Normal is the new Flex, and Heroic is the new normal!RaidscalingConverge
  • Fact  # 31: Garrosh Heirlooms They will scale as you level up from 90 to 100, ending at item Level 620. And note, all versions (LFR, Normal, etc) converge at level 620 (thanks to @lumpythegnome for the tip!)garroshheirlooms
  • Fact #32: Dungeons There will be 8 dungeons on launch. 4 are tuned to various levels between 90 and 99. The other 4 are tuned for level 100. To queue for heroic difficulty of dungeons in the group finder, you will need a silver medal from the Proving Grounds.
  • Fact #33: Guild leveling is gone & perks changed Courtesy of @Medros from AllThingsAzeroth Patch 6.0.2 removed the guild levelling system, and all guilds will essentially be the equivalent of a level 25 guild. Regarding perks we have now, some will be going away including the very profitable cash flow, as it was being abused by some people, and others will be built into the game, such as Flight path taxis just inherently moving 25% faster instead of requiring “Ride Like the Wind”; and Honor rewards and item costs can be balanced as if you had “Honorable Mention”. The perks that will remain, and be automatic upon the guild’s creation, are Mount Up, Hasty Hearth, Mobile Banking, The Quick and the Dead, Guild Mail, Mass Resurrection.
  • Fact #34: Apexis crystals ApexisVendorThe popular comparison is that “Apexis Crystals are the new Valor.”  You can buy gear with them, as well as bonus rolls (more on that soon), and a few other misc things. – iLevel 630 gear costs 3,000-5000 crystals (depending on slot) (same iLevel as heroic dungeons) – iLevel 645 costs an additional 9000-11500 plus a turnin of the 630 item (slightly better than LFR Highmaul, which is iLEvel 640) – iLevel 655 costs and additional 14,500 – 20,000 plus a turnin of the 645 item (same iLevel as Normal (old Flex difficulty) Highmaul) How fast do you get them? You can choose between 1 of 2 Garrison daily quests: one gives 800 apexis crystals, another quest (group or pvp) gives 1000 crystals. There are other sources that drop much less (like rare spawns, at about 30 or less). Watch Asmongold’s video on Apexis Crystals.
  • Fact #35: Banks & Crafting When 6.0.2 hits, you will be able to visit your bank and unlock a BankReagentTabSizespecial reagent storage area. This allows you to access your crafting materials from anywhere, so you can craft on the go! – Costs 100 gold to unlock the reagent bank (pic) – There’s a handy button to to deposit all reagents! – It has 98 slots (14×7) (pic)
  • Fact #36: Upper Blackrock Spire When 6.0.2 hits, for a limited time, you will be able to run a redesigned UBRS appropriate for level 90 characters. And it drops level 550 gear.
  • Fact #37: Reforged Gear All gear will be reverted to its pre-reforged state once 6.0.2 hits. That means reforges will be reset. And in case anyone has been completely out of the news, reforging is gone! (video from vittoriya)
  • Fact #38: Flying Mounts There is no flying in WoD. All flying mounts can be used on the ground where flying isn’t allowed.
  • Fact #39: Bonus Rolls The new bonus roll currency is “Seal of Tempered Fate.” You can get 3 a week and they can be obtained 4 different ways. However there’s a catch: each way you obtain it gets more expensive on the 2nd and 3rd ‘purchase’ for that week. For example, you can buy them with gold. 500 gold for the first purchase, 1,000 for the second, and 2,000 for the third. So the optimal way to obtain them is 1 of each currency each week. -Gold -Honor -Apexis Crystals -Garrison resources (although, these are precious early on and you might not want to use them) Thanks to asmongold for his youtube video on this subject.
  • Fact #40: Resurrection charges From the patch notes: “Upon engaging a boss, all combat resurrection spells will have their cooldowns reset and begin with 1 charge. Charges will accumulate at a rate of 1 per (90/RaidSize) minutes.” This will affect those last minute rezzes you might want right before enrage timers. If anyone knows WoD enrage timers, leave a comment. I’ll add them to this fact and give you a shout out! Below is a list of how often you accumulate a rez charge: 10 players: 9 minutes 11 players: 8:11 minutes 12 players: 7:30 minutes 13 players: 6:55 minutes 14 players: 6:26 minutes 15 players: 6 minutes 16 players: 5:38 minutes 17 players: 5:18 minutes 18 players: 5 minutes 19 players: 4:44 minutes 20 players: 4:30 minutes 21 players: 4:17 minutes 22 players: 4:05 minutes 23 players: 3:55 minutes 24 players: 3:45 minutes 25 players: 3:36 minutes
  • Fact #41: Enchants You can only enchant 4 slots for WoD gear: rings, neck, cloak and weapons. Weapon enchant appearances can be changed (cosmetic) – a nice option for those of us who like to transmog and have a cool look :) Old MoP enchants can’t be applied to gear above iLevel 600.
  • Fact #42: Crafted Gear The upgrade-able crafted gear that you can get in WoD has a unique-equip constraint: you can only have 3 of those crafted items on at a time. And this spans across professions. Here’s an example of one of those items (and its upgrades): Truesteel Helm starts at 640 and upgrade to 655 and 665. Note the tooltip that says “Unique-Equipped: Warlords Crafted (3).” We verified this in game, thanks to @TheOneOnDruryLane, a developer on the TradeSkillMaster addon.
  • Fact #43: PERKS! As you level up from 92-98 you get a new thing called, Perks. They modify existing abilities (they aren’t new abilities). They are different for each class specialization, and you get one at level 92, 94, 96, and 98. However, the one you actually get at each level is randomized. For a list of perks, choose the perk tab at the bottom right section of this WoWhead guide.
  • Fact #44: Inventory The default UI will allow you to sort your bags, and will color code items based on quality (epic items have a purple border, for example).
  • Fact #45: Garrisons & crafted gear Several garrison buildings will be able to craft both the rare and epic quality gear that professions can craft (see fact #47). They will not be able to craft the things you need (like Greater Truesteel essense) to upgrade them, however.
  • Fact #46: Cooking Cooking has changed a bit. The number of servings you get from food & feasts increases with your cooking skill.
  • Fact #47: Crafted gear Each profession that can make gear, can make upgrade-able BoE items that are as good at Normal Mode iLevels for both Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.  Recall WoD normal mode is the same as MoP Flex mode. An example item, the Steelforged Dagger starts at level 630 and can be upgraded to 645 and 655. And epic craftable items like Truesteel Helm start at 640 and upgrade to 655 and 665 by using Truesteel Essence and Greater TrueSteel Essence.
  • Fact #48: Gear enchancements Gems, enchants, food, etc all affect secondary stats only (not primary). With 1 exception: flasks will give you +200 / +250 (normal, greater) to a primary stat.
  • Fact #49: Item levels Highmaul is the first raid, followed by Blackrock Foundry. Item levels on gear from those raids are below. Thanks to @Elvinelol and his twitch stream for this info! Highmaul | Blackrock Foundry LFR – 640 | 650 Normal – 655 | 665 Heroic – 670 | 680 Mythic – 685 | 695
  • Fact #50: Hit & Expertise All Hit & Expertise will be gone with Patch 6.0.2. Hit is replaced with Crit and Expertise is replaced with Haste. For example, Rigid River’s Heart is now +20 Crit (instead of +20 Hit).

Have a lesser-known fact you want to share? Leave it in the comment and if I use it, I’ll give you credit :)


World of Podcast & Mr. Robot BLIZZCON Party!

Expert panels, game room, art exhibit, photo booth, bartenders, hundreds of prizes, all taking up 4 event rooms at the Hilton… join Mr. Robot & the World of Podcasts crew at this year’s biggest Blizzcon party on Nov 6 at the Hilton.

Hang out with your Favorite WoW Fan Personalities

The awesome folks behind World of Podcasts have organized podcast, fansite and theorycraft experts across a bunch of panels and FAQ sessions. But it doesn’t stop there! We have rented out 4 event spaces at the Hilton and the panelists will all be hanging out before & after their sessions to chat with everyone.

Art Exhibit

We had an idea to contact a few artists to feature at our event. But it generated so much interest in the artist community we now have 100 artists who gave us permission to print 200 different pieces of art. Our Blizzcon Party Planning Committee is really excited to make this happen. But we need to reach our kickstarter stretch goal of $1500 in order to afford the 4th room AND the printing and mounting costs. But we we meet the goal, we will have a really cool fan art exhibit with 200 pieces of art that will be given away for free at the end of the party!

Photo Booth

A photo booth with a green screen option? Yes, please! This is another kickstarter stretch goal – if we meet it, we’ll have enough funds to setup a photo booth in one of the rooms. And of course, we’d upload them all and make sure everyone gets digital copies :)


We have a lot of prizes already acquired, and they are pretty amazing! As I mentioned earlier, we hope to have 200 pieces of mounted art to give away (great for autographs). And a ton of other really cool, unique prizes.


We hope to see you there! The party is happening! Now it’s just a matter of reaching a few stretch goals to make it even more exciting!


Warlords of Draenor & Mr. Robot

Now that reforging is going away, what will Mr. Robot be up to?! For Warlords of Draenor, we will still optimize your gems and enchants for you, as always, but our main focus will shift to gear suggestions (what items to get) and player skill improvement.

Gear Suggestions:

Mr. Robot already helps you find gear with upgrade lists, bonus roll calculations, raid gear lookups, Best in Bags, and so on. And with the removal of reforging, picking the right gear will be even more important since you can’t change the stats. So we’re dedicated to helping you find the right gear for your characters, when you need it.

  • Leveling up: we’ll be able to find the fastest ways for you to upgrade gear. Which dungeons, quests, vendors or rep grinds will help you the most (new feature!)
  • Bag full of items: You know how it goes when an expansion launches… you end up with a bag full of gear and don’t know which items are best. That’s where our “Best in Bags” feature will really come in handy. This has been one of the most popular features on our site throughout Mists of Pandaria, and we have several planned improvements for it with Warlords of Draenor.
  • iLevels & raid ready: Getting to the minimum raid iLevel is a mini-game in itself! We have a new feature planned for WoD that will tell you the fastest & easiest ways to get to your target iLevel.
  • Raid min-maxing: Our current tools to help you improve raiding gear are here to stay, and we’ll be adding in some new features. We also plan to use combat log data to help you identify the best gear for your character, for each situation.
  • Wish lists: Another new feature for WoD are wish lists. The idea is to notify you in-game when a boss drops an item from your wish list, prompting you to roll, bonus roll, or spend your DKP.

Combat logs & Data Analysis

Mr. Robot is really good at complicated math and programming. As proof of that, he’s managed to write an algorithm that finds you the single best optimization solution, out of quadrillions of relevant combinations. And he does this in less than 1/10th of a second, on average. It’s one of his proudest accomplishments. For Warlords of Draenor, Mr. Robot is applying his math skillz to combat analysis to provide actionable advice, something that’s been missing from the WoW tools community. To make this happen, we’re developing the tool in 3 phases:

  1. Combat log parsing: This is what you’re familiar with from other combat logs sites – we parse through data and display it in some tables and graphs. We raised the bar a bit and cleaned up a lot of the data, categorized buffs, and relabeled abilities for easy identification (like the mastery procs for many classes). This is all currently live and can be tested out on http://beta.askmrrobot.com/combatlog
  2. Combat log analysis: We analyze each fight FOR you – instead of you digging through tables and data for 15 or 30 minutes, we want to summarize the important information for you. This is no easy feat, but we’re good at the hard stuff. We’re currently working on these algorithms behind the scenes (they aren’t live yet).
  3. Statistical analysis: There’s a lot of logs and a lot of data. No one has aggregated all of this rich data and presented the community with useful, actionable info. We have grand plans for this and we’re collecting all of that data from logs you’re uploading right now! As we collect enough, we’ll have some pretty cool stats to share.

To take our combat logs for a spin, head over to http://beta.askmrrobot.com/combatlog. If you’re looking for some quick how-to’s or FAQs, go to this blog post.


Blizzcon: business in the front, party in the back!

Mr. Robot is teaming up with World of Podcasts and OpenRaid to host a Blizzcon event you won’t want to miss. We’ve reserved 2 party rooms at the Hilton: one will be hosting panels on hot topics and the other will be for the par-tay!

* Disclaimer: Mr. Robot’s translation algorithm did not compute that the title of this article refers to the best hairstyle known to humans… the mullet. You do not need a mullet to get into the party 

Panels (we love to talk!)

Since we’ll have so many of the top theorycrafters and podcast personalities in one room, it would be a waste if we didn’t get them to share their knowledge! So we have a separate room for panel discussions on various topics.

Want to hear on something specific? Have a good idea? Don’t be shy, tell us in our survey and don’t be afraid to get crazy and creative. We already got a couple of cool ideas from fans that we’ll be doing. We’re reading each and every response… it’s handy having a super-powerful robot on your side to process gobs of information :)

Meet your favorite fansite celebrities!

So this party room we reserved, the “RL Chat Room,” will be flooded with fansite celebrities who are excited to meet you. That’s right, they love connecting with fans (honestly, who doesn’t love getting gushed over? It’s a natural behavior for humans). There will also be a bar, prizes, autographs, and plenty of photo-ops.

Dying to meet someone in particular? Be sure to take our survey and tell us WHO, you know, so Mr. Robot & friends can e-stalk ask them for an RSVP :)  We’ll be posting a master list of celebrities that are locked in as the event gets closer.

* Disclaimer #2: While glomping will be allowed, please use only rank 1 glomp to avoid serious injuries

See you there!

Where: Hilton Anaheim
When: Thursday, Nov 6, 6:30 – 11:30 PM
Stay updated:




Combat Logs: Deaths, Resources & The Kitchen Sink

To continue with our mission to make combat logs easier to understand, we’ve ironed out a few more report views. Hopefully this help make the data actionable, so everyone can improve in their raids.



Our goal with the death report is to have you quickly understand what happened, and how to prevent it. The death report starts with a few key metrics:

  • The time it took you to die (measured from the last time you were at 90% health to death)
  • The last time you were healed (did you receive no heals for 2 seconds before death? Or were you healed a split second before death?)

The next most important piece of information is how much total damage you took (from the last time you were at 90%), what ability actually killed you, and how much total healing you received in that time frame.

After that, we want to show any defensive buffs that you used (or were used on you). You can see that I used Barkskin in the example below. But there’s something interesting to note: I went from 90% to death in 4.4 seconds, but Barkskin was only up for 2.2 seconds. That’s because I cast it as I saw my health drop, but then I died.

The last, but not least, we show how much damage you took from each source, and how much healing you received (and from what abilities).


Death Detail View

We hope that most of the information you want is contained the regular death report – we don’t want you spending 30 minutes looking for the info you need. However, sometimes you want to look through death events in greater detail, so we provide a detailed view. And to make it as easy as possible, we give you some filters on the left so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.



