Important Low Level Items & Ranking Gear

There are a few low level items worth paying attention to as you craft gear and run dungeons. I wanted to point these out before you vendor them in a leveling craze and the made rush to getting raid-ready gear.

 Necklace and Ring

Save all rings & necklaces

Let me quickly explain why. Continue reading

Batch Simulations

Batch simulations are just a fancy way to say ‘lots of combinations of stuff.’ If you want to find the best talents or rank legendaries, there are often hundreds or more of combinations. And if you want to look at legendaries and talents at the same time, whew, that list gets long.

Mr. Robot does all of this for you, automatically. You tell him what you want to compare and he’ll make the combinations for you, test them out, and rank them according to their DPS.

You get a report that can be sorted and customized, and we even give you a downloadable CSV for those of you who love spreadsheets.  Continue reading

A Guide to Identifying the Best Artifact Path

This blog posts answers two big artifact questions: Can I level my offspec artifact and not fall behind? What is the best artifact path?

Let’s start with the first question.

How fast can I get traits in my weapon? Will the offspec put me behind?

If you level fast and do your dailies every day, you’ll have at least 20 traits when raids open. (That’s assuming raids open 3 weeks after launch). And the good news, placing some points in the offspec barely sacrifices anything… at most 1 day, all the way to your full 54 point artifact. Yeah, really!

You can take a look at the data yourself, thanks to the work the Kib did on his spreadsheet. Note that this data is the minimum you’ll have if you do all activities, as it doesn’t account for drops from mobs or rares that give Artifact Power.

Here’s a timeline I put together based on his data (click for full size).

Artifact Power Offspec

What is the best Artifact path?

If you want the best path, you’d have to look through 100 or even 1000 possible paths. So clearly this isn’t easily done by a human, so we set Mr. Robot to the task.

He will take your given setup, including all of your gear and talents, then run through every single combination and recommend an Artifact path customized to you.

Backing up a step: let’s take a quick look at Artifact Power (AP)

Here is the super-fast, really basic overview:

  • When you hit level 110: You don’t get Artifact Power from quests, but everything you kill has a chance to drop items that reward you with AP.  From what I’ve seen, you might acquire a few thousand Artifact Power from these drops while leveling.
  • Each day you can gain at least 2,380 Artifact Power. There is also a weekly Mythic dungeon quest reward for 3,500. And every mob has a chance to drop AP rewards.
  • You get over 10,000 Artifact Power for each faction rank with Suramar.
  • You can increase the rate at which you gain Artifact Power by increasing your Artifact Knowledge. The Knowledge level acts as a multiplier on AP gained by most sources. This is done with a quest in the class hall, and can increase your Knowledge every 5 days (or sooner if you don’t play often as a catch-up mechanism).
  • You can reset your artifact weapon, for the cost of the NEXT trait.

How fast can I get traits in my weapon?

  • Once you hit level 110, you can get 4,680 Artifact Power from the end zone quests (Suramar) and the first set of dailies. The first 11 Artifact Traits cost 4,625 AP. Which is why you can get 11 traits when you hit 110.
  • The 12th and 13th Artifact Traits aren’t very expensive and you get get those 1 day after you hit 110.
  • Once you hit 13 Traits, it will take you about 2-3 days to earn enough Artifact Power to go up 1 rank.
  • Once you hit 19 Artifact Traits, it will take you about 4-5 days to earn enough Artifact Power to go up 1 rank. This holds true all the way to maxing out your artifact, assuming you are diligently doing all of your dailies and increasing your Artifact Knowledge ranks too.

Want to see the data for yourself, check out Kib’s spreadsheet.

Questions or Feedback?

If you’re still new to the simulator, never fear, we are here to help. First, check out this crash-course video. Full a full list of simulator resources, visit our simulator page which has super short videos like the 1-minute-guide to customizing your character, as well as super in-depth guides like how to compare two different rotations to make an even better rotation.

Hit us up on our forums or on Discord.

Demon Hunters & Legion Support

“Why can’t I load my Demon Hunter on the site?”

We have support for Havoc on the beta site, where you can play with gear and get DPS numbers. It’s pretty easy to do, and completely free! Vengeance will have to wait a little big longer though.

As always, we’ll have full support by the time the expansion launches (we’ve never missed an expansion deadline yet!) There are just 3 of us working on the whole site, so sometimes we need these last few days and weeks to iron out all of the bugs and finishing touches before we go live.

We have a whole new site upgrade that we’re launching with Legion. The backend code is all new and shiny. Some new feature improvements are coming too (like even easier flows to Best in Bags). But the final site isn’t quite ready yet, so it hasn’t been pushed live.

So I ask on Mr. Robot’s behalf, if you can hang in just a tiny bit longer, he’ll have full gear-optimization support for both Demon Hunter specs by Legion launch, promise! And in return, he will hand-polish all of your armor for launch as well. Pinky swear! Continue reading

Arcane Mages: When to start the burn phase

One of the biggest questions for Arcane Mages in Legion is… When should I start my burn phase?

How long it takes for an Arcane Mage to burn through their mana varies quite a bit – it’s never the same from one burn phase to the next, which is why this has been such a difficult question to answer. But we’ve solved it by asking Mr. Robot to learn how long each burn phase lasts in every simulation. Then he reports the shortest, longest, and average durations in the report so we can start to answer this difficult question.

After a lot of testing, a pattern emerged. The duration of your burn phase depends on your Mastery:Haste ratios, which appears to hold true at any gear level (during tests with Quickening). It’s important to note that these are initial findings and things might change as we do more testing. Continue reading

Outlaw Roll the Bones Buffs

Updated for Aug 8 & 11 Hotfixes.

When Warcraft Legion launches, everyone’s wondering what Outlaw rogues should fish for when using Roll the Bones (RtB)? More buffs, Shark Infested Waters, or both?

Reroll the Bones to fish for any 2 or more buffs.  You have a 35% chance to get any 2 buff combo.

(Before the hotfix it was best to fish for Shark or any 3+. That recommendation no longer stands). Continue reading

Simulator Boss Modeling – Volunteer raiders needed

We’re working on the models for each Legion boss and will be putting those into the simulator. That means you’ll be able to answer questions for a specific boss, like “What should my DPS be on the first boss?” Or maybe you want to know “What are the best trinkets for the end boss?”

You get the idea.

But to do this right, we need log data, sometimes with very specific tests. If you’re up to the challenge, let me know. It requires that you turn on advanced combat logging, and send us your raw combat log text file.

Specific test #1: How hard does each boss’s melee auto attack hit?

If/When the raids come back up:

  • We need to make sure your armor stays CONSTANT.  And that you don’t use any defensive abilities. This is to make sure we get the full, raw, auto attack damage amount.
  • We suggest that a tank and a couple of healers go in, and try to get hit 50 times or so. The healers need to make sure they only HEAL. No absorbs or anything that affects armor or reduces damage taken.
  • Send us the log, and tell us what boss and the character to look that was hit.
  • We need this for every boss, on Normal, Heroic and Mythic. Normal is always open, so that’s our best place to start.
  • You don’t have to do every boss, if we get a bunch of volunteers, we can cover more ground 🙂

Upload logs to our dropbox. And leave a comment here with the info you tested, or ping me on Twitter @AskMrRobot or in our Discord.

Raw logs of kills:

  • We’ll need to get spell data and timing on all of the other abilities. So raw logs of boss kills with no special tests, will be very helpful as well. Especially for the 2nd raid, as we won’t be able to get to that again for a while.

Upload logs to our dropbox.

Boss Experts:

  • If you feel like you’re pretty knowledgeable about a boss, let us know! If you feel like you’d be explaining the strategy to your team, then we’d love to talk to you. Hit us up on Discord.


Legion Pre Patch 7.0

Character updates

It’s possible that characters won’t update correctly from the armory. We are unable to test those changes until Blizzard updates their site. It’s possible something changed in the API that we need to modify on our end. It’s possible the armory lags. Either way, we have a workaround for you! You need to get our updated addon  – look for version 38 (after 10am PST). Instructions to update your character from the addon can be found here.

Stat weights

No one really knows what they should be for the Legion pre patch. The class changes are still in flux, and people are still figuring out the best ways to play with the new talents and changes to abilities. Since none of this is solid, all stat weights you see people post are best guesses.