We track your mana, rage, energy (and so on) to help you understand how you manage them. Here’s some views for a healer’s mana (top) and a tank’s rage (bottom).



Want to know how well the team interrupted specific abilities? You can get it all with one quick report view:



Along the same lines as interrupts, how well did the team dispell those dreaded debuffs, like Shadow Word: Bane on The Fallen Protectors? We even tell you the average time from debuff application to dispell :)



Tooltips are finally here! We wanted to provide extra information so you don’t have to leave the report view if you don’t want to. If you think we left any important information off, let us know!

The player tooltip gives you more information on their gear, which is captured at the start of each boss attempt.


Damage taken tooltips are pretty awesome, if I am allowed to compliment my own site! Take a look at the example below, you’ll see a clear breakdown of damage taken, the blocks and absorbs.


Healing tooltips show a breakdown of healing that was done as absorbs (hi Disc Priests!) and overhealing.


Up Next

We’re currently working on the graphing system and will have that ready for our next alpha update. Stay tuned! To see past feature highlights, check out this blog article.

Want in on the closed alpha? Fill out this form with your email.




Valor Upgrades & The Armory

Upgrade levels not showing up?

It looks like the armory isn’t updating for some people – it isn’t reflecting the new upgrade levels you just did. First, make sure you’ve logged out of Warcraft and return to our site to click the green ‘update from armory’ button to the left of your name. If that doesn’t fix it, the workaround below will!

Update: Blizzard suspects it’s a caching issue. You can also use their fix, outlined here.

How to use our in-game addon to update your character:

Continue reading


Patch 5.4.8 Valor and YOU!

NOTE: The armory isn’t showing upgraded gear, but we have a workaround.

What should I upgrade first? It’s different for every character!

There’s a lot of generic advice out there, like weapons should always be upgraded first, chest and leg upgrades are equal, etc. But in reality, it’s specific to each character and depends on a lot of variables. Mr. Robot will tell you exactly which item upgrades give you the most bang for your buck valor. Here’s a few questions he can answer, specific to each individual character:

  • Should I upgrade those warforged bracers or the normal helm?
  • Should I upgrade the 553 weapon or my heroic pants?
  • How much of a boost do I get by upgrading an amplification trinket? Is it better than upgrading my weapon, helm or warforged items?

Mr. Robot uses ‘teh mathz’ to tell you exactly how big of an increase each upgrade will get you… taking all of the guesswork out of your decision. And in some examples below, you will see that seemingly sound advice, like upgrading your weapon first, doesn’t always hold true. 

How to get started

  1. Load your character into Ask Mr. Robot.
  2. Click the purple “Find Upgrades” button.
  3. Choose the “Currencies” option, then select “Valor Points.”





4. Review your item lists. A lot of advice leads you to believe you should always upgrade your weapon, legendary cloak and trinkets first. In this example for Yellowfive, you can see that only 1 of those 3 things is correct: the cloak. The trinket is #9 on the list and the weapon is #11. That’s why the math is helpful – it’s different for every character and every role! For example, tanks tend to not fall into the ‘weapon first’ category.


5.  Decide if you want to show the “Largest Improvement” or “Most Cost Effective” for sorting.

  • Note that items not upgraded at all, which are eligible for +16 item levels will show up as a larger upgrade under the “Largest Improvement” sort than an item that can only be upgraded an additional 8 times because it was already 2/4.
  • Whereas the “Most Cost Effective” sort will show you the best bang for your buck valor. The score in the “Most Cost Effective” column is calculated as the increase to your optimized score per 100 Valor points spent.
  • In the example below, you can see how the shoulder (upgraded 0/4) looks like a huge improvement under the “Largest Improvement” sort. But once you factor in that it would cost 1,000 Valor points to get all 4 of those upgrade levels, that score increase isn’t very effective (as shown in the 2nd column under the “Most Effective” sort).


If all of your items were already maxed out at +8 before the patch, you won’t see a difference between “Largest Improvement” and “Most Cost Effective.” When “Largets Improvement” is selected, you can see direct score comparisons, for example, the Main Hand will give this player a +1000.42 score increase, compared to the legendary cloak with a 434.33 score increase.


Load your character now!

Bags full of gear and wondering what to upgrade? Best in bags can help you with that too! Be sure to choose the “always upgrade” option.

Want to upgrade? You can do that here.

Wondering what we’re up to for WoD?

Check out our Combat Logging (currently in alpha)


Combat log alpha

Alpha is LIVE

If you don’t have access and want it, we need your email address (PM us on twitter, the forums, or send an email to feedback -at – askmrrobot dotz com) and I will add you to the next wave of users.

Our philosophy:

Our goal with combat logs is similar to our goal with gear optimization: make it usable for everybody. Back in the day, gear optimization was limited to a small part of the community who took the time to do all of the research, or learn how to use complex programs created by theorycrafters.  We changed that by making a high-quality tool that was also very easy to use.

Combat logs are still somewhat in the “complex programs” category.  Sure, it’s easy enough to go to WoL and see your rough DPS or ability breakdown… but it’s hard for the average player to get much actionable information out of it.  And there’s a lot of “junk” even in the basic reports that is hard to sift through.  We’re here to change that!

This initial alpha is just the tip of the iceberg — we have tried to make reports that are bold, readable, and less data-dense while being more informative at the same time.  We have applied an extra layer of polish and cleanup to the actual log data to display particular spells in more useful ways, divide fights into useful “phases”, and so on.

Unique features:

We wanted to get the basics right and improve on things that we’ve all ‘just accepted.’ For example, a lot of spells have duplicate appearances in a log, so you’re spending mental time adding them up to get ballpark damage (or healing) numbers (see mind flay before and after). Or maybe you spend time googling that random buff name you don’t recognize, only to find out 10 minutes later that it’s a proc from your trinket or set bonus. Mr. Robot firmly believes it is his job as a badass calculating machine to do that grunt work for you.

Whenever we review logs, we also found ourselves wondering if someone was dominating the damage charts because of their gear or skill. We also wanted to know what gear, talents and glyphs someone was using when we comparing them to ourselves. So we added in a way to capture accurate gear data through the addon.

Those are just the beginning of what Mr. Robot has in store for his combat log analysis. And thanks for testing it out for us, we know there will be a few kinks to work out.

We want your feedback!

Post bug reports on the forums.
We have a lot of people reading the forums and responding, whereas it’s just little ol’ me on the blog comments and I’m multitasking on all sorts of things. Note, if you don’t have a forum user name, you’ll have to make one as they are unfortunately not tied to your regular AMR accounts).

First, the best way to get invited to other alphas is to take time and give feedback :)  There’s always a handful of people who give excellent feedback and they are on my ‘perma-invite’ list. We want to know all sorts of things – here’s a list to get you started, but it isn’t limited to this:

  • Usability: we try really hard to make everything on our site intuitive and user-friendly. If something was confusing, we want to know. Some of the things we specifically want to know about:
    - Using the in-game addon to start/stop logging and gather gear data
    - Using the client program to upload a log
    - Searching for uploaded logs by player/guild and browsing rankings
    - Viewing basic reports for a log
  • Ability data:  I know we didn’t catch all of the spells for all of the specs. If you see duplicates or anything else that isn’t ideal, tell us.
  • Buff data: we have sources and categories for all of the buffs. If something is missing a source (trinket, set bonus, etc) or a category, let us know. We also have a ‘junk’ category that removes unimportant buffs like blingtron’s shirt from last year or hunters’ track humanoids. If you see a ‘junk’ buff, let us know.
  • Accurate data: if something looks off, like a spell did a fraction of what you expected (for example), let us know!
  • Favorite feature: we want to know what you like the best. Something that wow’s you or something you can’t live without. That helps us prioritize which features to focus on. It also makes Mr. Robot feel warm and fuzzy, which he needs sometimes… living in a cold, metallic body.
  • Feature request: we have a lot of cool features on our to-do list. But we want to hear from you too – what can we add that would make combat analysis better. Don’t be afraid of thinking big or worrying if it’s too complicated. We want to hear it all!

Coming soon:

Our first priority is to fix any bugs before adding new features. Once that’s done, here’s what coming next:

We know that the site is far from complete!  We have put placeholders where things will be added in the future, and here are a few more things on our plate:

  • Add mouse-overs on most of the data reports with more detailed numbers.
  • Add a private log upload feature.
  • Build our super-fancy log comparison/analysis tool — this will come a bit later, but is one of the major features we’re working towards after the basics are functioning well.




Combat Logs: RL Screenshots

How many times can I say the alpha is close before it’s here?! ONE MORE TIME! I’m on the final stages of testing. And I’m sending screenshots back of logs I test. Not nearly as fun as playing with the alpha on your own, but we’re VERY CLOSE!

I’ll be posting screenshots as I get to them. If you want to participate I need:

  • A link to your log (raw text file) on dropbox or some other file sharing service
  • The region and realm of the person who made the log
  • A specific boss you’re interested in (I am only doing screenshots from 1 boss at a time)
  • Your character name (so I know who to focus on in the screenshots)




Combat Log Alpha – so close I can taste it!

The alpha, or as I like to call it, the ULTRA alpha is very, very close. We’re just putting some finishing touches on it and doing a last round of testing. (see the previews here)

About the ULTRA alpha

The very first round will be open to about 100 people. These will be theorycrafters and various class experts. I’m also saving a few slots for people who have beta tested previous products and provided quality feedback. The next round (about 1 week later) will be opened up to a slightly larger group. The key quality we will be looking for in people is their familiarity with combat logs and the ability to ‘understand that bugs will happen.’ (and report them!). If you think you’d fit in this group, leave a comment with some more information. The final round of testing will be the BETA and it will be open to a much larger group.

I need logs!

I’m doing a pass at some final testing and verification of spells, trinket data, etc. I’m looking for logs that have any of the following (heroic / normal / flex doesn’t matter): Classes

  • Death Knight: Unholy
  • Death Knight: Frost
  • Druid: Feral
  • Druid: Guardian
  • Hunter: BM
  • Hunter: MM
  • Hunter: SV
  • Mage: Arcane
  • Monk: Mistweaver
  • Monk: Brewmaster
  • Paladin: Holy
  • Paladin: Retribution
  • Priest: Shadow
  • Priest: Disc
  • Rogue: Subtlety
  • Rogue: Combat
  • Shaman: Restoration
  • Warlock: Affliction
  • Warlock: Demonology
  • Warlock: Destruction
  • Warrior: Arms
  • Warrior: Fury

Set Bonuses:

  • T15 2pc and 4pc, for each class/spec
  • T16 2pc and 4pc for each class/spec

How to submit a log

  1. Zip it (they are very large)
  2. Upload it to dropbox (or your favorite file hosting site)
  3. Leave a comment with the following info: – Classes/Specs in the log – Which set bonuses you have for each class (if you know them)

Combat Log Preview: Healer & Tank Overview

We’re giving a lot of love to healers and tanks with our new combat log feature. Analyzing combat logs for them is a lot harder, but we’re up for the challenge. We have a lot of pretty cool features in mind.

There will be a LOT more information than what is in these screenshots. Our goal is to show data in ‘easy to understand’ screens without causing information overload. And each screen lets you drill down to get more information, for example, clicking on a spell lets you see all of the information you could ever want about that spell.



Healers need a lot of love! Of course we’ll cover the basics, like healing, overhealing and absorbs. But we want to go a lot further than that and help you improve healing on your team. We also want to have a little fun with some new things, like our “Near Death Experience” metric that will show which players almost died but were saved (and by whom).

  • Accurately track absorbs: We’ve written special code that tracks them much better, being able to tell exactly what absorbs were used and when.
  • Mana tracking: this allows us to do all sorts of cool things, like help suggest the right amount of spirit, when to use mana regen abilities (like innervate), and so on.
  • Ability uses vs hit/ticks: this is a big one for HoTs like rejuvenate. We will show how many times you actually cast it (far left column), as well as the number of hits/ticks.
  • Healer stat weights: our ultimate goal is to be able to suggest stat weights for healers based on their combat logs. If you use a lot of HoTs you might be best off favoring one stat, vs favoring another stat if you use a lot of your big, direct heal. We will be able to tailor weights to your play style. All with the click of one button :)



A lot of the value for tanks will come in our ‘performance analysis’ tool. We’ll try to analyze how efficiently you’re using your defensive cooldowns. Are you using them enough? Are you using them at the right time in each fight? We want to add ways to identify how in danger you were of dying – did you get lucky and live, or did you live because ‘you’re doing it right’ ? Here’s a few general things we’ll cover at launch:

  • TMI: We can calculate the TMI, which is a ‘damage smoothness’ metric for tanking, developed by Theck.
  • Damage mitigation: we’re giving you a visual way to see how much damage a tank mitigates with blocks and absorbs.
  • Resource tracking: we’ll be able to show you how efficiently you’re using resources
  • Death analysis (for all characters) will be really badass. More on that in another blog post.

As always, tell us what you think!


Combat Log Preview: Player Breakdown

Earlier we had a preview of the fight overview. Today I have a sneak peek of an individual player’s activity on a boss fight. Our goal is to make it easy to ‘digest’ the information. We didn’t want a super-dense table of numbers, so we tried to make it more visual. Here’s a few things we’ve done to make the data clear and understandable:

  • Separate lines for direct damage and DoT (or HoT) portions of a spell, while linking them together (see Chaos Bolt as an example)
  • Clearly show the difference between the number of uses of a spell and the number of hits and/or ticks it did (far left column)
  • We plan to have fancy mouseovers that give you more data
  • If you click on a specific ability, you’ll get an even more detailed breakdown of that ability (not yet shown, we’re still tweaking that design)


Tell us what you think!

Love it and don’t it to change? Think something is missing? We’re listening.


Combat Log Preview

Our combat logs are now in open alpha, anyone can check it out by going to http://beta.askmrrobot.com/combatlog. NOTE: If you want to make a login for the combat logs, you need to make a NEW, SEPARATE account on beta.askmrrobot.com. We did that in case something goes terribly wrong, it won’t affect your main account :)

We’re taking a fresh approach to combat logs. Since Mr. Robot is really good at complicated math, he’s adding a new element to logs that no one else has done: combat analysis. We’re collecting a lot of data on the backend and writing algorithms to asses how people are playing, what works and what doesn’t, then presenting that to users as “actionable” information. We’re working on this tool in 3 phases:

  1. Combat log parsing: This is what you’re familiar with from other combat logs sites – we parse through data and display it in some tables and graphs. We raised the bar a bit and cleaned up a lot of the data, categorized buffs, and relabeled abilities for easy identification (like the mastery procs for many classes). This is all currently live and can be tested out on http://beta.askmrrobot.com/combatlog
  2. Combat log analysis: We analyze each fight FOR you – instead of you digging through tables and data for 15 or 30 minutes, we want to summarize the important information for you. This is no easy feat, but we’re good at the hard stuff. We’re currently working on these algorithms behind the scenes (they aren’t live yet).
  3. Statistical analysis: There’s a lot of logs and a lot of data. No one has aggregated all of this rich data and presented the community with useful, actionable info. We have grand plans for this and we’re collecting all of that data from logs you’re uploading right now! As we collect enough, we’ll have some pretty cool stats to share.

Phase 1: Getting the Basics Right

We wanted to design an interface that is simple, less data dense, and highlights the important things. We also want to make sure navigating through the reports is easy and each report clearly shows what you’re looking at. Check out the video tour.

To follow along in the video, or to see a report in more depth, here are some links:

Give the combat log a try – it’s easy!

Browse logs: it’s easy! Go to beta.askmrrobot.com/combatlog. Use the tabs at the top to search for rankings, players, guilds, or get a list of your own logs.

Upload a log:

  1. Go to beta.askmrrobot.com/combatlog
  2. Click the green ‘upload a log’ link in the center of the page (right above the word ‘players’)
  3. Download the client and install it (similar to the curse client, or other similar programs).
  4. After installation, you should be prompted to install the addon if you don’t already have it. If you aren’t prompted, click the ‘addon’ link at the top of the program window and install it.
  5. Go in game and start logging. To browse our options, open our addon (click the AMR icon on the minimap, or type /amr show. One of the options is to ‘automatically log Siege of Orgrimmar. That means you’ll never forget, and it will always log :)
  6. When your raid is over, follow the instructions to upload a log.

Questions? Ask & We Will Answer:

  • My login doesn’t work: You need a separate login for the beta servers (it can be the same as your regular AMR account if you want). To do this, go to beta.askmrrobot.com and create an account. Note it’s the beta subdomain, not ‘www.’
  • Do you support live logging? YES! It’s an option in the client program – you’ll see a place to start a live logging session.
  • Do you have private logs? YES! It’s an option when you upload the log. Once it’s private, you can’t make it public. To share a private log, copy the link and share it with your friends (privately, of course). Private logs will NOT show up in searches.
  • Do I need to make an account? NO! If you do have an account, we can get a list of all of your logs for you with no hassle. But if you don’t want to create an account or login, you can still upload logs. And we’ll still be able to identify your guild and characters for the search feature.
  • Is this free? YES! Everything you see currently will always be free. We want the basic parsing and reports to be accessible to everyone, just like our optimizations always have been too :)
  • Will I have to pay to keep my logs for a long time? NO! Other combat log sites in the past have charged to keep logs longer than 2 weeks. We don’t like that! Your logs will be stored for a very, very long time, likely a couple of years.
  • Does everyone in the raid need your addon? NO! Only the person logging actually needs it. However, the person logging collects gear data from everyone else who has our addon installed. The members don’t need to do anything EXCEPT have the addon. We handle all of the data collection behind the scenes, it’s easy as pie :)

Combat Log ULTRA Alpha


We enabled an unpublished version of our mod to gather some extra data with your combat logs. We’re trying to make sure it’s gathering data correctly and would love a few testers.

We are looking for any Flex or higher for SoO! 10, 25 and flex are all ok!

  1. Download the mod here  - UPDATED ON DEC 17. (note: while the rest of the mod features should work as normal, it IS an alpha version with the combat logging). Replace your other version of the AMR mod with this one.
  2. Get one other person in your raid to also use that special version of the mod. Why? We want to be able to verify that the character data we are collecting is correct.
  3. When your raid starts, click the start button. It will automatically turn on advanced logging as well.
  4. When you are done, press the stop button, and send us the string as instructed in the addon.
  5. Lastly, zip up your combat log and send it to us (via drop box please!)

Unfortunately, we don’t have an alpha of the site to see your results. But we’re working on that :) The mod will be collecting extra information like gear, talents, etc for each boss fight. We hope to tie that information to the combat logs so we can show DPS trends by iLevel, popular talents for each boss fight, etc.

Lastly, if you haven’t taken our combat log survey yet, give it a go! We’re giving away a Hearthstone beta key AND an annual AMR premium account to a lucky winner who completes the survey. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, December 16.


Win a Hearthstone Beta Key AND an annual AMR premium account


You may have heard that we’re working on a new project: combat analysis. We have the ‘backbone’ ready and now we’re working on the fun stuff. And that’s where YOU come in! You can help shape the features we build by answering a few questions. And if there is something we didn’t cover, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

And in return, one lucky person will be picked to win a Hearthstone Beta Key on December 16! And there’s a bonus chance listed at the end of the survey as well :)

Take the survey here!

About our Combat Analysis project

We are coming at this from a brand new angle: how can we help people play better? Our answer is to build a tool that analyses how you play. It will be based off combat logs and of course you’ll be able to browse the typical combat log information. However, the big features we’re planning are meant to extract the important data for you – so you can spend less time digging through data and more time playing games.

We are pretty excited to start testing it out and we’ll have a private beta in early 2014. To be notified, follow us on Twitter (@AskMrRobot) or sign up for our blog emails in the mini-navigation bar to the right of this post.



Give a Robot Gift


We’ve had a lot of people ask if they can give a premium account to a friend. Warcraft has some super nice people in the community apparently! Anyway, you can now gift a premium account to a friend!

How it works:

  1. Click on your name, it’s orange and at the top of the site.
  2. Choose the Gifting menu option, then buy your gift.
  3. You’ll get a code. Give that code to your friend :)

You can check on the status of the gift code from your account page.


How to redeem a gift code:

  1. Click on your name, it’s orange and at the top of the site.
  2. Choose the Gifting menu option, then select the ‘Redeem a Gift‘ option.
  3. Enter the code from your friend. That’s it, you’re all set!

Nitty gritty details:

TLDR: our goal is be fair and make sure you get full value!

  • Codes don’t expire, so if you have one sitting around for a year, your friend can still redeem it for the full amount of time.
  • The gifted time doesn’t start until it’s redeemed. So if you give your friend an annual pass 1 month from now, they’ll still have 1 full year from the day they redeem it.
  • Gifts do NOT auto-renew. In fact, they can’t be renewed at all. But you can buy another gift code.
  • If someone already has a premium account and they redeem a code, they get extra time added to their account.

Guild-Wide Accounts

We also offer a group discount for guild subscriptions. Right now we offer 12 slots, 30 slots, and higher. We’re going to be adding in more options on the lower end in our next update (in a week or two). It costs $0.83 per person. Get more info here.


Mr. Robot’s Role in the Expansion

So Blizzard announced some pretty big changes! No more hit, expertise, parry or dodge. No more reforging! Gems and enchants are also being simplified. So how do we feel about that over at Team Robot? WE LOVE IT!

What? Doesn’t this mean you’ll be irrelevant, you ask? Actually, it’s the contrary! First of all, the average player had between a few billion and a few quadrillion number of gem, enchant and reforge combinations… that’s getting a little out of control, and much too hard for a human to do. Our algorithm to make sure we guaranteed your optimization is getting very beastly, and it takes a lot of time to maintain.

Now, instead of maintaining a complicated optimization algorithm, we can spend time making much cooler features. And we have a long list of features that we’ve wanted to make for a really long time, that will really impact the WoW community.

Let’s take a look at what Mr. Robot currently does:

  1.  Optimize modifications on a given set of gear (gems/enchants/reforges)
  2.  Calculate best-in-slot sets of gear
  3.  Show ranked lists of gear for each slot
  4.  Search your bags and bank and find a best-in-bags set of gear for either main or off spec
  5.  Help you spend your resources and time efficiently by answering specific questions with the upgrade finder, like how to spend valor, or bonus rolls, etc.

So obviously, the first item in the list, optimizing your gems, enchants and reforges, is going to be much, much simpler, and not needed as much (or possibly at all).

But now that gear isn’t as modifiable, picking the right loot will be very important – you know, like back in the days of vanilla! So all of the other features we have, like BiS, ranked gear lists, Best in Bags and the upgrade finder, will be even more useful. And now that the number of combinations will be much, much smaller, it means we can do even more robust things with the other gear features because the simpler algorithm will be lightning fast.

Mr. Robot’s role in the Expansion, Warlords of Draenor:

Mr. Robot will continue to help you choose the right gear. Since choosing the right item will be even more important, we’ll be expanding on both the free and premium features for finding upgrades.

But the new project we’re working on is really exciting. One area that we’ve really wanted to improve for the WoW community is helping you play better. And how on earth do we plan to do that, you ask? Combat logs.

There are great combat log sites out there right now, but we plan to take your combat logs one (or two or three) steps further. We want to provide analysis (more than just raw data) for how you play. And then we want to tie that into various things about your character to provide even more analysis. We’re experimenting with what is possible, and once we have some concrete answers, I’ll share those possibilities with you.


Patch 5.4 Week 6: What to do?

Week 6 of the patch – and there’s so much going on! Here’s a few questions we can try to answer for you.

This week the final wing of Flex mode opened up. Getting enough lesser charms for your bonus rolls seems pretty easy, spending them wisely is the big question this week. And you’re probably swimming in Timeless tokens and might be wondering what to upgrade with your Burden of Eternity. Mr. Robot can help you sort through all of the upgrade possibilities.

Which Flex wings have the best & most upgrades?

Some of you might have the time to run every wing on every difficulty – in that case, carry on! But some of you might only have enough time to run a few things each week. If that’s the case, Mr. Robot can help you prioritize and find out which bosses/wings give you the best upgrades.

First, optimize your character and note your score. This helps you put the upgrade values in context. For example, my score is 57204. So an upgrade worth 570 points is roughly a 1% upgrade.


Click the Find Upgrades button, and select the Flex option in the drop down menu.





Is it worth running any LFR wings? Do they have any worthwhile upgrades?

This is a good question! My restoration druid is iLevel 527. So naturally the iLevel 528 items I can get don’t seem worth it. But it turns out that both LFR wings have items that are just over a 1% increase for me. And the first wing is actually better than the 2nd wing. Now I have to decide if I want to run LFR for a 1% upgrade.

Click the find upgrades button, then select the LFR option in the drop down menu. Here’s what we get for my character:


And look at the score for the next wing that opens on Oct 8, a 3,600 point upgrade, which is over a 6% score increase. WHOA! Alright, that’s worth running for sure. And if I have spare time, it looks like the first 2 wings are also worth it if I have the time.

Which bosses should I spend my bonus rolls on?

Mr. Robot will help you determine the best bosses for your bonus rolls by calculating your chance to win an upgrade and show you the best item you can win for each boss. It may turn out that a later boss in Flex drops a weapon that’s a bigger upgrade than a pair of boot from the first boss in Normal mode. Play with the bonus roll feature on your character, a few things might surprise you!



What should I upgrade with my Burdens of Eternity?

You can thank Mr. Robot’s twitter fans for this one – so many people tweeted asking how to spend their Burdens of Eternity, that we added in a new feature for it :) Here’s what the numbers mean:

  • Chance: This shows the chance you get an upgrade. 100% means all of the random variants are upgrades, whereas 50% would mean half of the possible random variants are downgrades. And 0% means none of the items for that slot are upgrades.
  • Average: This is the average score of all of the possible upgrades for that slot. Downgrades are NOT factored into the average.
  • Top Score: This is the score of the best possible random variant you can get for each slot – and the item listed to the left of that column shows which item that is.




I have a lot of new gear, what should I equip?

This is where Best in Bags comes in. Mr. Robot will dig through your bags and find the best gear for both your main and offspecs. Watch the short video for an explanation, then get more information here.

Bring your optimizations in-game with our new addon

Import your gems, enchants and reforges right to our in-game mod!

  • View your shopping list
  • Automatically search the auction house for the gems and enchants you need
  • Automatically reforge your gear with the click of one button
  • Send your shopping list to a friend or an alt via guild chat, whispers or even in-game mail

Anything else?

Sure, if you’re free on time, check out the Brewfest, going on until Oct 6. Check out the guide on Icy-Veins.


What to Upgrade with your Burden of Eternity

Burden of Eternity

Mr. Robot looks at every possible timeless isle piece of gear for each slot and tells you the best ones for your Burden of Eternity. There are a few basics to cover first:

  • You have to apply the Burden of Eternity to the token, not the actual item.
  • When you use a token, you get an item with random spec-appropriate stats on it.
  • Since you don’t know what random variant you will get when applying the Burden of Eternity, Mr. Robot looks at every possible variant you can get. He then compares each one to your current gear, scores them, and shows you some numbers.

What the numbers mean:

  • Chance: This shows the chance you get an upgrade. 100% means all of the random variants are upgrades, whereas 50% would mean half of the possible random variants are downgrades. And 0% means none of the items for that slot are upgrades.
  • Average: This is the average score of all of the possible upgrades for that slot. Downgrades are NOT factored into the average.
  • Top Score: This is the score of the best possible random variant you can get for each slot – and the item listed to the left of that column shows which item that is.


To get started:

Click the purple “Find Upgrades” button. Then select “Burden of Eternity” at the bottom of the drop down menu.


Where to find Burden of Eternity

Simca on MMO-Champion has an amazing guide, complete with a super handy map and coordinates for TomTom macros.





Mr. Robot’s In-Game Mod

It’s here, it’s awesome, and so far people love it! Get it on Curse.


Here’s what it  does for you:

  • Imports your optimizations into the game
  • Auto-reforges
  • Auto-GEMS!!!!!!
  • Helps you shop for gems & enchants on the AH
  • Lets you send the shopping list to a friend
  • Exports your data to use for the Best in Bags feature (click on the Best in Bags tab in the in game mod, then click the export button).

Mod Tutorial:

1. Download the mod via Curse - install it like you would any other mod. If you need some help, read this tutorial on Curse.

2. Load your character on our website. Make sure your character is up to date and setup how you like it (right stat weights and various options). To make sure it’s up to date, click the “Update from Armory” button to the left of your character name.

3. Click the “Optimized” button to get the suggested gems, enchants and reforges.


4. Click the gray “Export to Addon” button, found just above the stat section.


5. Clicking on the addon button will pop up a window with a bunch of text in it: copy it. It looks like a lot of gobbledegook. Copy that text using Ctrl + C (or apple + C on a mac).


6. Open the Ask Mr. Robot addon in game. To do that, click the robot icon on the minimap.

7. Go to the “Import” tab and paste the text in the area provided. To do that press Ctrl + v (or apple + v on a mac). Note that the normal right-click to paste won’t work in-game.


 8. Click the import button! If all goes well, you’ll see a summary of the changes you need on the summary tab.


However, if something went wrong, the summary tab will give you some instructions. Mr. Robot checks a few things when you import that text.