If you want to change the default ones we have, click on the edit button next to the stat weights and have fun! Mr. Robot will suggest new gear based on any set of weights you give him.

We suggest using the Legion pre patch to experiment with all of the changes to your class, and not stress about being perfect out of the gate. And by experimenting now, you’ll have a better handle on your spec when Legion launches.  Continue reading

Share your Legion APL / Rotation

We’ve made it easier for you to share any Legion APL / rotation. You can also ‘subscribe’ to someone’s rotation and get all of their updates automatically.

You might see people asking for a Legion APL for their class. APL stands for “Action Priority List” – basically a spell rotation. Simulators use an APL (rotation) to mimic a boss fight and estimate your dps. But not everyone plays the same, so we want to get more people involved in making rotations for Legion. Share them with friends, post in forums to collaborate in making one better, the list goes on.

Let’s say Zoopercat makes a rotation and wants to share it with a few people. She clicks the share button, gets a link, and posts it in the guild forums (or on discord).  Let’s say Yellowfive clicks on the link – he can see the rotation that Zoopercat made. If he wants, he can click “Add to List” so the rotation shows up in the drop down menu when setting up a simulation. And that’s not all! Anytime Zoopercat updates that rotation, it’s automatically updated for Yellowfive too!

Share Legion APL / Rotations Share Legion APL / RotationsUse a shared Legion APL / Rotation

Suggestions on Sharing your Legion APL / Rotation

  • Make a descriptive name – when people click on the link, they will see the name of your rotation and know what it is for.
  • “In Development” / WIP names – if you want to share or collaborate on rotations, it might be a good idea to put “Dev” or “WIP” (work in progress) in the name. That way people know it isn’t perfect yet. And they might make a copy and play with it too. Example: Zoops Balance WIP
  • Release names – you can also make a release version. This could be updated with the latest theories that test out. Sure, it might not be optimal yet, but as you update it, it will get better and better. Example: Zoops Balance Release

Editing Rotations

For a quick start guide on editing rotations, check out this video. For help on how to guess & test rotations, try this video.

And for a full list of help and FAQ, check out our Simulator Help Page.


The New Legion Simulator

TLDR: Mr. Robot has a new super-powerful simulator. You just push a button on our website, no need to download anything. For how-to tips & videos, visit this page.

Have Legion Questions?

Did you know there are several quadrillion viable combinations of gear, talents and artifact traits for every level 110 Legion character? I bet you’ve had a lot of questions about what the best talents are, or how spell changes are shaping up! I know I have…   What if there was a button to get the answers yourself… would you push the magical button?!

Push it.

/Launch Simulator

We built a new Legion simulator.  “So a new simulator?! How is this going to change things?” you might be asking. Let me give you the TLDR version:

  • Goal #1: End the “Black Box Theorycrafting” era and move into “Public Theorycrafting.” Instead of requiring your trust, we wanted to earn it, by making every little detail public on a wiki. What’s that phrase, “Trust, but verify” ?
  • Goal #2: Increase confidence in simulation as a method to model the game. For example, Patchwerk fights don’t exist so it’s easy to dismiss results of a simulation based on that type of fight. So our simulator will model out every boss in Legion.
  • Goal #3: Ignite collaboration and creativity to take theorycrafting to a whole new level. We don’t want you to rely on just our 1 or 2 spell rotations. Instead, everything is public and easily editable, so anyone can tweak rotations, making them better and better. We also don’t want you to rely on just one boss script… the system will let you choose from a list of scripts for each boss, like ranged, melee, a 9-minute strategy or a 3-minute strategy. This also opens up an opportunity to create very specific spell rotations for each boss in Legion.

We’ve been working for the past month with some of the top theorycrafters and top mythic guilds to make sure the system is in tip-top shape. So far so good, and now we’re ready to release it the Legion version to the public. Keep in mind, it is still a beta (so if something looks like a bug and sounds like a bug, it’s probably a bug. Please report it!)