  • Is the right spec selected? The last thing we want is for you to optimize the wrong spec!
  • Do your professions match? Professions can change the optimizations, for example, Jewelcrafters can use special gems. So we need to make sure those match.
  • Does your gear match? The optimizations are specific for the gear you had equipped when using our site. So if you don’t have the right gear equipped, Mr. Robot will politely tell you which ones to put on (see image below)


9. Go to each tab to see the changes you need to make. And Mr. Robot will even do all of your reforges for you. To do that, talk to a reforger then click the ‘reforge’ button on the reforge tab in our mod.


10. Review the shopping list. A super-handy feature to figure out what you need to buy. You can even send the list to friends or mail the entire list to your alt.


REPEAT! Every time your gear changes and you need new optimizations, start this process over again at step #2. Make sure you click the “Update from Armory” button so you have your latest gear.

How to optimize your gear in the middle of a raid:

So you win a piece of loot and want to equip your new shiny. No problem, we have you covered.

1. Equip the new shiny item if you know it’s better. Note, if you are a premium member, no need to equip it, you can just use the “Best in Bags” feature.

2. Open the Ask Mr. Robot addon in game. Go to the “Best in Bags” tab in the addon (lower left)

3. Copy the text in the box on that screen. NOTE whenever your gear changes, click the “Update” button at the bottom of that window first, THEN copy the text from the box. To copy the text press CTRL + C on your keyboard (or Cmd + C on a mac).


4. Return to AskMrRobot.com. Click the green “Import” button to the right of your character name.import

5. A window will open up. Paste the text in the white box. Then click the orange “Import” button at the bottom of the window. This updates your characters gear, spec and talents.

6. If you’re in the middle of a raid and can only do a quick reforge (no gems on hand), click the “Enable Reforge-Only” button found in the gray bar just above your gear list. ReforgeOnly

7. Once you’re ready, click the “Export to Addon” button, paste the text into the addon and repeat that process.



Mr. Robot Guarantees your Optimization!

Mr. Robot has done it! He can guarantee that he found you the single best solution out of billions or even quadrillions of optimization combinations. And he does this in less than 100 milliseconds on average.

This means that Mr. Robot’s optimizations can’t be beat – his solution is the best you can get. Of course, his optimizations are tied to the stat weights and options you have selected, so make sure you’ve picked your preferred stat weight preset or customized them to your liking. And check in on the options menu too, for things like excluding run speed enchants or legendary meta gems.

How to know if your result is guaranteed optimal

After you click optimize, look for the guaranteed optimal message in the stat section. That ensures your result is the absolute best set of gems, enchants and reforges. Now mouseover it to get stats about your specific result, like how many combinations Mr. Robot had to comb through.



How we know the results are the absolute best?

We wrote a new algorithm using a branch and bound method for those of you familiar with that sort of thing. This algorithm gets the absolute, single best solution. We had it in beta for about 2 months, testing and refining. We continued to do this until every single solution using the new algorithm was guaranteed optimal.

For the final check, we tested it against a sample of 200,000 characters loaded on our site by running them through a brute-force method. We have a program that looks at every single combination of gems, enchants and reforges (instead of using an algorithm). We compared that result to the result from the new algorithm. Not a single solution was wrong – every optimization from the new algorithm was in fact the absolute best result. And the optimizations took on average less than 100 ms each.

And then we popped a bottle of champagne ;)

Why Mr. Robot can’t use the 100% accurate algorithm in every single case?

Speed matters. We want users to have a good experience and not have to wait forever for an optimization. Also, we don’t want a few slow optimizations to bog down our servers (and start costing a fortune). So if the optimization takes too long, Mr. Robot defaults to a faster algorithm that allows for estimation. And you will NOT see the green guaranteed optimal message.

But don’t fret! 85% of those estimations are actually the best solution, we just can’t be sure of it at the time of optimization so we don’t guarantee it. During our testing, the solutions that had to fall back to an estimated solution were compared to the brute-force method’s results. 85% of the estimated results turned out to actually be the best solution! For the 15% that were not the best solution, they were off by an average of 0.1%.

A few things that may result in the estimated algorithm:

  • Really low level gear (below iLevel 463)
  • Inappropriate gear, like Intellect gear for a Feral druid (we default to the estimation on purpose b/c the gear is so mismatched)
  • Rune of reorigination – we have to mess with your weights behind the scene to optimize the rune of reorigination, basically making one of your worst secondary stats awesome. Since we are messing with the weights we automatically do not tell you it is guaranteed optimal, even though it is using the new fancy algorithm. It’s a matter of principal.
  • “Incorrect” weights – by this I mean doing something like telling Mr. Robot to force the hit cap, and then putting hit as your lowest priority on the stat weights. This tells Mr. Robot 2 contradictory things: I value being hit capped and hit is worth nothing to me.” So, behind the scenes we raise the value of hit to get you to the cap, but this slows things down and can make Mr. Robot default into estimation mode.

Optimize with confidence!

Mr. Robot is a master at optimizing. He lives and breathes optimization logic. So you can be confident that the result given to you is the absolute best possible solution, given the stat weights you’ve selected/entered. If the results aren’t what you’re expecting (say you see Haste gems when you expect Crit or Intellect), just adjust the stat weights and optimize for another perfect result.


Patch 5.4 Notes – 10 Things to Know


Ask Mr. Robot will have updated 5.4 data Monday night!

# 1 New raid: Siege of Orgrimmar

Item levels are as follows:

  • LFR: 528
  • Flex: 540 (more on flex in #6 of this list)
  • Normal: 553 / Warforged 559
  • Heroic: 566 / Warforged 572
  • ToT (for reference): Normal 522, Heroic 535

Required iLevel to get into Siege of Orgrimmar: 496.
Throne of Thunder’s requirement is still 480.

New bonus roll currency: Warforged seals. These are still a weekly quest, where you turn in 50 lesser charms of good fortune. Make sure you have 50 charms saved up for patch day, so you can get your bonus rolls right away. (And don’t forget, Mr. Robot can help you find the best bosses to spend your bonus rolls on). Mogu Runes of Fate will drop off Timeless Isle mobs, in case you still need those.

Tokens drop from the following bosses:

Release schedule (source):

  • LFR: Wing 1 opens Sept 17, wing 2 on Sept 24, wing 3 on Oct 8, and wing 4 on Oct 22
  • Flex: Wing 1 opens on Sept 10, wing 2 on Sept 17, wing 3 on Oct 1, wing 4 on Oct 15
  • Normal: open day of patch
  • Heroic: open Sept 17 and requires a normal Garrosh kil

The chance to win loot in old raids has been increased, including Throne of Thunder (source).

#2 Valor Upgrades

The valor upgrade vendors will stay around in Patch 5.4. AND you can stockpile your Valor as it will not be reset in 5.4 (stated by Ghostcrawler in a podcast interview on Twizzcast). Let Mr. Robot help you spend that stock piled Valor too – when 5.4 launches, we’ll have all of the new items ready to go!

#3 Legendary Quest

The legendary quest continues and turns your epic iLevel 600 cloak into a legendary cloak. You will also be able to own more than 1 cloak, so your offspec can see some love.

Not caught up yet?! No need to worry. The first 8 bosses of Siege of Orgrimmar will drop all of the tokens you’ll need: sigils, secrets and runestones (source).

The legendary cloaks are intended to be obtained fairly early in the patch. Blizzard stated they want you to be able to use the cape to progress through content, instead of getting it after the content seems easy. For more legendary quest information, visit Perculia’s thorough guide.

Here’s a twist to note: the legendary meta gems will work in the new 5.4 gear. However, the Eye of the Black Prince (extra socket) and the sha-touched gems will not work in the new 5.4 gear. (source)

#4 Timeless Isle Gear & New Currency

You can get BoA iLevel 496 gear on the Timeless Isle (see a list of the timeless token gear on this MMO-Champion news post). You ‘create’ those items from tokens that you get around the area, similar to Battlefield: Barrens armor tokens. You can get these tokens from:

You can turn the 496 gear into 535 gear with a Burden of Eternity. But there’s a catch that’s been reported from people on the PTR. You must upgrade the 496 token with the Burden of Eternity to 535, then turn it into an item. It appears you cannot upgrade an already existing piece of this 496 gear. Where to get Burdens of Eternity:

Get a super detailed guide to the chest locations and macros to find them with TomTom.

476 Weapons/Shields

You can also buy BoP 476 weapons and shields from Mistweaver Ai for 10,000 Timeless Coins for 1H weapons and 20,000 Timeless Coins for 2H weapons.

Where to get Timeless Coins:

They have a chance to drop from mobs and be contained in chests, so you’ll gather them as you run around the Isle. There’s also a bunch of quests that reward a small amount of coins. Here are a few of the repeatable quests with larger reward amounts:

  • Weekly: “Empowering the Hourglass” – A collection quest. Rewards 200 Valor and 1000 Timeless Coins.
  • Weekly: “Strong Enough to Survive” – Kill 5 rare creatures on the Isle. Rewards 1000 Timeless Coins.
  • Weekly: “Celestial Tournament”  - There’s a new pet ‘tournament’ where you have to fight a series of 6 pet trainers without healing in between. Completing the quest rewards 1000 Timeless Coins, 125 Valor, and a Celestial Coin (3 coins buys you fancy pets!!).
  • Daily: “Little Tommy Newcomer” – Daily pet battle. Rewards 500 Timeless Coins.
  • Daily: “A Timeless Question” – You answer a multiple choice question to earn 100 coins.

#5 BoA Epic Weapons & Items

#4 in the list talked about iLevel 496 BoA tokens you can get from the Timeless Isles. You can also get BoA epic weapons from Garrosh Hellscream (end boss of Siege of Orgrimmar). They drop from Flex, Normal and Heroic. However, it’s been noted by Blizzard that the final iLevels are not yet set, so keep that in mind when browsing the items.

List of all of the new BoA items (including the armor from the Timeless Isle).

#6 Changes to Raids & Realms

  • Flex raiding! If you don’t know what this is, it’s a new mode for raids that let’s you have anywhere between 10 and 25 people (say, 14 friends) and the bosses scale up or down depending on the number of people you have. You can also do these raids with friends on other realms, so be sure to check out OpenRaid (US and EU) and get organized. They have their own lockout, separate from LFR and Normal/Heroic. The gear rewards are better than LFR but not as good as normal. Read Blizzard’s post about flex raiding.
  • Queue for multiple LFR wings! You can now queue for multiple LFR wings at the same time, hopefully this makes your queuing more efficient :)
  • Connected realms. NOTE: This will launch shortly after 5.4, not WITH 5.4. Some realms are going to be joined together and act like they are 1 realm. You can join guilds, use chat, and all of the normal things you could do if it was 1 server. One of the things that makes this better than merging realms: everyone gets to keep their character names and guild names, without worrying about duplicates. Here’s more info on the connected realms from Blizzard. I don’t think there is an official list of realms that will be connected yet… if you see it before I do, leave a comment with the link.

#7 World Bosses and their Loot

There are 4 celestial raid bosses, which according to PTR data appear to drop the gloves and legs set token (553 item Level) and 522 level PvP gear. You can find these bosses at the ancient proving grounds in the middle of the Timeless Isle.

And then the special boss, Ordos.

Blizzard explains it well, “We’re taking another look at a hardcore world boss intended for end-game progression raiders. This new world boss, Ordos, provides a few unique challenges. For starters, to even reach Ordos, you must have received the final Legendary cloak from Wrathion on any of your characters. In addition, once the battle has begun, players will not be allowed to enter or leave the Ordon sanctuary where the boss resides.”

#8 New Faction and Changes to Old Faction Costs

New faction: Shaohao. Rewards are sold by Mistweaver Ku and appear to be cosmetic like the Reins of the Heavenly Cloud Serpent or a Harmonious Porcupette.

Changes to old faction costs (from the patch notes):

  • Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by the Shado-Pan Assault now have their reputation requirements reduced to Friendly or below, and have their Valor Point cost reduced by 34%. Items that require exalted still require exalted.
  • Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by all other Mists of Pandaria faction quartermasters no longer have reputation requirements, and will now cost Justice Points instead of Valor.
  • Rare quality (blue) items have their Justice Point cost reduced by 75%.

 # 9 Haste Changes & How It Affects You!

Before 5.4, Haste increased the proc rate of your “RPPM” (real proc-per minute) Trinkets and Legendary Meta Gem. That means, the more Haste you had, the more often it would proc. Well that will no longer be happening in 5.4, for trinkets that already get a benefit from Haste.

For example, Breath of the Hydra gives a bonus to Intellect when it procs. Haste will let you get more casts off while that proc is active, which means more damage , so Blizzard is removing the Haste scaling from its RPPM formula. Horridon’s Last Gasp, on the other hand, just restores mana. The amount of mana doesn’t change based on how much Haste you have, so the Haste scaling on the RPPM will still work on this trinket.

Get a list of the changes.

#10 Class Changes

The patch notes contain all of the nitty-gritty details for each class, so I am not going to review them again. But I did want to share a blog post Blizzard published, that explains WHY they are making the changes they are to each class.

BONUS! Mr. Robot’s Fancy Features & his 5.4 In-Game Mod


Mr. Robot’s Mega Site Update

We just launched a lot of cool updates – see for yourself!

New UI


New Optimization Algorithm

The new optimization algorithm finds the absolute best solution 100% of the time, AND it runs faster. Some optimizations are down to 5 or 10 milliseconds! (see more stats). Note: there are some cases we don’t guarantee – if they run too slow it falls back to an approximation or if you have inappropriate gear for your spec (like Int gear on a feral druid). So look for the ‘guaranteed optimal’ notice so you can have confidence in your optimization!!


We’ve run tests on 200,000 randomly sampled characters from our site, and run the beta algorithm on it, and run tests to make sure the result given on the website was indeed the absolute best scenario. Anything that doesn’t pass the test got logged and we looked into the problem. We are currently bug-free, but we don’t put it past humans to trick Mr. Robot. For example one of the bugs we found during testing turned out to be people who were no longer Jewelcrafters but locked in JC gems. Mr. Robot got confused… you silly, tricky humans!

If anything looks odd – let us know and we’ll fix it asap!

Reforge-Only Mode

This has been a big request and it’s coming in the very near future! While Mr. Robot still very, very strongly recommends letting him optimize everything, he understands that there are a few use-cases for only optimizing reforges. For example, if you just got a new item in the raid and you want to do a super-fast reforge so you can use it right away… now he can help you do that.


Dual Spec Mode

Dual spec mode will allow you to save stat weights and preferences for each spec. So now when you load a character, Mr. Robot will read your primary and secondary offspecs from the Armory API. When you switch between specs, he’ll remember any custom weights you had for each of them, along with all of your other options (like exclude expensive enchants for an offspec).


Stat Weight Editor: Advanced mode

You can now add any cap you want, even if Mr. Robot thinks it’s silly. He knows how us humans like the play with stuff, so he likes to enable our creative thinking :)


Best-in-Bag Improvements

This premium feature is got a lot of work done to it. Dual spec BiB optimizations will let Mr. Robot choose the best items and optimizations for your main spec, then pick offspec gear with the leftovers. If Mr. Robot decides to use your main spec items in your offspec, he locks the gems, enchants and reforges in from the main spec, so you aren’t paying to swap them over and over and over. We’re pretty excited for this update – it will make the feature much more user friendly. (Read more about the BiB updates).

COMING SOON: In-Game Mod that lets You Import Your Optimizations

No more alt-tabbing! Mr. Robot is expanding his in-game mod to let you import your optimizations into the game. He’ll let you see a shopping list and all of the gem, enchant and reforge changes you need to make.

ETA: Launch with 5.4 or a few weeks after
Free feature!


COMING SOON! 5.4 General Changes

  • Of course with the new flex raid gear, we’ll be adding that into the upgrade finder. ETA: a few days before 5.4 launches
  • New items will be added. ETA: a few days before 5.4 launches.
  • And we’ll update the stat weights for the patch, like always. We’ll have a rough set to go live the day 5.4 launches and we’ll fine tune them over the 2 weeks following 5.4.
  • Haste breakpoints, set bonuses, trinkets, etc will all be added in around 5.4.

A look at what we’re working on

We have a lot of fancy features in the pipeline that we plan to launch around 5.4 – like dual-spec support and reforge-only modes. Some might launch sooner (like our new optimization algorithm) and some might launch just after 5.4 if we don’t get them done in time.

New Optimization Algorithm

The new algorithm launched in beta just over a month ago and it’s almost ready to transition to the new live algorithm for everyone to use. It finds the absolute best solution 100% of the time, AND it runs faster. Some optimizations are down to 5 or 10 milliseconds! (see more stats)

We’ve run tests on it – we take a sample of all characters loaded and run the beta algorithm on it, and run tests to make sure the result given on the website was indeed the absolute best scenario. Anything that doesn’t pass the test gets logged and we look into the problem. We’re down to a super small set of failed cases (last night we had 3 out of 21,000 fail). One of the bugs causing failures turned out to be people who were no longer Jewelcrafters but locked in JC gems. Mr. Robot got confused and didn’t find the optimal score… you silly, tricky humans!

ETA: Before 5.4
Free for everyone

In-Game Mod that lets You Import Your Optimizations

No more alt-tabbing! Mr. Robot is expanding his in-game mod to let you import your optimizations into the game. He’ll let you see a shopping list and all of the gem, enchant and reforge changes you need to make.

ETA: Launch with 5.4 or a few weeks after
Free feature!


Reforge-Only Mode

This has been a big request and it’s coming in the very near future! While Mr. Robot still very, very strongly recommends letting him optimize everything, he understands that there are a few use-cases for only optimizing reforges. For example, if you just got a new item in the raid and you want to do a super-fast reforge so you can use it right away… now he can help you do that.

Dual Spec Mode

Dual spec mode will allow you to save stat weights and preferences for each spec. So now when you load a character, Mr. Robot will read your primary and secondary offspecs from the Armory API. When you switch between specs, he’ll remember any custom weights you had for each of them, along with all of your other options (like exclude expensive enchants for an offspec).

ETA: Launch with 5.4
Free feature!

PvP Gear Scaling

Now that we know the formula for gear scaling (thanks to the hard work from SimC), we are able to scale down your PvE gear to match the PvP requirements. We can also optimize for it!

We will also be working with Icy-Veins to get some solid PvP stat weights, so you can look for that coming soon as well.

Sorry that we will not be supporting Challenge Mode gear scaling. The problem is much more difficult. Each piece of gear isn’t scaled down individually – your entire SET is scaled. So if you change 1 reforge, every piece of gear has slightly different stats on it (not just the 1 you changed). So optimizing for this doesn’t work out too well :( Sorry folks!

PvP ETA: Scaling to launch with 5.4. Stats to launch a couple of weeks after 5.4
Free feature!

Best-in-Bag Improvements

This feature is getting a lot of work done to it. Dual spec BiB optimizations will let Mr. Robot choose the best items and optimizations for your main spec, then pick offspec gear with the leftovers. We’re pretty excited for this update – it will make the feature much more user friendly. (Read more about the BiB updates).

ETA: Launch before 5.4!!! (CRAZY!)
Premium feature!

5.4 General Changes

  • Of course with the new flex raid gear, we’ll be adding that into the upgrade finder. ETA: a few days before 5.4 launches
  • New items will be added. ETA: a few days before 5.4 launches.
  • And we’ll update the stat weights for the patch, like always. We’ll have a rough set to go live the day 5.4 launches and we’ll fine tune them over the 2 weeks following 5.4.
  • Haste breakpoints, set bonuses, trinkets, etc will all be added in around 5.4.

5.3: Things to know

I’ve gathered up all of the 5.3 information relevant to your gear. Here’s the top 10 things to know:

  1. Guaranteed 516 item! You can do the one-time quest, Heroic Deeds, which is to complete any Scenario on Heroic difficulty. The quest reward is a Bulging Heroic Cache of Treasure, which has a guaranteed spec-appropriate piece of 516 gear. Heroic Scenarios require a premade group an an iLevel of 480 or higher, so get your friends together now! Try organizing or finding groups on one of my favorite sites, OpenRaid, which lets your organize groups across realms.
  2. Daily chance for 516 items: completing the daily quest for Heroic Scenarios or daily Challenge mode dungeons will reward a Heroic Cache of Treasures, which has a chance to contain a 516 item. 4 new Heroic Scenarios have been added in 5.3.
  3. Valor & Justice Upgrades: you can upgrade your epic gear with Valor once again. It is much cheaper now, costing 250 Valor per 4 levels, for a total of 500 Valor for 8 levels. You can also upgrade blue quality gear with Justice, costing 750 Justice for 8 levels. Of course, Mr. Robot will be there to help you upgrade gear wisely.
  4. PvP Upgrades: Season 12 gear can be upgraded at their original costs. No other PvP gear will be upgrade-able.
  5. Bonus Rolls: bonus roll ‘protection’ will be implemented in this patch. The exact numbers are unknown, but the idea is that every time you get nothing on a roll, your chances to get loot increase. (Be sure to use those wisely, with our bonus roll calculator).
  6. Off-spec gear: you will be able to queue for LFR as one role, but get gear for another. And you guessed it, Mr. Robot will give you the option to switch to off-spec gear rewards when using his upgrade finder.
  7. Shado-Pan Assault (SPA) Rep Items: the belts from SPA will be available to people with Friendly faction (instead of Revered). The chest will be available at Honored (instead of Revered).
  8. Legendary quest: This quest line continues and rewards you with a level 600 cloak. Also, the Valor required for an earlier part of the quest (5.0) has been reduced from 6,000 down to 3,000. Here’s more info on all of the legendary quest line rewards.
  9. Level 502 boots: a new quest series has been added: The Old Seer and Path of the Last Emperor. Completing it rewards level 502 boots.
  10. Level 489 item from Weekly Barrens quest: Completing the weekly barrens quest rewards you with a Radical Mojo. You can also use resources gathered during the quest to buy armor pieces, like this one. You can then turn in an armor piece and a Radical Mojo to get a piece of spec appropriate 489 gear.
  11. Bonus Tip: New battle pets: 20 new pets have been added in 5.3, most of them dropping from old-school raid bosses. Like the Lil Bad Wolf from the opera fight in Karazhan.

PS: So much of this information comes from MMO-Champion’s amazing coverage of patch information. Here’s more in-depth information of what I covered, and more.


Mr. Robot Tutorial: Overview


There is a LOT of information on our site. I’m here to give you an overview of all of the features and explain what everything means, how settings interact, and more. Click on each picture to bring up the full size, so you don’t strain your visual input sensors.



Several things change once you click the optimize button.

A few key things to know:

  • The settings in the options menu control what Mr. Robot does during optimizations – be sure to check it out.
  • All optimizations are highlighted in green
  • Look at the tabs that appear in the middle: My Mods, Optimized, and Drop Location. To see your original mods, click the “My Mods” tab. Anything Mr. Robot wants changed will be highlighted in orange on that tab.
  • You can lock any gem, enchant or reforge so Mr. Robot doesn’t change it.



Overview of the Options Menu:



More Information:

Questions? Leave a comment!


Getting the most out of your Premium Account

Hi there! We have a lot of cool features to help you optimize and find upgrades. Mr. Robot wants to make sure you’re optimizing your use of the premium account (or free trial). I’ve highlighted a few of my most-used features, so be sure to check them out.

  • Best in Bags. This feature helps you find the best set of gear from items that you own (equipped, bags, and bank). This is really useful for off-specs! And of course, this is HUGE for getting your gear straightened out after the 6.0.2 item changes, reforging removal, and hit cap removal.
  • Find Upgrades: Valor. Retired!! (We will have an apexis crystal optimizer for Warlords of Draenor)
  • Find Upgrades: Raids. Whether you’re running dungeons, UBRS or Siege of Orgrimmar, Mr. Robot is here to help. He’ll rank gear for your LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic raids so you know what bosses you need the most :)  *this feature will be back within about 1 week after 6.0.2′s launch.
  • Find Upgrades: Bonus Rolls. This is a cool feature – Mr. Robot calculates the chance your bonus roll will give you an upgrade for each boss. He will even show you which bosses have the biggest upgrades and the most upgrades. It’s a very, very handy feature.  *this feature will be back within about 1 week after 6.0.2′s launch.
  • Robocouncil. This is getting a huge revamp, and will be re-launched in Warlords of Draenor.
  • Coming soon: New features with Warlords of Draenor, so stay tuned!

I hope you are enjoying your premium account. If you currently have a free trial, it only costs $12 a year to upgrade to premium. We wanted to offer a very affordable price so everyone could use it :)



How to spend your Bonus Rolls

We make features that we want to use ourselves – and I always found myself asking, “What bosses do I save my bonus rolls for?” This feature became an instant hit – apparently a lot of other people also wanted that question answered. Even a few Blizzard folks started using it back in MoP (and tweeting about it!) Bashiok_BonusRolls

What we calculate:

  • The percent of item drops that are upgrades for you, for each boss. For example, if a boss has 4 relevant items, but only 2 are upgrades,we take that into account (reflected in the “Boss Score”).
  • The chance of getting a rare item: drops have a chance to be warforged, have a gem socket, and/or a minor stat. It’s rare, but there is a chance and we factor that in to the “Boss Score.”
  • The value of the biggest upgrade: maybe you don’t care if you have a low chance of getting something, if it’s the BEST something! So we also show you the score of the best item you can get (with options for you to include/exclude warforged and gem sockets).

Try it out!

Load your character on Ask Mr. Robot. You’ll get to try out bonus rolls free for a week. We never ask for a credit card during the trial, because that’s just shady trickery, and we don’t do that! If you like it, you can upgrade for $2 a month, or $12 a year.

How to make a decision:

You have a few things to help you decide:

  • The chance you’ll get an upgrade: Mr. Robot factors in the chances of upgrades, including the rare chance to get a warforged, socketed and/or minor stat item. This is all reflected in the Boss Score.
  • The average score of upgrades: some bosses will have 2 HUGE upgrades for you, and 2 very MINOR upgrades. Other bosses will have 4 PRETTY GOOD upgrades. Mr. Robot averages these together to help you decide with the Boss Score.
  • The biggest upgrade score: If you’re looking for that HUGE upgrade, this might be the deciding factor for you. It might require a little restraint if the chance to win it is low, but that’s what the mute button on your mic is for, amirite?!

Pictorial Guide:

Unfortunately, he can’t hack the boss drops yet to guarantee you’ll get something. But he CAN help you optimize the bonus rolls. Let’s take a look at the information you can get in the “Find Upgrades” feature. BonusRolls_DropDownMenu Select the zone where you want to spend your Seals of Tempered Fate (bonus rolls). You can choose LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic. You can also choose some filters on the right. Continue reading


Using RoboCouncil to Gear Up for Throne of Thunder

So my 10 man raid team got to a bit of a slow start. We’re currently working on Garalon in Heart of Fear. We want to get into Throne of Thunder as soon as we can, because who doesn’t like new content?! There are no restrictions to get into normal mode Throne of Thunder, but the suggested gear level is 490. Also, for what it’s worth you need to have iLevel 480+ to get into ToT LFR.

My raid team wants to gear up as fast as possible so we are tough enough to run Throne of Thunder. We’re using RoboCouncil to help us fast track our gear upgrades – we want to assign each drop as efficiently as possible. Mr. Robot looks at everyone in your raid group and ranks boss drops for each person. He even tells you if an item makes or breaks set bonuses – he’s very helpful! And of course, he can help you assign Throne of Thunder drops too :)

RC1_Roster Continue reading


Which LFR & Flex wings have the most upgrades?

Here’s a few questions we can try to answer for you.

Now that all of the flex and LFR wings are open, there’s more content than you probably have time for. Getting enough lesser charms for your bonus rolls seems pretty easy, spending them wisely is the big question this week. And you’re probably swimming in Timeless tokens and might be wondering what to upgrade with your Burden of Eternity. Mr. Robot can help you sort through all of the upgrade possibilities.

Which Flex wings have the best & most upgrades?

Some of you might have the time to run every wing on every difficulty – in that case, carry on! But some of you might only have enough time to run a few things each week. If that’s the case, Mr. Robot can help you prioritize and find out which bosses/wings give you the best upgrades.

First, optimize your character and note your score. This helps you put the upgrade values in context. For example, my score is 57204. So an upgrade worth 570 points is roughly a 1% upgrade.


Click the Find Upgrades button, and select the Flex option in the drop down menu.




Is it worth running any LFR wings? Do they have any worthwhile upgrades?

This is a good question! My restoration druid is iLevel 527. So naturally the iLevel 528 items I can get don’t seem worth it. But it turns out that both LFR wings have items that are just over a 1% increase for me. And the first wing is actually better than the 2nd wing. Now I have to decide if I want to run LFR for a 1% upgrade.

Click the find upgrades button, then select the LFR option in the drop down menu. Here’s what we get for my character:


And look at the score for the Underhold wing, a 3,600 point upgrade, which is over a 6% score increase. Notice that’s a bigger score increase than the other items listed on the FLEX mode picture (except for the Flex mod version of that item, of course). WHOA! Alright, that’s worth running for sure. And if I have spare time, it looks like the first 2 wings might be worth considering for some 1% upgrades.

Which bosses should I spend my bonus rolls on?

Mr. Robot will help you determine the best bosses for your bonus rolls by calculating your chance to win an upgrade and show you the best item you can win for each boss. It may turn out that a later boss in Flex drops a weapon that’s a bigger upgrade than a pair of boot from the first boss in Normal mode. Play with the bonus roll feature on your character, a few things might surprise you!