Moving to “Public Theorycrafting”

An incredible amount of advice on the “right way” to play or gear is controlled by very few people who haven’t been required to prove our work… it’s in a Black Box. I say “our” because Ask Mr. Robot does fall into this category. We guarantee that we will get you the single best optimized set of gear, which we did verify and prove. However, it’s based on stat weights… which come from simulation results that we didn’t publish the details on.  Most advice based on simulations, whether on a tool like ours or in a guide, has had little-to-no independent verification. We’re changing that.

To ensure that the information driving the simulations is easily viewed and verified, it can’t be buried in code. So we pulled nearly everything out of the code and moved it to a wiki.

All of the information on the wiki is then turned into code to run your simulations, automatically and on-demand. Let that sink in… a wiki that powers an entire simulator.

How does this wiki make theorycrafting more public? 

The wiki lets you see how any spell works, how buffs interact, or the assumptions made in spell rotations. It’s critical to make this information accessible, so that it’s easily verifiable by class experts, theorycrafters, and you! This means thousands or hundreds of thousands of people can verify the accuracy of each spec, instead of just a handful of people.

In addition to verifying the mechanics of the Legion simulator, the community can verify assumptions and conclusions of class experts’ simulations. Every simulation is saved (forever), and easily shareable. This means you can see the results as well as all of the details that went into the simulation, like what spell rotation was chosen, what gear was equipped, which talents were selected, and so on.

Now let’s say you look at those assumptions and wonder if a different talent setup would be better, along with a slightly different rotation to make the best use of that talent. You can use their setup as a starting point, select that other talent and drag & drop spells in the rotation to adjust it. Then run your version of the simulation and compare results. Let’s say your setup gets more DPS, so you share it. Someone else might come along and tweak your setup, and the process continues to iterate. Instead of tapping into just 1 or 2 people’s knowledge, this model opens it up to tap into everyone.

Models for every Legion Boss

If we go through the effort to make sure every spell mechanic is properly implemented and to create min/maxxed spell rotations, it seems silly to throw that level of accuracy at exaggerated bosses that don’t exist. “Patchwerk” fights assume pure single target where you never move (when’s the last time that happened?). And AoE fights aren’t 100% AoE all the time… the packs of adds come and go. Modeling a boss really isn’t much different than modeling a spec’s spell mechanics and spell rotations. So we’re going the extra mile to add every single boss for Legion into the simulator.

It doesn’t stop there… what if your team uses a special strategy on a boss? Or what if the melee never have to move out of things, but ranged players do? What about multi-targeting? Those require different models, which is why we will be releasing a boss editor that’s as easy to use as the rotation editor.  Perhaps hunters need a special boss setup, now they can have it.

While we have the boss mechanisms ready, the actual bosses aren’t live yet.  As they are released for testing in the Legion beta, we’ll add them to the Legion simulator.

Ready for Legion!

Here’s a list of what’s ready:

  • Every DPS spec’s spell mechanics are implemented (if something seems wrong, it’s a bug, and will usually be fixed in 24 hours or less of the report)
  • Basic rotations for every spec (but not min-maxxed yet, feel free to play with the rotations though!)
  • Reporting with filters and searching built in
  • All regular Legion gear is available to equip (trinkets, special legendaries and set bonuses are not yet modeled)
  • All pages are easily shared, just grab the URL and post it to a forum or send to a friend.
  • Web-based simulations (use our servers, on the cloud, free)
  • Full, fast support! Need help learning the system, have a specific question, or need to report a bug. We’re friendly and we’re dedicating time to help you!
    • Discussions: discord or forums
    • Specific questions: discord or forums
    • Bug reports: forums

Here’s what’s coming

Known issues can be found here.

  • Client program so you can run more processor intensive simulations
  • Trinkets, special legendaries and set bonus implementation
  • Batch simulations (like trying 10 different talent setups all at once and compare the DPS between them. Or do a simulation for every combination of haste and mastery between 1,000 & 5,000 rating and graph the results)
  • Distributed simulations (running one of those large batches across multiple computers… like 2 of your own and your mom’s)
  • Legion bosses (and the boss editor), as they are released for testing on the Legion Beta
  • Stat weight generation

Give it a try!

Head over to You can use the beta version of the addon to load a character or use one of the default templates. There’s more tips on our Simulator FAQ page.

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