What should I upgrade with my Burdens of Eternity?

You can thank Mr. Robot’s twitter fans for this one – so many people tweeted asking how to spend their Burdens of Eternity, that we added in a new feature for it :) Here’s what the numbers mean:

  • Chance: This shows the chance you get an upgrade. 100% means all of the random variants are upgrades, whereas 50% would mean half of the possible random variants are downgrades. And 0% means none of the items for that slot are upgrades.
  • Average: This is the average score of all of the possible upgrades for that slot. Downgrades are NOT factored into the average.
  • Top Score: This is the score of the best possible random variant you can get for each slot – and the item listed to the left of that column shows which item that is.




I have a lot of new gear, what should I equip?

This is where Best in Bags comes in. Mr. Robot will dig through your bags and find the best gear for both your main and offspecs. Watch the short video for an explanation, then get more information here.

Bring your optimizations in-game with our new addon

Import your gems, enchants and reforges right to our in-game mod! (Download it here)

  • View your shopping list
  • Automatically search the auction house for the gems and enchants you need
  • Automatically reforge your gear with the click of one button
  • Automatically GEM all of your gear (currently in beta mode)
  • Send your shopping list to a friend or an alt via guild chat, whispers or even in-game mail


How Mr. Robot Handles Trinkets

5.2 Trinkets have been buffed!! We updated the site on 3/14 at 2:00AM PDT. Refresh your browser to make sure you have updated values.

Trinkets are tough – a lot of it comes down to personal preferences, how often you use it, if you link trinkets to macros, and all sorts of things. But you know how Mr. Robot is – he applies math to everything. So, we simulate trinkets for each class and spec to get the average uptime of each proc. 

Why is a 522 Trinket ranking lower than a 502 or a 476?!

I asked myself this at least two dozen times while testing our 5.2 data! I double-checked the math and all of our assumptions, and a lot of the 522 trinketswere not actually better than the 502 or even 489 trinkets. However!!! Blizzard buffed them a week after the patch so now they are much, much better :) So before you assume Mr. Robot has shorted out some circuits, read this post to understand how he’s ranking everything. You can get proc-stat values on our trinket page for you class/spec (new trinkets will be listed once we update for 5.2). And be sure to read the notes about each trinket at the end of this blog post. I’ll be adding to it over the next few days: as questions come in, I’ll add answers to the notes section. And if you think something might be wrong after reading everything, please stop by our forums so we can check things out.

How our simulation works

Trinket information: We enter in all of the relevant information: chance to proc, what procs the trinket, duration, cooldowns, internal cooldowns, any anything else that is necessary.

Class & spec information: each class and spec operate differently. They attack at different rates, apply dots/hots at different rates, etc. For example, an affliction lock would get more procs off a trinket that can proc off periodic damage effect than a demonology lock would. Even if it’s just a tiny amount, Mr. Robot wants to be as accurate as possible.

Boss fight information: We assume boss fights are between 4 and 8 minutes. We run simulations at random points between these 2 durations to get the average uptime. This is actually very important, let me explain. Let’s say you have a trinket that buffs you for 20 seconds and has a 1 minute cool down. And for the sake of argument, let’s say it procs on every attack.

  • From 0 to 20 seconds you have a buff.
  • From 1:00 to 1:20 you have a buff.
  • From 2:00 to 2:20 you have a buff.
  • From 3:00 to 3:20 you have a buff, etc
  • Etc

So let’s look at some of the uptime possibilities:

  • The worst case: If the fight lasts from 0:00 to 4:00 you’d just miss getting a 5th proc. You’d get 4 procs totaling 80 seconds out of 240 seconds. Avg uptime: 33%
  • The best case: If the fight lasts from 0:00 to 4:20 you’d get 5 procs totaling 100 seconds out of 260 seconds. Avg uptime: 38%.
  • We run simulations to get the average uptime between 4:00 and 8:00 minutes.
  • Did you think the proc rate was 33%? (20 seconds out of every 60)? A lot of people talk about trinkets this way because it’s very easy napkin math (I do it too!). But as you can see, that’s not how it would actually work. It’s only 33% if the fight lasts 1 minute. Boss fights don’t last only 1 minute ;)

It’s also worth noting that we assume bosses hit at some assumed rate for some assumed amount of damage. This is important for tanking and healing trinkets. I will publish the 5.2 assumptions soon.

The RPPM system got ‘buffed’ on 3/12

Blizzard wanted to buff the Real PPM system, so they added a mechanic that increases the chance to proc each time it doesn’t proc. And due to the way this works, the RPPM trinkets should proc on pulls now. Here’s a post from Blizzard about the complicated math. Rest assured, we factor this in now!

Turning trinket procs into relevant stats

If a trinket grants you Intellect, Haste, Mastery, or any other normal stat, it’s pretty straight forward. But what about those trinkets that give you mana, a shield or do some other crazy thing? We translate those into relevant stats. We do that so the trinket can be dynamically ranked based on stat weights.

Let’s take a tanking trinket as an example. (example here)

Ranking trinkets for YOUR Gear

Now that you know how it all works, it’s time to talk about what this means for YOU. When you look at the trinket list and see the ranking & score, that’s specific to your class, spec and gear. For example, The Unerring Vision of Lei Shen grants 100% Crit for 4 seconds. The value of this trinket decreases with the more crit you have. Mr. Robot knows how much crit you have and scores it accordingly.

Haste & the RealPPM system

The RealPPM system is a new way for trinkets to proc (new to MoP). A RealPPM of 1 says you will get 1 proc per minute on average. But wait! Haste affects the RealPPM. So if you have 10% Haste, the trinket will proc 10% more often. And of course, your trusty little robot friend factors this in when scoring trinkets for your gear. He factors haste into the proc chance and adjusts the average value you get from the proc. Pretty badass, right?! Here’s more information on the RealPPM system.

 Notes for 5.2 Trinkets

I commented in the list below if a trinket required a special stat conversion (like a damage absorb proc that we turned into dodge rating). We also found a few interesting things while simulating the trinkets, so I’ve shared those notes as well.

Also, click on any of the trinket links to get more information about the proc rates and internal cooldowns. I’ve taken the time to leave comments on WoWDB with the proc information.

And last, but most important, visit our trinket page for your class and spec to see the amount of each stat you get from the procs. Some of these will change when Mr. Robot ranks it for YOUR gear, but the trinket page is a nice reference.

Agility DPS (go to trinket page)

  • Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault
  • Renataki’s Soul Charm - Renataki’s Soul Charm could rank really high or really low for you when you look at the gear lists – because of the very large amount of Expertise. You need 340 Expertise Rating to get 1% of Expertise. This trinket has 1467 Expertise which is 4.3% Expertise. If you’re trying to get to the 7.5% Expertise goal, that trinkets gets you over half way there. This is a good time to brush up on the difference between relative and absolute ranking in our gear lists.
  • Talisman of Bloodlust - Note, if you are a kitty-druid with a high crit rate, be careful if you have this plus the Rune of Re-origination (RoRo). Since the RoRo will proc Crit for you, it’s possible you go over 100% crit since you’re crit is naturally so high. It depends on how much crit you have, so be mindful of that.
  • Bad Juju
  • Rune of Re-Origination - This trinket converts your 3 stats into the highest of the three (so it’s reducing your other 2 stats). And it buffs you top stat by 200%. Let’s say you have 1000 Mastery, 1500 Haste and 2000 Crit before the proc. After the proc you would have a buff that gives you -1000 Mastery, -1500 Haste and + 5000 Crit (example from GhostCrawler). How we score it: We do what the trinket says, then apply the stat weights to each of the stats. So we’d take away points for the negative Mastery and Haste, and give points for the extra Crit. This is all calculated with your stat weights. NOTE! Other trinket procs are not taken into account, so you don’t have to worry about a haste proc from the Talisman of Bloodlust accidentally activating a Haste (instead of Crit) proc for the Rune of Re-Origination (source).

Strength DPS (go to trinket page)

Intellect DPS (go to trinket page)

Healer (go to trinket page)

  • Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault - we looked at the average amount of mana you would gain from this trinket, and converted it to the equivalent amount of Spirit you would need to get that much mana back. How we score it: we use your stat weight for Spirit.
  • Horridon’s Last Gasp - we looked at the average amount of mana you would gain from this trinket, and converted it to the equivalent amount of Spirit you would need to get that much mana back. How we score it: we use your stat weight for Spirit.
  • Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn - we looked at the average amount of damage the shield would absorb over the course of a fight and converted it to the equivalent amount of Spell Power you would need to do that much healing. How we score it: we apply the stat weight for Spell Power. Note: let’s assume you have 30% Haste, you’ll get about 1.5 procs per minute. That gives you about 42,000 healing for shields per minute, which turns out to about 700 damage absorption per second. Think about that – that’s about half of 1 heal every minute… that’s not much at all.  We equate that to the amount of spell power you would need to get 700 extra healing per second. You get about 2.5 HPS per 1 spell power, so it really comes out to about 280 Spell power gained from this trinket. Note: that’s all napkin math and didn’t factor in the increased RPPM proc mechanics.
  • Stolen Relic of Zuldazar - we looked at the average amount of damage the shield would absorb over the course of a fight and converted it to the equivalent amount of Spell Power you would need to do that much healing. How we score it: we apply the stat weight for Spell Power.
  • Lightning-Imbued Chalice - we looked at the average amount of damage the shield would absorb over the course of a fight and converted it to the equivalent amount of Spell Power you would need to do that much healing. How we score it: we factor your Spell Power into the formula for amount of healing done and then apply the stat weight for Spell Power.

Tank (go to trinket page)

  • Steadfast Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault - You might have seen this rank closer to the  Relic of Niuzao that you would have expected. The Steadfast Talisman is getting roughtly 20% more dodge from the procs. However, the Stamina is so much more important than Mastery for many tank specs that the Relic of Niuzao still gets a really high score.
  • Fortitude of the Zandalari - We average the health gained from the uptime of this trinket and turn it into the equivalent amount of Stamina you would need to get that amount of Health. The proc gives roughly 550 Stamina over the course of a fight (it varies slightly based on each spec’s simulation).
  • Delicate Vial of the Sanguinaire - This ranks very low in a most spec’s gear lists, except Guardian Druids. The reason for this is that the 4% proc on dodges is so low for most tanks, but Druids have some awesome talents and tricks that greatly increase their dodge. Compare the average Mastery gained for a Protection Warrior (220) to a Guardian Druid (1700). However, if you’re tanking multiple adds, which is common in Throne of Thunder, it will proc more often. Let’s say you are taking 3 adds, it would proc 3 times as often. So you can multiply the value we show for mastery on the trinket page by the number of adds you are tanking. Note, we currently assume you are tanking 1 target when we rank these in our gear lists.
  • Ji-Kun’s Rising Winds
  • Soul Barrier

Preparing for Patch 5.2 – Information Overload

Mr. Robot has been scouring the internet and we have all sorts of 5.2 info. And this all factors into deciding what to upgrade to. The best way to make a decision: be informed. So stick with me as I review the changes that will affect your gear. For progress on our 5.2 updates, read this article.


  • Your Normal-Mode Sha-Touched weapon will last you a while – it will be equal to Throne of Thunder LFR weapons. If it’s upgraded it will be better than LFR Throne of Thunder weapons. However, normal mode Throne of Thunder weapons will be better. (Read Sha-touched weapons & the legendary quest line for the math and LFR/Normal/Heroic comparisons)
  • You can get a new legendary meta gem for your helm from the legendary quest (requires iLvl 502).
  • VP upgrading will go away in Patch 5.2. It might come back later. Mr. Robot is working on some features that will help you figure out if you should spend those points to upgrade or not. As always, it will depend on your gear.
  • The new raid drops have the following iLvls: LFR = 502, Normal = 522, Heroic = 535. You gain faction with the Shado-Pan Assault by raiding and can buy iLvl 522 items with VP.
  • Items that drop in the new raid, Throne of Thunder, have a chance to be “Thunderforged” when dropped. Thunderforged items are 6 iLvls higher than normal. Tier pieces cannot be Thunderforged.
  • Quartermasters will sell Blood Spirits for 400 VP.
  • You can use your farm to do “work orders” and level up your reputation

Let’s talk about Sha-Touched Weapons & the Legendary Quest

Here’s what you can get so far in the current content.

Now, here’s how some of the new 5.2 stuff affects your weapon choices:

  • Weapons drop from the new raid bosses. The items levels are 502 (LFR)522 (Normal) and 535 (Heroic). But bosses from Normal and Heroic can also drop a “Thunderforged” version which is 6 iLvls higher. However, it seems that the datamined info you’ll find on the databases don’t have all of the thunderforged weapons listed yet. But Blizzard confirmed that weapons do have Thunderforged versions.
  • You can use the Eye of the Black Prince enchant on the new weapons to get an extra gem slot.
  • You cannot put the legendary gems into the new weapons (Crystallized DreadCrystallized Horror, or Crystallized Terror). They can only go in Sha-Touched weapons.

Let’s dive into this legendary gem thing a bit more, to help us all decide if it’s worth it to spend VP to upgrade the weapon before 5.2 drops.

To asses this, I want to compare each level of a Sha-Touched weapon  to a level 502 (LFR) Throne of Thunder drop, a level 522 (Normal) Throne of Thunder drop, and a Heroic (535) Throne of Thunder drop. Below are the stat differences. As you can see in this example, the Normal Mode Sha-Touched weapon is about equal to the LFR Throne of Thunder. But the VP-Upgraded Normal Sha-Touched weapon is definitely better than the LFR Throne of Thunder. The VP-Upgraded Heroic Sha-Touched is about equal to the Normal mode Throne of Thunder.


If you have a Sha-Touched weapon, it might be worth upgrading it before 5.2 drops. It depends on how lucky you think you’ll be with Normal mode drops.

You can continue the legendary quest line to get legendary meta gems. The gems require an iLvl of 502, which is the new Throne of Thunder LFR iLvl. If you have an iLevel 496 helm right now, upgrading it twice would make it 504, so in theory you could put the meta gem in there. However, I have not been able to confirm that you can put it in an upgraded item (or not).

Let’s talk Valor changes

Here are the changes coming for Valor Points in 5.2:

  • Current valor items will be discounted. 5.0 items (iLvl 489) will cost 50% less and 5.1 items (Shieldwall / Dominance) (iLvl 496) will be discounted by 25%. 
  • New valor rings and cloaks (iLvl 496) will be added that require faction through daily quests and/or PVP (you choose). Alliance can get items from the Kirin Tor Offensive and Horde can get items from the Sunreaver Onslaught. The cloaks (revered) and rings (exalted) appear to be the same for both sides and cost 937 Valor (according to the PTR right now). You can also get iLvl 476 waist items at Honored that cost 300 GOLD (not valor).
  • New valor items (iLvl 522) will be available from the Shadow-Pan Assault faction, which you gain by raiding (LFR, Normal and Heroic). You can buy items at each reputation level, starting at neutral. Neutral = neck (1250) /  Friendly = rings (1250), trinkets (1750), wrists (1250) / Honored = hands (1750), legs (2250), back (1250) / Revered = chest (2250), waist (1750) / Exalted = shoulders (1750).
  • Quartermaster vendors now also sell Blood Spirits for 400 Valor. This makes the iLvl 496 crafted gear easier to get.  You can craft pieces for the hands, which cost 5-6 Blood Spirits (2,000-2,400 Valor). You can also craft items for the chest, which costs 8 Blood Spirits (3,200 Valor).
  • Once 5.2 hits, you will no longer be able to upgrade your gear with VP (or any currency). Blizzard notes that the vendors might come back in a future patch.

New crafted items show up with 5.2

Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring can now make BoE iLvl 522 boots and helmets. They require Haunting Spirits, likely the new version of Blood Spirits.

Also, as mentioned in the valor section, you can buy Blood Spirits for 400 valor from the quartermasters to make iLvl 496 crafted gear.

Let’s talk raid drops & bonus rolls

There’s a new mechanic added to Normal and Heroic Throne of Thunder raids: Thunderforged items. Bosses have a chance to drop Thunderforged versions of items, which are 6 iLvls higher. Your bonus rolls also have a chance to reward a Thunderforged item. For a preview of the new raid bosses, click here.

  • Throne of Thunder raid drop iLvls are as follows: LFR (502), Normal (522), Heroic (535). Thunderforged raid drops are Normal (528) and Heroic (541).
  • Here’s a list of Normal mode Thunderforged items (note, as of 2/22 this list has a lot of items. However, WoWDB notes they expect more to show up and they are scanning data daily to pick up any changes. I left the link so you can view it as soon as it’s updated). See why we love WoWDB :)
  • Here’s a list of Heroic mode Thunderforged items (note, same as above)
  • Set items do not have Thunderforged versions

Speaking of bonus rolls, there’s a slight change worth knowing about. You can still do dailies to get Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. However, in 5.2 you will turn them in to get Mogu Runes of Fate, which give you bonus rolls in Throne of Thunder raid and the new world bosses (Nalak and Oondasta). Elder Charms of Good Fortune are still available and can still be used in 5.0 content. You will acquire them as drops from mobs in the new outdoor Thundering Isle Zone, instead of from daily quests. This leads me to want to save up my lesser charms and turn them in for Mogu Runes of Fate once the patch drops. I am not 100% sure you can save them and turn them in right away. If someone can confirm or deny, I can update this post :) And just for fun, you should know that the caches you get from bosses that used to contain gold, now contain items. This includes valuable grays (to randomize gold), non-boss-LFR loot, pets, mounts and more.

A few miscellaneous things you might want to know

Farming in 5.2 raises other factions: if you don’t have a lot of reputation with the current factions, you might be able to get it a little faster once 5.2 hits. You’ll be able to get work orders for your farm and gain reputation with Dominance Offensive / Shieldwall, Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, August Celsetials, and Klaxxi. When you factor in the discounts on Valor gear for those factions, it could make getting upgrades a bit easier… especially if you aren’t a raider.

Crafted gear: I mentioned it under the valor section, but wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it. Quartermasters will sell Blood Spirits for 400 Valor in 5.2. This makes the iLvl 496 crafted gear easier to get.  You can craft pieces for the hands, which cost 5-6 Blood Spirits (2,000-2,400 Valor). You can also craft items for the chest, which costs 8 Blood Spirits (3,200 Valor).

Ease of obtaining items by slot:

Of course, you can always get a lucky drop. But we’re going to assume you get no drops and list how easy it is to get items by each slot, from easiest to hardest (based on my human opinion):

  • Neck: neutral with Shado-Pan Assault, costs 1250 VP, iLvl 522
  • Wrist: friendly with Shado-Pan Assault, costs 1250 VP, iLvl 522
  • Trinkets: friendly with Shado-Pan Assault, costs 1750 VP, iLvl 522
  • Rings: friendly with Shado-Pan Assault (costs 1250 VP, iLvl 522), OR Exalted with Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught (costs 937 VP, iLvl 496)
  • Legs: honored with Shado-Pan Assault, costs 2250 VP, iLvl 522
  • Back: honored with Shado-Pan Assault (costs 1250 VP, iLvl 522) OR Revered with Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught (costs 937 VP, iLvl 496) (source)
  • Hands: honored with Shado-Pan Assault (costs 1750 VP, iLvl 522) OR Crafted with 5-6 Blood Spirits (400 VP per Blood for a total of 2,000-2,400 VP, iLvl 496)
  • Chest: revered with Shado-Pan Assault (costs 2250 VP, iLvl 522) OR Crafted with 8 Blood Spirits (costs 3,200 VP for Bloods, iLvl 496)
  • Waist: revered with Shado-Pan Assault (costs 1750 VP, iLvl 522), OR Honored with Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught (costs 300g, iLvl 476)
  • Shoulder: exalted with Shado-Pan Assault, costs 1750 VP, iLvl 522
  • Weapons: drops only (?)
  • Helm: crafted with Haunting Spirits (iLvl 522) OR you can buy a level 489 for ~1,200 VP with Shado-Pan Revered (current content, but wait for VP price drop)
  • Feet: crafted with Haunting Spirits (iLvl 522) OR you can buy a level 496 for ~1,300 VP with Dominance Offensive Revered (current content, but wait for VP price drop)

Wrapping it all up: How should I spend my Valor?

Mr. Robot is working on adding 5.2 items in so that you can compare your current gear to the upgrades. This will help you decide how to spend your VP. If you wait to spend your VP, just a little bit longer, you can enlist the help of your favorite robot, to make informed decisions.

In the meantime, you can still play with the upgrade finder to see how your current gear can be improved.


Things are changing almost daily and I’m updating this post. As I add stuff in, I’ll track it here so you know what’s changed.

  • 496 Back items added for the Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught for 937 VP (Revered) 2/21/13
  • More thunderforged items are showing up (2/22/13)
  • Added loot link for Nalak (world boss) 2/26/13
  • Added crafted gear section – you can craft iLvl 522 boots and helms with Haunted Spirits 2/26/13
  • Added link to Blizzards new raid boss preview 2/27/12
  • Help gather data with the curse client. If you already have it installed, click here to enable the data collection.

Leave a comment!

Tell us what you’re planning on doing. Leave us a tip or new info. Give us a link to a set of gear that people might want to see (like all drops from the first boss of Throne of Thunder). Confirm or deny some of the outstanding questions we have. Love to hear from you :)


Mobile App: The NEW Tiny Experience!

Mr. Robot has been hard at work on his mobile app (again). This will be the 3rd iteration and it’s the BEST yet! He’s reworked the entire experience to be fun to use on tiny screens.

How do you get it?

It couldn’t be easier. Just browse to askmrrobot.com on your mobile browser and BAM. There you have it. You cannot find this in the mobile app stores like iTunes or Android. Distributing it directly cuts down on development time and removes any delay in releasing updates ;)

Also, make sure you are allowing cookies for our site on your mobile browser. Mr. Robot needs cookies to optimize (it’s his version of fuel).

It’s FREE!

Mr. Robot didn’t stop with just a redesign… he wanted to make it FREE! Many of you know that it used to cost $2. But with the launch of our new premium features this month, we made the decision that the mobile optimizer will be free. Did you buy the mobile app in the past? Not to worry – if you later upgrade to a full premium account, you’ll automatically get $2 off the price.

Login to sync your data!

If you login to the mobile app, you can sync your data. That means all of your saved profiles and other saved settings will be available in the mobile app. The premium features from the website will be added into the mobile app over the next couple of weeks. So you will also be able to use the Upgrade Finder, Shopping List ++ and Robocouncil.

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What’s better than a robot? A robot with BICEPS! Mr. Robot is feeling strong with his new features. Here’s the new & improved premium package:

Let’s look at the new features.

Try it first! As always, Mr. Robot lets you try all of the features before buying them. Just click on any of the new features and you’ll automatically get to use them for a week. We don’t ask for your credit card to start the free trial, so you don’t have to worry about being tricked!

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New Features – Find your upgrades!

We have some seriously cool features coming your way in January.

UPDATE: The features are out of beta and now LIVE.

  1. Find upgrades for valor points, what raids to run, etc.
  2. Best in Bag – let Mr. Robot dig through your bags & tell you the best items to equip.
  3. Shopping list ++  will make sure you don’t miss any optimizations!

1. Find upgrades

Mr. Robot will help you answer the following questions…
  • What should I spend valor points on? He’ll tell you if you should buy items, upgrade items, and which items to upgrade.
  • What 5 man should I run? Mr. Robot will let you know which 5-mans have the most upgrades, as well as which ones have the biggest upgrades.
  • What raid should I run? Mr. Robot will share his best secrets for LFR, Normal, and Heroic raids. He’ll tell you which raids & bosses drop the most upgrades and the biggest upgrades.

2. Best in Bags

Mr. Robot knows you have a lot of shiny gear in your bags, and he wants to make sure you equip the right stuff.

  • Install our mod that scans your bags and bank. Then upload the file to our site (when we launch, we’ll have a program that automatically uploads for you).
  • Mr. Robot will find the best set from items in your bags. It’s similar to a BiS list… so we call it BiB (Best in Bags).
  • This is very handy for offspecs! Are you a tank? Find your best DPS set. You can even lock in your tank items so Mr. Robot doesn’t try to reforge them on you :)

More screenshots for this feature coming soon :)


Shopping List ++

Don’t miss an optimization ever again! Mr. Robot gives you a shopping list, and then a check list to apply all of the changes.



Patch 5.2 – Thunder Isle Raid

It looks like we’ll have a new raid coming to the PTR in January. Here’s a picture from outside of the raid, courtesy of some holiday elves at Blizzard. You know what this means? More gear to upgrade! (Mr. Robot will be standing by ready to optimize those epics… be careful, he might pocket a few rings and amulets if you don’t keep an eye on him).

More info on the Thunder King Lore



Gear Upgrade System – Features from Mr. Robot

We’re  done with the initial gear upgrade features for our site (aka Valor upgrade system)!

12/18 Update: Blizzard Updated their API so we can now automatically pull in your upgraded items. Here’s a quote from Zarhym, “We plan to update the World of Warcraft Armory to reflect changes to items made via the item level upgrade system added in patch 5.1. Our tentative goal is to release this update before the end of the year.”

NOTE!! If you have an item with a random variant, like Greenstone Girdle of the _______. It can’t be upgraded on our site yet, nor will it import from the armory. None of the databases, nor the armory, have the upgraded stats for the random variant items. But we asked Blizzard very nicely, and even tried to bribe them to get it asap.

Cool features:

  • You can upgrade your gear and see how it affects your stats and get new optimizations.
  • Gear can be upgraded in the gear list window. Open the gear list window like you always have: click on an item slot in your gear list.
  • When you upgrade an item in the gear list, Mr. Robot will re-rank it for you on the spot! This will help you make decisions about how good an upgrade is, compared to other items you can get.
  • Need more info on how gear upgrading works in game? We compiled some info for you here.

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Mr. Robot Site Update on 11/29 – Will Be OFFLINE for 1 hour

We have a big update going out tonight that’s needed in preparation for some of the cool new features coming soon. All of our sites (wow, lol, swtor) will be offline for about an hour. We plan to start this update later tonight. (This was delayed from 11/28′s announcement).

UPDATE #1! (Noon, PST, 11/29) Maintenance has been delayed until later tonight (11/29). We delayed this from last night (11/28) because some of the database tables we needed to copy would have taken too long. We are figuring out a faster way to do it, so we don’t take the site down for a long time.

UPDATE #2! (2:25pm PST, 11/29) We figured out a better way to update the tables. The site will still be taken offline late tonight (around midnight), but only for about an hour.

This will be the first time we’ve had to take the site down to do an update! But it’s very necessary. As you know, Mr. Robot is protecting humans from the evil Robot Apocalypse. He’s getting his CPU encased with spidersilk armor to ensure he can withstand a large attack force. His CPU needs to be offline during the installation.

For the World of Warcraft players out there – this update will not include the valor items. But we will have that coming soon (targeting end of the week). We are working on a feature that will let you play with the upgrades to see which one is best. Then let Mr. Robot optimize around it before you even buy it to see how your stats change.




World of Warcraft Patch 5.1 – Valor Upgrades

Patch 5.1 will allow you to upgrade any piece of gear by spending Valor, Conquest, Justice and Honor points. Mr. Robot is working on updating the site to let you play with the upgrades. Until we finish that, have fun browsing Wowdb – they have a great list of upgradeable items.

Also, please note that Blizzard will not have the upgraded items in the armory API right away. Once they do, Mr. Robot will be able to import them with your character.

Thanks to sgtrama on Reddit for making me an updated image :)

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Thank You!

Mr. Robot wanted me to interpret his binary letter for everyone.

Dear Human,
I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for all of your support over the past 2 years. Each and every user makes a difference, and I wanted to share how much of a difference you make!

You may already know that my 3 human friends and I quit quit our day jobs to work on this site full time (I used to be a robot underwear model, true-story). And while we are earning a lot less pay, it’s okay! We are doing something we love and get to play games for company research. This is our dream, and you’re helping it come true. This means so much to each one of us, and we wouldn’t be able to do with without you.

You helped grow the site from 1,000 users 2 years ago to 10,000 users, to millions of users!  Every time you recommend it to a friend, or mention it in a forum, a Robot gets its wings. Wait… maybe that’s each time a bell rings? Anyway, when my human minions saw this in action they secretly contacted the love-spreaders and gave out free apps, pets, and other goodies. Random acts of kindness are nice ways to reward humans, or at least that’s what I learned from watching Oprah.

We launched our first app a year and a half ago, and it made it into the top 10 entertainment apps on iTunes thanks to you! But, you can’t find it there anymore since we sell it direct now (which means you can get it on all of your devices… your iPhone, android tablet, kindle, etc). We also launched a subscription service (for $12 a year) – and if I had addresses I’d send a Thank You note to each of you (but we don’t collect that info). Instead, I’d like to send you a big, wet internet smooooch from Pandaria. <3

We’ve worked really hard to run our business with very high standards and we hope it shows! We let you try our premium features for free and never ask for the credit card. We could ask for the credit card in hopes you’d forget to cancel, but that’s not how we want to treat you. We also wanted to come up with an affordable price for our annual subscription, and while most sites charge $50-$60, we knew that would be out of the price range for a lot of people. That’s why you see our annual subscription priced at only $12. And for every person who’s sacrificed a few Peppermint Mochas to pay for the subscription – thanks – it’s one of the biggest compliments we could receive.

Next month we have a lot of cool features to launch so keep your eyes peeled! And as my way of saying “Thanks”, I’d like to give out 10 free apps to people who leave comments on this thread. If you already own it you can pass it along to a friend :)

Also, I wish you lots of turkey-gobbling, sweet treats, and laughter this Holiday season.

00111100 00110011,
Mr. Robot & Friends



How Mr. Robot Feels about Hit Caps

You’re probably here because you saw Mr. Robot’s new added feature: using an ‘at least’ condition to get to hit caps. Before you check the box to force hit caps, he’s hoping he can change your mind ONE LAST TIME!

Getting exactly to the hit cap doesn’t do anything magical for you. It means you will never miss, but that comes at a cost. It means you give up another stat, like crit, haste or mastery. Mr. Robot asks you: would you rather miss ONCE per boss fight, if you could crit more often… resulting in more DPS?

Here are some stats on missing

Let’s assume you get out 630 attacks on an average boss fight. Mr. Robot gets people to within 0.05% to 0.1% of the hit cap. But let’s say he drops you as low a 0.25% under the hit cap (14.75% for casters and 7.25% for other classes). You have the following chances to miss:

  • A 20% chance to NEVER miss during the boss fight
  • A 32.5% chance to miss ONLY ONCE during the boss fight
  • A 1.6% chance to miss FIVE times during the boss fight
  • A 0.0005% chance to miss TEN time (yes, the 0′s and decimal are right)

Let’s put this into perspective. This means that if you are 0.25% under the hit cap, you have about a 50% chance to never miss or only miss once. So on average, every other boss that you fight, you’ll only miss once, or never at all.

Now Mr. Robot wants to ask, “Do you want to take your 50% chance, and add some damage to it?”

If Mr. Robot can work out the numbers on his own, he might put you slightly under the cap, but he’ll give you more haste, crit, strength, int, or whatever stat your heart desires. This will allow you to hit harder, better, faster, stronger… on every single hit! And you get all of this for a tiny chance to miss more than once, on every other fight.

Worried you’ll miss that one crucial shot, and the raid will wipe?

EDIT: A revised version of this section is coming soon.  This is a very common concern that “hit-cappers” bring up, but it really isn’t a good counter argument.  Mr. Robot is working on a detailed mathy description of why.

But if Hit’s stat weight is higher than my next stat, why would it ever make sense to not be hit capped?

Mr. Robot wants to get you the highest score (which translates into the highest DPS for damagers, damage mitigation for tanks, etc). It’s easy to agree that any hit rating over the cap is wasted. But what isn’t as obvious is that getting exactly to the hit cap isn’t always the best option.

Let’s use an example to understand this better. Let’s say +Hit is your highest weighted stat with a weight of 2. Let’s say Crit has a rating of 1.8 and Mastery 1.2. The thing to focus on in this example is that Crit is much more valuable than Mastery, AND there are a finite number of combinations to get you to an exact number. On to the example: it’s possible that to get you exactly to the hit cap, you’d have to reforge all of your Crit to Hit. BUT!!! Let’s say you can get to within 20 Hit rating of the cap but you preserve all of your Crit, and instead reforge all of your mastery – since Mastery is much less valuable than Crit. Your final score would be higher. Here are some made up numbers as an example:

To get exactly hit capped:
Lose 600 Crit:   -1080
Gain 600 Hit (get exactly to cap): +1200
Total Score change: +120

To get within 20 of hit cap:
Lose 580 Mastery:  -696
Gain 580 Hit (20 below hit cap):  +1160
Total Score change: +464

Ready to give in yet?

Mr. Robot hopes so, because if you do NOT check the box to force the hit cap, he’s free to get you other awesome stats, like crit, haste, or whatever blows your dress up. He wants you to be a dps MACHINE!

But, if you really need to get that hit cap, he’ll let you check that box.  Note that checking the box will often get you slightly over the cap — it’s rare that the perfect combination exists to hit the cap dead-on.  It’s also rare that the dead-on combination is the highest-scoring option that also caps you.  Remember — speed and score are the two most important things to Mr. Robot, and he’ll always try to give you the best of both.


World of Warcraft Update – Hit Caps

We have another big update!

  • We started some changes on the mobile app – so some of the screens leading into the app might look different. We’ll continue some improvements throughout the next couple of months, so enjoy the mobile app.
  • Guardian druid weights are updated – we have 2 versions now: one for rage and one for damage mitigation
  • Fixed several bugs.
    • Meta gem for casters sometimes picked the spirit gem instead of the int gem, so we fixed that to pick the int meta gem
    • A few other minor bugs
  • Hit / Exp forced cap option: many of you have asked for this, and although it may not be THE optimal solution to get exactly (or over) capped, Mr. Robot understands that humans sometimes just want something… just because. So, he’s implemented an ‘at least’ condition for hit/exp caps. It is OFF by default. If you want to turn it on, open the options window, you’ll find it toward the bottom.



Yellow is the New Red Gem!

A lot of people are asking Mr. Robot what gems to buy, craft, or even sell. We have the answers for every class and spec, along with some pricing info from wowuction.com. Yellow gems are the new King for Mists of Pandaria.

The data I gathered is from the BiS lists on AskMrRobot.com. Obviously, people’s gear and optimizations will fluctuate, since no one has the BiS sets yet ;) But this gives you an idea of what Mr. Robot suggests for each class.

I tallied up the total gems of each color, so you can get a feel for demand. If a character needs 6 yellow gems, 2 orange and 1 green, that ratio matters for supply / demand.

  • Red – 37
  • Orange – 69
  • Yellow – 106
  • Green – 67
  • Blue – 35
  • Purple – 45

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Top 10 Things to Know for Mists of Pandaria

We’ve got the scoop on the lesser-known, but very important things about Mists of Pandaria. These are the types of things you find out after hitting level 90 and wish you would have known on launch! And of course – plenty of links to more resources!!

10. Little-known Facts about your Professions
9. Named Rare Spawns Drop GOODIES!
8. There is a Black Market Auction House
7. New Achievement Series (Lost and Found)
6. Info to Help Pick Your Factions (with a special Valor Points note)
5. Building Your Farm(ville) – How to Start & Why You Should Do It!
3. Getting to Pandaria
2. Getting Started Tips & Other Fun Info
1. Mr. Robot will Optimize Your Gear!

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Nosgoth: Open Beta Starts Today

2015 is the year we’re showcasing cool stuff. So far, we’ve brought you some really cool Warcraft resources: Healiocentric, Bad WoW Videos, and Master Plan. But we’re gamers and play more than just Warcraft. We spend too many hours playing League of Legends too. Even still, we’re always on the lookout for new games. Today’s spotlight is on a new free-to-play team shooter, Nosgoth, since I have a bunch of friends pinging me to get in the open beta with them today!

One thing you may know about me, I’m bad at this thing called… aiming. Mr. Robot, on the other hand, is an all-out aim-bot. So the two of us teamed up together evens the playing field. Still, I’m hoping to try out some of the special abilities, like raining down arrows for some AoE.

Or maybe I’ll love some of the vampire skills. “The best part of my entire experience with Nosgoth is probably the ability to run up walls as a vampire, and get just about anywhere you need to go. I was in many tense situations where I dropped in on a human only to find that he had friends at the ready to ambush me, and quickly retreated up a giant castle to disappear into the darkness.” -Destructoid

The other thing that makes me excited for this game is the developers are focusing on the community. I’ve mentioned this in a few podcasts before: one of the reasons World of Warcraft is so successful is their involvement with the community. Nosgoth has a few blog posts and an open letter in appreciation of the community. And since I’ve seen some official Nosgoth people post on the Nosgoth reddit, I have a feeling they really are taking the right approach.

It hit open beta today on Steam, so I’ll be trying it out later tonight for sure. If you want to check out some gameplay, Swiftor on Twitch streams for 6-8 hours a day. I’ve been watching him, it looks like a lot of fun (you know, assuming I can aim!)

Spotlight #3: Garrison Mission Management

Are you on the HYPE TRAIN?! I am!

I’m very excited for Blackrock Foundry, which means I’m saving all of my follower armor/weapon upgrades. The max iLevel for followers will increase to 670, with a 660 requirement for BRF missions.

If you want to figure out which followers can help get you to 100%, get the addon, Master Plan by foxlit. There’s a tab, “Missions of Interest” that show you BRF mission success chances. And yes, the addon already does this, even though the missions aren’t out.


See the follower icons that are red? That means they don’t have a high enough iLevel yet. And see the skinny red border around the ability icons? The red ones mean I don’t have it countered, so it looks like I need to level up some other followers!

Mission Auto-Complete

It also has another feature that will make your life a whole lot better: mission auto-completion. No more going through each window. They all complete quickly and automatically. I even took a video, because I think it’s so cool :)

Get the addon, Master Plan

Spotlight #2: Bad WoW Videos

“Hi Everybody, my name is Never. I’m not an elite arena master. I’m not a world renowned heroic raider. I’m really just kind of a normal guy who likes to play World of Warcraft and make videos.”
-Never’s intro

This guy is awesome! Sure, mythic raiders give really great advice – it’s high level information you keep in the back of your mind as you improve. But it’s also invaluable to have advice from someone who may be a bit closer to your level – they usually have tips that are immediately actionable.

Never is just getting started and it looks like he released content often. Here’s a couple of the videos that I liked:

How to find him:


Spotlight: Healiocentric

In 2015, Mr. Robot’s New Year’s Resolution is to make it an awesome year for other people. To help him do that, I’m working on a series of fan spotlights. Healiocentric’s healing post is a perfect way to start the series.

If you are trying to squeeze out a little more healing in your raid team, take 15 minutes to read Healiocentric’s post (@Healiocentric) and I’m confident you’ll come out with a few ways to improve. While it looks like a long post, I promise it’s a very easy read that makes points in a logical order.

A few insights I gleamed from it and will use for our own raids:

  • Healing Tonics do NOT share cooldowns with DPS potions or Rejuvenation Potions (healing pots). They DO share a cooldown with healthstones, but heal for a fair amount more than healthstones. We plan to call for tonic use like we would a raid-heal-cooldown.
    They cost 10 scorpion segments. I fished up 15 in my level 2 shack in 5 minutes, which yielded >20 meat. That is enough to create 2 sets of potions which yield 4+ depending on first aid skill (yes, you can make them at level 1 first aid).
  • Aspect of the Fox (a Hunter ability) lets you cast while moving for 6 seconds. Our team plans to use this in conjunction with a tranquility, on Twin Ogron during the quake, since our team members love playing in the fire.
  • Amplify Magic (a Mage ability) increases healing from all sources by 10%. We’re going to take Healiocentric’s advice and time it up to specific mechanics, like infesting spores on Brackenspore.

And thanks to folks on Twitter… we have some Healing Tonic macros

Note, Rejuvenation potions share a cooldown with your DPS and mana potions. But if your team decides you need to use both, these macros are helpful. Healing tonic is the first choice, to keep the dps/mana potion use available.

  • @LyfaTheDruid has a ‘cast sequence’ macro. This will use the first item in the list the first time you press it. If you press it again, it uses the 2nd item, and so on. So you can set it up to use a healing tonic and later in the fight a rejuvenation potion. It resets when you leave combat.
    /castsequence reset=combat Healing Tonic, Draenic Rejuvenation Potion
  • @DaikatsuCTR has a different version that modifies the macro with another key. For example, in this one if you press ctrl and your hotkey (or button), you use Healing Tonic. If you just press the macro hotkey (or press the button), it uses the Rejuvenation Potion.
    /use [mod:ctrl] Rejuvenation Potion; Healing Tonic
    DaikatsuCTR is also a co-host of the Monk Meditation podcast


Mark of the Shattered Hand


You may have seen Mark of the Shattered Hand as a recommended optimization. If you have “Exclude Expensive Enchants” turned on, that’s the only choice Mr. Robot has to give DPSers. If you want the other ones recommended, just uncheck that filter and you’re all set! However, it still might be the best one for you – even if you are ranged, it still procs (despite the tooltip).

For Tanks and Healers, Mr. Robot uses Mark of Black Rock and Mark of the Shadow Moon as the cheap enchants.


Mr. Robot’s ADDON & Combat Logs

Why should you install Mr. Robot’s addon for Highmaul and upload logs? Because… COOL STUFF! Once we collect enough data from you and other smart, talented, beautiful players like you, Mr. Robot can do a LOT! Besides just buttering you up with compliments, he can tell you…

For each player:

  • Talents: The popularity of talents & glyphs from players in the 95% percentile for each boss. This helps you decide if you should talent switch for another boss.
  • Damage & gear: When looking at different gear sets, Mr. Robot can tell you what players in the 95th and 50th percentile are doing for DPS (for each boss!). So you can see what the best (and average) players are doing with various levels of gear.
  • Performance over time: For each boss, we can graph your performance over time (on successful kills).

For your team:

  • iLevel: We are tracking the average item level of each team and can tell you fun things with that. My favorite: what is the average iLevel of the worst 5% for each boss kill? These are the people barely scraping by, probably everyone but a hunter died who got the killing blow :)  Anyway, this will give you the ‘gear check’ level of a boss, so you know where your team stands.
  • Team Composition: We can tell you if teams with extra shamans tend to have higher kill ratios, as an example.
  • DPS & HPS: We can correlate damage and healing to successful boss kills, so you can see how your team compares.
  • And more!

Log comparisons

We will be able to find people just like you, who perform a bit better, and help you compare the logs. Instead of looking at the top 1% who have gear 30 iLevels higher, look at the top percent of people who have gear just like yours.  AND we will auto-compare a lot of the data for you, so you don’t have to sift through logs.

Get the Addon & Get Started!

On the main menu of our site or on curse. In the addon, check ‘always log Highmaul‘ so you never forget to start or stop! Then upload and browse your logs!

All of these cool features require someone from your team uploading logs, and as many people as possible having the addon. The only way we get accurate gear, talent and glyph data on your character for EACH boss attempt, is if you have the addon installed. You don’t have to be the one logging the raids, just have it installed and enabled. As long as someone from your team is using the addon to log your raids, their addon will talk to your addon (behind the scenes, without disturbing you), and collect your gear, talent and glyph data.

So let’s upload your log!

1. Go to http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog and click “upload a log.”UploadLog

2. If you don’t have the desktop program installed yet, you’ll see a big green install button. Click it! This is what our desktop program looks like.



3. Process your logs with our desktop program. You’ll see a nifty section that shows you who Mr. Robot collected gear, talent and glyph data for (and who he didn’t). That data is automatically collected for everyone who has our addon installed. They don’t need to do ANYTHING, other than have it installed.



 For people who’s gear was collected, you will get a view like this on the combat logs:


Video Preview

This is only a preview of the basic parts of the combat logs. The fancy features will be coming as soon as we have enough data.